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Chapter 174
March 25, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places
The sun shone upon the beauty sleeping on the bed, hugging a pillow tightly . Her eyes opened and then blinked . Suddenly the beauty sat up, looked at the clock, and saw it was already eight am . She hurried to stand up . In her mind, she needed to prepare food for Yang and herself . Opening the door to go out, Mei Li blinked in confusion . Why is there a large hallway? Finally, it dawned on her that she was in Milan and at a hotel . Yang was left in China . She had no reason to wake up early to cook . Mei Li closed the door with a red face . Thank goodness, nobody saw . That was embarrassing . Yang would have laughed so much at her if he had seen . Mei Li got ready to go out fast and easy . She had received a call from Elias about where they can meet, and she hurried because her stomach was rumbling for food . Before closing the door of her hotel room, Mei Li said, "Yang, I'll be out for a while!" When she closed the door, Mei Li remembered where she was . 'Milan was far from where Beijing was, Wu Mei Li . Snap out of it!' Mei Li thought to herself . Her heeled pumps made noise as she walked out of the hotel and to the meeting place . Seeing a bakery, Mei Li hastily went inside . She brought different kinds of bread . Unconsciously, she brought more than she could eat because she had been so used to buying food for two that buying for one was too awkward now . She realized her mistake when it was time to pay . Her pride did not allow her to return the bread that was already in her tray . Really, she needs to snap out of this . . . Whatever this is! "Yang is in Beijing . I am in Milan . " Mei Li muttered as she walked the remaining steps of the meeting place . The first time she acted strangely was embarrassing . The second time was a little sad . Now, it just made Mei Li lonely . The distance between them was annoying . She bit into the bread like a hungry wolf while murmuring about stupid men and their foolish teasing that can make a woman miss him! When Elias and Mei Li met, the painter immediately gifted half of the bread to her agent, she insisted that he take it after Elias had denied . Mei Li and Elias did nothing in the case that they meet but talk about boring business plans about the paintings and the gallery that should house them . Mei Li and Elias went their separate ways after talking for more than four hours . Mei Li calmly went to a restaurant that served steaks . She captured a picture and sent it to Yang with an emoji that had its tongue out . Moments later, Mei Li answered the call with a broad and eager smile, "Hey! Did you eat, already? How about your medicine? Did anything happen? How're your feet? How are you?" Mei Li swooned and slumped into her bed when Yang chuckled with that deep voice of his before saying, "I already ate . I drank my medicine without prompting . Nothing out of the ordinary happened . My feet are fine . I am not fine . " Mei Li worriedly asked, "Why are you not fine? Call Mother Zhao . Take care of yourself . You are making me worry!" Mei Li heard Yang sigh loudly before trailing, "I terribly miss this petite woman who cooks me food and pranks me with makeup . I was wondering if she could come home now . . . " Mei Li did not see her face, but she knew it was redder than the tomatoes in the salad she had eaten as a snack before . Yang was unfair . She misses him too, quite terribly also! Suddenly, Mother Zhao's voice entered her hearing range talking about Yang and his medicine . Mei Li narrowed her eyes, and asked, "Why is Mother Zhao ranting about your medication?" Yang choked on his own saliva and tried to explain, "I'm just a little late . . . " "Zhao Yang! Put the phone down and drink your medicine!" Mei Li shouted at her phone, making sure her anger could be heard in her voice . "Yes, Ma'am!" Yang replied . She snickered, and before ending their call completely, Mei Li said, "I miss you too . " In Beijing, Yang drank his medicine with a shit-eating grin . Mother Zhao was confused as to why he was so happy to drink medicine now when she had to wrestle the tablets into his mouth before . Her son can be so weird sometimes .