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Chapter 177
March 29, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

Ever since Mei Li had discovered his inability to stick to his schedule for his medicine, Yang now patiently waits for her calls with the pills and a glass of water on standby every minute of every day . His mother had teased him about it while his father and Yue had laughed so hard when they saw him waiting like a child for a call . He could have drunk the medicine and offer his family as witnesses, but no, he had to hear Mei Li lecture him first before drinking each tablet painlessly slow .
The Zhao family has learned to use Mei Li to threaten him, Yue had even use Mei Li to buy makeup with his card that Mei Li also likes . Mother Zhao had also made him sleep and had tucked him to bed like a petulant child when she had Mei Li's call on hold as she went to his room to convince him with Mei Li listening . Zhao Yang could only sigh and do as he was told . It was for his own good, anyway .
For the past days, Yang had spent the days on his bedroom coping up with his paperwork . Occasionally, his friends would visit him and cause chaos in his bedroom like teenagers- Dr . Zhang Li Xi and Alexandre especially . Even now as he and Chang Min were discussing crucial details to prevent possible actions that the terrorist group would do, Dr . Zhang Li Xi had jumped into Yang's bed while Alexandre was looking for adult magazines which Yang was supposed to use when he was a teenager .
"Yang, where did you buy your mattress?"
"Yang, did you throw your adult magazines?"
"Can I bring this mattress home?"
"You can't throw memories like that, Yang!"
"Let's exchange our mattress . "
"What kind of adult magazine did you use to-" "SHUT UP!" Yang shouted with veins popping out of his neck as his eyes twitched in irritation at their neverending useless questions . His hands grip his armrest, tightly .
The two men quietly sat back down, looking like a dog with a tail between its legs . Yang knew his friends were behaving unruly because he can't use his legs to kick them into place, but his legs wouldn't be useless for long . When he can walk, the next thing he would do after kissing Mei Li would be to kick their asses .
Chang Min turned to Yang and asked, "I have received another report of sightings of this man named 'David . '"
Everyone straightened up and tensed in their seats . They had almost no progress with the investigation of the car crash . David has evaded capture numerous times .
Chang Min did not wait and continued, "Hao Chen and I had picked up evidence that the women who had been murdered recently in their penthouses were all discovered to have met a foreign man with blonde hair and blue eyes . Hao Chen is currently explaining these findings to your Mother . She can report these to the authorities . "
Alexandre picked up the files in front and skimmed through every victims' crude file . Suddenly, his hands stopped when he saw a woman who had signed with their company two years ago as a model and was now slowly rising to be an actress . He shook his head, poor woman . The conversation turned serious as nobody dared to make jokes anymore . A man, who planned the car crash that kills women when he finished his stay on their penthouses, was not to be underestimated .
Hours later, everyone went downstairs to eat the food Mother Zhao had specially made for them . Hao Chen was sat beside Yue, whispering and gossiping with the youngest Zhao . When they were all eating, Yang's phone rang with a humming sound of Elvis Presley's, 'Can't help falling in love with you . ' Everyone turned to look at Yang .
Seeing it was Mei Li, Yang immediately answers, "Mei Li! How was your day?"
"CEO Zhao, this is La . If it's possible will you turn on the phone connection of your encrypted phone so we can talk . "
Zhao Yang was surprised . His heart weighed heavy with worry . Goosebumps began to spread from his inside to out; he didn't feel right about the next words . Yang and La then switched their call to a safer phone, and La had reported everything without pause .
When the call was done, Zhao Yang was faced with curious faces . Yang gulped as his eyes connected with Chang Min's . He said, reluctantly, "Mei Li was almost kidnapped . She is safe, now . "
All hell broke loose . The two women were standing up in surprise and banging their hands on the table in the process . Chang Min had turned red in anger . The rest of them were filled with worry .
Yang rolled his wheelchair out of the doors of the dining room . Mother Zhao stopped him, "Where are you going?!"
"I'm going to Milan to get her," Yang said .
"You mustn't be seen! What if people connect you with her secret identity?!" Mother Zhao shouted as Yang went out .
"I don't care!" Yang almost snarled at his mother, but managed to refrain as he continued calmly in contrast, "She needs me . Nobody can hinder me from going to her side . "
Everyone saw the true extent of his care . Yang had fallen too deep to be rescued . On his way to a private plane which he had borrowed from a business associate, Yang talked to Mei Li for a short while before embarking . Yang swore to kill the man that touched Mei Li as the painter wailed like a baby and started complaining to Yang . His heart once again melted when Mei Li had declared, "Yang, I need you . "
It was then that Yang hurried for the plane to take off . 'Don't worry, Mei Li . ' Yang thought as he made sure to count all the bodyguards with him . No obstruction can keep him from comforting his girlfriend .