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Chapter 179: 179
March 29-31, 20XX (Friday-Sunday)
Various Places

Somewhere in Beijing, in one of the high-end high-rise condo found on the famous streets flocked by the rich and famous, there were two bodies joint into one as the man entered the woman with force enough to send the woman planting into the bed . Her large breasts softened the blow from every vigorous thrust . Her knees were about to give up when the woman was suddenly flipped to lay on her back; she moaned loudly when the man left her . She gripped the man's arms and demanded, "More, David!"
"We are not done yet," The man spread her legs without any care and buried himself again and again into her . He was ramming himself inside her harder with every thrust .
In euphoria, the woman's saliva drips from the edge of her mouth, and her eyes began to roll back . She yelled loudly, "I'm coming! Harder! More!"
Annoyed by her demands, The Fool put both of his hands in her neck and choked her . With every thrust of his hips inside the tightening hole, his grip also strengthens . The woman's eyes popped out as her hands began flailing in desperation to get out of his hold . David's hips still thrust with the same vigorous force . The woman tried to take his hands off, but a man's strength was different .
Moments later, David took his cock out of the dead woman's cunt with a click of his tongue in frustration . He snarled as he stood up and dressed . She couldn't even last that long to satisfy him!
David turned to the large painting of a senior woman that was done by his favorite artist . He almost touched the painting to trace the words Miss M on the side, but he refrained from doing so . This Painting was a masterpiece; he wasn't going to ruin this . If not for this painting, he wouldn't have touched this loose heiress .
Suddenly, David's phone rang . He answered it with a curse, "Speak and die if it's not interesting!"
"Master Fool! I saw a Chinese woman who kept on meeting with Miss M's art agent!" A frantic voice wailed from his phone's speakers .
David tensed with anticipation, "Continue . "
"I followed and spied on their conversation, and it seems that this woman was talking about transferring all of her private paintings to Beijing . "
David felt the excitement came back . His limp penis started to harden in elation . He could finally meet the woman in his thoughts! David listened with bated breath, "This Chinese woman named Wu Mei Li is most likely Miss M!"
Suddenly everything froze . David's eyes widen with surprise as the feeling of thrill creeps to every part of his body . Ending Zhao Yang's life was now his top priority . This news was an additional reason as to why he has to hurry to finish the Zhao family . His eyes remained at the painting as he hangs up the call . His lips started to tilt upwards into a smirk, "Skin like a pearl, lips like roses, and gravity like a sun . It was fate that we met that day before Zhao Yang did . You were meant for me!"
David carefully placed his phone to the side as he sat on the chaise lounge . He disrobed and satisfied himself while thinking of the woman behind Miss M . He would have her in his arms soon, and they would lose themselves in the sheets of the bed .
Two days later, David was on another condo with another woman on his side . His eyes glanced at his growing painting collection . He slid the duvet off of the woman's body and slowly maneuvered himself inside her . The woman woke up with a gasp and drawled like a cat, "Good Morning, David . "
"Miss Ye Lan, isn't it a very wonderful morning today?" David mocked while pulling and pushing himself in slow motion . He groaned as the woman moved her hips in circles . She might be a loose woman, but she knew how to use her body . He hissed in anger . He hated women lime her the most! David kept his anger in check . As long as that Hao Ren love this woman, he can still make use of her .
Meanwhile, at the airport, Mei Li and Yang's private plane disembarked . Yang made Mei Li sit on his good leg as his right leg was propped up of his wheelchair . She looked like she was going to fall asleep soon as her eyes were closing rather than opening . Mei Li kissed his lips as thanks to his support and promptly dozed off . La rolled them out of the airport and into their car . Yang had to carry Mei Li as he was taken inside the vehicle .
Yang kissed her lips as he called Chang Min first and said to the older brother without any prompt after his call was answered, "She is safe . "
Chang Min sighed loudly, "Thank goodness . We have news from Arcadia . They were active in Italy when she was there, and we now have an idea of who the man we are looking for is . He might be the one they call as 'Fool . '"
"Fool?" Yang asked with a snort . What a bad naming sense!
"The most psychotic of them all . " Chang Min continued, "He had chopped a woman body into twelve parts before as the head was hanged on top of a Christmas tree and the rest of the body were the decorations of the house . "
Yang's eyes narrowed . He clutched Mei Li closer to him . This Fool will not touch her! This woman belongs to nobody else but herself, but a little bit of her belongs to him of course . There will be war if anything happens to Mei Li, and he had two Bonaparte on his side!