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Chapter 183
May 6, 20XX (Monday)
Galleria d'arte di M

Yang stared amazed at the new gallery that Mei Li and her art agent, Elias, had built in just three weeks . He could not believe that they could make it look so easy . Mei Li had even taken care of his needs and would only be out if he was working too . The completion of this whole floor of private collections for one single artist brought a good impression on Elias to Yang's opinion . Yang had previously thought that Mei Li's success was because of his Mother's patronage and advertisements to other socialites through Aunt Qinyang's social parties, but now he realized it was because of her capable art agent .
Elias had not only spread rumors about the move in Milan but in every part of the world using social media, making the process of moving art from one place to another viral in other social platforms . Now, Miss M has now become a famous identity with more than millions of followers . Mei Li had blushed so much when Elias had teased her about gaining popularity .
One day, Li Ru Shi had also shared Miss M's posts about the move to Beijing with an excited caption . This move from her made Mei Li's secret identity more famous in low-income communities, making the rich and famous to boast about the paintings they already have . Elias was amazed when the demand for her paintings increased . There were even accounts that have petitioned for the opening of the gallery to hurry so they can see it in advance . Tomorrow, they can finally open to the public .
Mei Li had been so excited about it . She worked so hard to finish her gallery while taking care of Yang and planning the interior designs with Trisha at the same time . It made Yang feel guilty for his injured leg, which encouraged Yang to do the things she normally does . Yang had begun to learn how to chop vegetables properly . He now knows how to make rice using a rice cooker and bought a robot that cleaned the floor for her which is now named 'Rob' by Mei Li .
Yang still remembers her goofy smile when she had teasingly said to him, "Our first child is a robot that cleans the floor . "
He had teased her mercilessly about making children so much after that . Ever since his birthday gift had happened, Mei Li had not once touched him again . She had not even fulfilled her promise to him! He had planned to demand compensation but seeing her busy and haggard state; Yang could only stay quiet .
"What do you think about the collection, Mr . Zhao?" Elias walked beside him . Staring at the same painting he was .
Yang glanced at the man's side profile before he replied, "You worked hard for Mei Li . Thank you . "
Elias froze in surprise . Every day he had to deal with Yang's suspicions and glares, so he was used to being ignored and treated like dirt . His grateful thank you was unexpected . Elias' eyes briefly saw Mei Li checking things on the side with the curator that they had hired then his eyes went back to the painting . Elias knew Yang was grateful to him because of Mei Li . The depth of Zhao Yang's love for Xue Mei Lin was apparent to him now . No prideful person would say a sincere thank you if there were no other meaning .

"Mei Li would hate me for this, but she still has a collection in her condo that you should see," Elias smirked . He was now on aboard to shipping the painter and the CEO . He continued after his eyes met with Yang's, "Do you know who the inspiration of this collection was? Do you even know the theme for this collection?"
Yang shook his head . He had asked her about it, but she never told .
"Then I will call her for you now, and you should ask her . Now should be the right time . "
Yang rolled his wheelchair a little to see the art agent's back approaching Mei Li . When the woman he loves turned to face him, Yang waved his hands . Mei Li smiled at him causing his heart to do tumblings in his rib cage . Meeting her, he realized how deep a worldly man could love . She made him love her more than he thought he was capable of that even a smile could melt him into submission .
When Mei Li was at his side, he immediately asked, "Can you answer my questions now?"
Mei Li was taken aback a little . She blinked when his serious face met with her confused ones . Suddenly she remembered the questions he had asked her every morning when they get up . She smiled at him as she took his right hand and intertwined her fingers with his .
"Isn't it obvious that it's a collection for you?" Mei Li pointed at the nearest painting on their front . It was a painting with two vehicles crashing and a cloaked figure trying to stab some who was protecting someone . "This is when you protected me from the crash . "
Suddenly, Yang was surprised when Mei Li had toured him while speaking about the painting one by one, explaining where and why she painted it .
"This is one is inspired when I remembered you laying on that hospital bed with blood in your hands and legs . I thought you were going to die . "
Yang looked up to the painting that had a figure of a man greeting a cloaked figure that was meant to be death with a bow, and a hand was reaching out to stop the man . Yang briefly glanced at Mei Li . He could imagine her horror when she saw his blood .
"This one is inspired when I was scared at the torture chambers I saw and did not talk to you for a few hours . It didn't feel right to sleep without you by my side . "
Yang saw a painting that had a man and a woman's back with head turned into opposite directions but hands still holding each other . And just like that, Mei Li explained everything .
Yang realized something as she did, this was not just a collection . It was a statement of her love for him just as the first was a statement of her friendship with Yue; the second was a statement of her daughterly love for his parents, the third was a statement of moving on from Chen Zhong .
Now, it was about him .
Yang reached behind him to force Mei Li's right hand near his lips . He kissed her palm before confessing, "I love you . "
Mei Li did not confess back, but she blushed . Yang knew she could not say it back to him yet . He kissed the small veins in her wrist and murmured his last question, "What is the theme for this collection?"
Mei Li's blushing face worsen . Yang blinked in confusion . Why was she embarrassed to say the theme?
"The theme is . . . " Mei Li gulped as she straightened her spine then she stared straight to his eyes, "I love you too . . . "