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Chapter 172
March 18, 20XX (Monday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

"MEI LI!" Yang's shout echoed into the condominium .
Mei Li snickered as she cut the vegetables that she will mostly eat because choosy Yang was still the same with his love of meat . She acted as if she had not done anything to Yang and continued to chop the vegetables with a poker face .
Yang rolled the wheels of his chair and entered the open living space of his condo . His glare would have been scary if not for the completely outlandish makeup on his face and large eyelashes that Mei Li had put when he was napping . He groped Mei Li's butt as hard as he could, using both of his hands for a better surprise . If he weren't on a wheelchair, he would have let her feel him between her butt cheeks and grab her boobs . She was so responsive when her boobs are played . Unfortunately, he was in an effing wheelchair!
Mei Li jumped in surprise at Yang's hands, almost slicing herself with the sharp knife . She kicked Yang's wheelchair away from her and ignored the man . He was the first to start pranking her with drawing on eyebrows a connecting bridge, making a unibrow . She fumed with anger . He can dish a prank, but when she does, he gets angry? How unfair!
Yang saw the back of her neck turning red . He rolled his wheelchair to the front to see her face and saw her heated gaze, clenched teeth, and simmering anger . Yang had been the first to start this pranking her too . He touched his nose and said, "I was wrong, sorry . Forgive me? I won't prank you again . "
Mei Li shifted the chopping board to another direction so she could ignore him and not see his face . Yang rolled the wheels of her chair in front of her again, begging with a pout, "Forgive me, please . I learned my lesson . I won't be angry . "
Mei Li's anger vanished when Yang pampered her other hand with kisses like he had done when he stole some kisses on her lips . She always had like Yang kissing her palms more than any part of her body . She nodded her head before leaning down and saying to him, "If you want to prank someone, make sure you are ready to be pranked too . "
Yang nodded in agreement immediately . If he pranks someone, that someone would probably be scared of him even to prank back . Of course, she isn't scared of him . Next time, he'll just prank someone who would not return the favor . Then Mei Li kissed his lips after saying, "Don't prank your employees too because that would be bullying on your part . They can't return your antics . "
Yang cursed the heaven for giving him a girlfriend filled with good moral character and values . He nodded his head and agreed with her . What she doesn't know, won't hurt . Mei Li returned to chopping the vegetables while muttering, "Secretary Bai and the rest of your secretaries can easily be bribed to tell if you did something like that . "
Yang immediately noted to behave himself . Introducing her to the rest of his staff and employees might have been a bad move for his sadistic side . The CEO waited for their dinner to be served while watching at Mei Li busying herself . When every food was laid out on the table, and Mei Li was finally seated in front of him, Yang whispered to suck up to Mei Li, "Did I tell you how beautiful you are today?"
Mei Li smiled at him and nodded . She giggled after a while and said, "After we eat, I'll take the makeup off of your face . "
Yang grinned in triumph . Mission accomplished . Yang hurried to finish his food . Inside Mei Li was a mad woman rolling around laughing at his foolishness . When they finished their dinner, Mei Li pushed Yang's chair to the guest bedroom . She carefully pulled the eyelashes out before she pulled makeup wipes and gently rubbed the makeup off of his face .
Seeing Yang's peaceful expression, Mei Li swallowed her nervousness . She had many things to tell Yang, and she didn't know which part to start so she just directly blurted out, "I plan to go to Milan for a week to settle everything . Will you be alright here by yourself?"
Yang was startled with her words and opened his eyes wide in surprise, causing it to be hit with the makeup wipes, "Ouch!"
Mei Li cursed . Maybe she should have worded it properly and subtle . Mei Li murmured, softly, "Sorry . Let's talk when the makeup is all removed . "
She carefully wiped all of it and was done after a couple of minutes . Yang could feel her hands shaking in nervousness . Why? It's not like he would stop her . He might be possessive, but he was not restrictive . Of course, he would allow her to go, as long as she brings her bodyguards or better yet, she can bring him with her . When it was time to talk Yang was the first to say, "Are you thinking of selling your painting here instead of Milan?"
Mei Li nodded, "If I have the original agent with me, the buyers would not be distrustful of the change of location . "
"Don't forget to bring your bodyguards . I will arrange the private jet for you, and I wait for you here . " Yang's uttered words brought a smile on Mei Li's face . She kissed his lips multiple times in gratitude . It was not that Mei Li was afraid of Yang's reaction; she was worried that she would be disappointed with Yang's response . This turn of events was something she was praying to happen .
She scrambled to call her agent and told him the news and before hanging up Mei Li had grinned, "And Elias, get ready to move to Beijing . "
Unknown to her, Yang's face morphed into sadness . He misses her, already .