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Chapter 181: 181
April 11, 20XX (Thursday)
Various Places

It has been eighteen weeks since the accident that broke Yang's right foot has occurred . Today, they were finally going to take off the long cast . Mei Li has been chuckling at Yang's eagerness to go to the hospital . He had climbed into the car faster than the speed of light . He had looked like a child going to the candy store . When they arrived at the hospital, Yang's grin could have reached his ears in width . They waited patiently for Dr . Zhang Li Xi to come . The man in the wheelchair could not move unnecessarily in his excitement because of Mei Li's hand on Yang's shoulder . A male nurse then peaked into the room while looking a little scared of Yang and said, "Dr . Zhang Li Xi has ordered me to take the cast off . Would it be alright if I did?" "No . " Yang immediately answered . "Of course," Mei Li's hand on his shoulder tightened, and she smiled while hissing in displeasure, "He is all bite and no bark . Come inside and do what Dr . Zhang Li Xi had told you to do . " Yang touched his nose in helplessness, again . He submitted himself to her whims . To him, this kind of day was just an ordinary day . To people, this was an extraordinary day because Zhao Yang had never been so full of emotions such as now . Mei Li's hands on his shoulder did not leave even when the cast was sawed like wood to part . Mei Li's face wrinkled when Yang's right foot was seen . It was filled with dead cells junk that she wants to scrub until his amazing skin would show . The size on his right foot was different from his left foot . The examination first started with an X-ray and then finished with meeting the doctor . "So, when can I walk?" Yang's question greeted his doctor friend with surprise . The doctor rolled his eyes and replied, "The X-Ray showed you were healing properly and at a fast rate too . " Yang wiggled his eyebrows, subjectively . He turned to Mei Li and teased her, "I had the best nurse to take care of me . " The two friends laughed when Mei Li blushed red . She knew of how shameless his friends were, but that makes her more annoyed . Mei Li should have gotten used to them by now, but she couldn't do it . Her face would turn red without notice . Dr . Zhang Li Xi then cleared his throat and said, "Yang's feet will be in an air cast still . " Seeing his friend scrambling to go out of the room, Yang was thrilled to see the third wheel gone . Why can't he be like Zhao Yue? Hao Chen was a lucky bastard with his little sister . If it wasn't for the massive push, he did for them! The process of healing leg injuries was naturally amusing to Mei Li . She had never seen him grit his teeth as painful as she did now . Mei Li's heartbeat began to sound like a woman chased by a handsome man . Yang's smiles at her were starting to work . When they reached back home again, Mei Li kissed his cheek in congratulation . He looked down to see his new cast . He was halfway from being healed! He looked up to meet Mei Li's eyes . The painter smiled at him again . Yang almost hated for his legs to heal because it would mean not being with Mei Li every minute of the day? Yang needs to treasure her just a little more than before . Mei Li went to the kitchen to prepare for their lunch, and he wheeled his chair near the dining table . Yang watch Mei Li work with the same fond smile like he usually has with her . She was amazing . "Mei Li, if I proposed to you now . . . Would you marry me?" Yang's question made Mei Li drop her knife, causing it to make clutter . "What?!" Mei Li blinked in disbelief . Did he propose without a ring? Her eyes scanned him from head to toes . Drawing her response like a cat, Mei Li replied, "Are you innocently questioning or proposing without a ring?" Yang was taken aback . Did he propose? Looking back, the words that have left his left was so easily misunderstood . He turned to Mei Li with a grin regardless of the slight and small misunderstanding . Yang said, "If I propose would you have answered yes? Mei Li returned to chopping the vegetables for their meal before drawing in her sultry voice, "No ring, No yes . " It took Yang some time to process her simple four-word sentence as if compasses more than a million . He had sat in a daze at the answer after it had dawned on him . She was basically saying yes . . . He needs to make a ring faster than his buffering mind, that's for sure . First to proposing, asking her family . Yang groaned and smacked his hand into his face . He was going to die soon . Two Bonaparte may be the reason for his death . Meanwhile, in another high-end condo in Beijing, David was seated on the leather couch as he read the files that were sent to him . He nodded to himself . David picks up his phone and called someone . After a few moments, he immediately said to the person on the line, "Come back to Beijing in a Yacht . You might have been blocked from the airport . " "Roger that, Do you need me to bring something?" "Bring more arms and weapon . We will need it here . " David almost hangs up when he remembered something, "Chen Zhong, did Mei Li knew how to paint?" "Yes, she had sold her work abroad . I don't know where that was though . " David hangs up with a satisfied smirk . He was one step closer to having Miss M . David had plans with her, very important plans in bed .