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Chapter 182
April 14, 20XX (Sunday) The Palace Residency- Condominiums Mei Li and Yang had returned to their daily routine as Mei Li had never gone to Milan . Yang appreciated every bit of touch she gave . The fluttering feeling in his stomach whenever their skin connects felt like euphoria . Yang could very well get addicted to her gentle caresses like right now, they were in bed after waking up late, and she was in his side with her left-hand spinning circles in his chest . He was happy to greet every morning with her . "Yang, My agent will be coming here later . Do you have time off from work to meet him?" His thoughts were interrupted by Mei Li's sudden announcement . Yang's body tensed, "Him? Your art agent is a male?" Mei Li sighed . She should have known he would react this way . So adorably possessive, as if he could stop her from anything . "Yes, and he likes males too so better be careful . He will eat you whole . " Mei Li mocked and had even gestured a cute way of eating with a large bite . He touched his nose in habit . It seems his jealousy has been rebuked . When Yang heard their doorbell rang, Yang straightened his back and sat on his wheelchair as if it was a throne . He was an intimidating CEO and the painter's boyfriend! No man goes pass him without due screening even gays! "Yang! Elias is here!" Mei Li called for him . Yang plastered his serious face and had he turned to face the mirror to see his sleek back hair . He nodded to himself; he was definitely more handsome than any gay man . Mei Li should have her eyes on him . Mei Li and Elias were chatting near the doorway when Yang rolled his wheelchair into view . He raised his left eyebrow, cocked his head to the side and mocked, "Is this someone important?" Elias saw the man that was the inspiration of Miss M's fourth collection . The same man that Mei Li has painted a portrait of in Milan . He was handsome as the portrait even in a wheelchair . No wonder Mei Li was in love with this man . "Nice to meet you, Mr . Zhao Yang . I am El-" "I don't care who you are! First, are you gay? Second, Do you like my girlfriend? Third, what are your plans with your visit here? Fourth, did you touch her?" Yang interrupted with a glare . For a man in a wheelchair, he looked intimidating . Mei Li promptly turned Yang's wheelchair around so he could face the other direction . Mei Li smiled at Elias and said, "Don't mind him . His bark is worse than his bite . " Yang almost growled at Mei Li . The woman dare to embarrass him! Did she like this agent more than him? Yang wheeled his chair to follow after them to Mei Li's condo where the new painting where stored . Seeing Yang behind her, Mei Li stopped and said, "I thought you have work to do?" Yang stared at her eyes with suspicion . Why is she fidgeting? Are they going to be doing something in that room? Yang growled his reply out as he refrained himself from picking fights, "I forgot that I had already finished it yesterday . " Mei Li blinked in confusion, but there were still four days worth of work he had to do . She knew about it based on the stack of paper on his desk and the floor . She smiled and peck Yang's lips with a gentle kiss before whispering in his ear, "I'll do the thing I did for your birthday gift later if you go back to work . " Yang felt he was a deer stuck in traffic . He didn't know in which direction he must choose . To follow Mei Li would satisfy his curiosity of Elias and why she was adamant to keep him out of her condo . To go back to work means he would be satisfied later in their bed . Both decisions lead to different satisfactions . Now, which satisfaction is better? Yang felt this was the biggest dilemma he had in recent days- Arcadia excluded . Suddenly the image of Mei Li on her knees again as her hands on him appeared like a flash of great surprise . Yang glared at Elias and stared at him for a while before he wheeled his chair to his office and started working . She better do her promise to him later! Mei Li smirked as she watched Yang's back disappear into the hallway of his office . She knew that would work . She said sorry to Elias before they went into her condo . Elias expected to see at least four or five large canvasses of painting but was bombarded with paintings of different parts of a man's body . When Elias saw a half-faced painting of a man, he immediately realized why she had not let Zhao Yang come with them . If he saw these painting of himself, he would not have let Mei Li go . Elias gulped as his eyes scanned the painting . He never realized how erotic Miss M's style could become . These paintings could take over a building; there was that many of them! The art agent slowly regained his sanity and teased Mei Li, "I can see your repressed sexual frustrations . You should let him touch you too . " Elias snorted at Mei Li's red face . She might be a Virgin but based on these painting of her boyfriend; she was not innocent at all . The fact that she had painted some pictures as if the man was in the middle of having sex with the person watching made Elias' gay persona drool . The man was glorious in a wheelchair, but damn was he fire in a bed . Mei Li saw Elias looking at a specific painting in particular, and she smirked deviously, "Isn't he handsome in this . This was an amazing night we had . . . " Meanwhile, in his office, Yang shivered . Goosebumps began to appear in his arms .