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Chapter 180
April 1-10, 20XX
Various Places

Yang has learned many things from his daily life with Mei Li . The first of those is how to be filial . When they returned to Zhao Manor after Mei Li had come back, Yang saw her taking care of his mother too . Mei Li would serve Mother Zhao the food first, and they would chatter about little things that seemed useless to him . Who wants to know about the weather in Italy?
Mei Li would randomly ask his mother if she wanted water when they were watching a drama together . Wouldn't that be annoying? His mother would grow angry if she were disturbed with her tv series, right?
Yang had also noticed how Mei Li would lean her head to Mother Zhao's shoulders and would cuddle with her . He would touch his nose helplessly as he watched them . They were more like family than them . It was then he noticed what Mei Li was truly doing . She was trying to comfort Mother Zhao with her presence even for just a little bit .
Mother Zhao was mostly alone with the servants when Father Zhao is at work . Although she was with their servants, she couldn't be too close with them because of the contract and servants would abuse their liberty when masters trust them too much . This has been the golden rule of the Xing family even before they abdicated the throne in favor of democracy .
Yang remembered that Hao Chen's mother would visit her often when she was still healthy and alive That time Mother Zhao was still so cheerful and lively . It seems that time has worn his mother down . Maybe he should come and visit more frequently .
When they were home, he realized how these little things had been so important to his mother . He could imagine Mei Li alone in their home, doing nothing but stare into space . Yang suddenly felt pity for his mother . Maybe that's the reason why she was so adamant to pair him with Mei Li, so she has at least something to do .
"Mei Li, " Yang called out .
The painter looked up to him from the ground where her suitcase was opened . She raised her eyebrows before asking, "Something wrong?"
"Do you think my mother is lonely?"
Yang's question brought Mei Li to freeze while her eyelids blinking fast is confusion . Slowly her face morphed into amusement, and her laughter filled the room .
She immediately shook her head, "No, of course not, she isn't lonely . "
Seeing Yang's conflicting thoughts, Mei Li refrained from teasing him and continued to explain, "Your mother has scars we cannot see that still feels raw to her . This is the reason why she probably wants companions that would comfort her from her thoughts . If you are worried, we can stay at Zhao Manor every Wednesday and Thursday . "
Yang was reluctant to agree . He would be spending less time with Mei Li if they would, but he has the rest of his life to spend with Mei Li, and he does not have that same benefit with his parents . Yang sealed their schedule every Wednesday nights with a resolute nod .
The next thing he learned from Mei Li was gratefulness . He loved how she would always say please and then thank him if he did it right . She would even acknowledge him if he did it wrong, as long as he tried .
Another lesson he learned was how dangerous a woman in the kitchen was . One day, Mei Li was preparing their food and chopping the green leafy vegetables into smaller pieces . She was too concentrated on her work that she did not notice his approach .
Yang groped her butt so hard that it made Mei Li yelp in pain . In reflex, Mei Li throw the object that was in her hands to the pervert . Yang immediately scrambled to evade the incoming sharp object . He vowed not to scare her again when she has a knife in her hand .
The knife was embedded into the wood cabinet with a loud thud as both of them started at it in disbelief . If Yang had not evaded, he would have been a goner . Bad move, Zhao Yang .
Suddenly, Mei Li burst into tears, crying loudly with sobs that tug at his heartstrings . Yang, who was full of adrenaline, deflated into a helpless mess when her tears fell . Bad move, Zhao Yang .
"I'm sorry! I am still so nervous about that stranger in Italy . I just reacted!" Mei Li started to apologize in between her sobs . Yang had to listen carefully at her words since she had uttered them so softly . He let her cry for a while before comforting her . Yang made her sit on his good leg's lap as he caressed her back . This was his fault . He shouldn't have surprised her when the memories were still fresh .
"I still remember that man . . . " Mei Li shuddered . She hugged Yang as highly as she could and sobbed put the words, "He said I would have made a good gift for his master fool . I don't even know who that person is . "
Yang felt as if the blood in him was sucked by a vampire when he heard her . He blanched white . Yang knew that codename, the possible man responsible for his injured feet . He gritted his teeth, careful not to let his anger show as he comforted the woman in his arms .
Yang did not know how long she had cried, but he was surprised when she began to snarl at him, "I could have killed you! If it had killed you, I would bring you to life so I can kill you again!"
Yang touched his nose but did not reply . He needs to prioritize the news he just heard . Yang needed to call Chang Min and spread this news . Arcadia just had contact with Mei Li, Damn it all!