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Chapter 184
June 15, 20XX (Saturday)
Various Places

For the past six months, Yang had sat and lived in his wheelchair . Today was the day where he was allowed to stand up using his right leg finally . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had permitted him after a series of tests had been done . Yang was finally ready to stop being taken care of by Mei Li and do it himself . He was finally ready to start taking care of her for a change, but first, he needs to move this damn useless leg he has .
Yang stared at Mei Li seating on a metal stool near his wheelchair . Suddenly, A female nurse came into the private room while bringing certain things inside . Yang was amused when he noticed Mei Li moving her seat closer to him, and wrapping her hands in his arm in a protective manner . He found her small dose of jealousy cute . He took advantage of her close proximity to bend his waist and kiss her lips with an open mouth .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi when into the room while looking at the red-faced nurse that was hastily running out of the place . His eyebrows rose as he opened the door, curiosity filling his mind . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had seen a lot of attitudes from his patients, but Yang was too shameless . He saw the painter and the CEO lip locking with vigorous need . They need to go back to their own bedroom to continue this shamelessness!
Dr . Zhang Li Xi cleared his throat with malice . His eyebrows twitched when Yang continued to kiss Mei Li even when she was trying to pull away . His tongue still twirling in her mouth . Dr . Zhang Li Xi saw Yang's left hand slowly raised above his head and showing the doctor his middle finger . The doctor cleared his throat again . He was not going to be afraid of Yang as long as Mei Li is on his side .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi watched with amusement as Mei Li pinched Yang's neck while poking at his waist's side . The CEO jumped in his seat and straightened up . Mei Li glared at him before she dragged her chair as far as she could . Dr . Zhang Li Xi smirked at his friend while forcing Yang to seat on the bed, using his bodyguards to do so . He checked the feel of his feet after showing Yang the x-rays of his injury . His air cast had been taken off when he was brought to the x-ray room . It was amazing how it healed so fast, but it was not a complete break so he could see why it did .
Yang was amazed when his friend said, "Why don't you try walking to Mei Li's side . I think you need rehabilitation to move it like before . "
The CEO scrambled to stand . It felt amazing to stand with his two feet; he looked down at the seating Mei Li with a smirk . He was finally back to being taller than the petite woman . Slowly, he walked to Mei Li's spot all the way to the edge of the room, near the door . At first, it was annoying that he could not feel anything and it hurt to lean his weight in it, but the thought of finally towering over Mei Li drove him .
Mei Li had stood up when Yang had almost stumbled . She held her breath as he took one step at a time .
Arriving at her front, Mei Li smiled as Yang boasted, "Easy!"

Mei Li laughed at his bravado as if he had not spent more than five minutes stumbling like a foolish toddler . She cheered for him, "Of course it was easy . You are the best when it comes to walking . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi snorted . Mei Li had talked to Yang as if he was a child . Ony she could do that and live to tell the tale the nest day .
Yang tugged on the ends of her now long hair . He made sure to make it hurt, proving how childish he could in the face of her motherly concern for him . When he saw her face slowly morphed into anger, he leaned down and kissed her lips briefly .
The doctor had thrown them out of the hospital when Yang had refused to go to rehab since they have a private trainer in Zhao Manor that knows how to train him back to shape . The doctor was too annoyed with their public display of affections to make them stay long . Dr . Zhang Li Xi bid them farewell with a happy smile while cursing his singleness inside .
Once they were back in the Condo, Yang had proudly walked into the living room and roamed around the condo with a smirk . He stopped once a while to rest and then go back again to walking . Mei Li was amazed that he was starting to walk stably after a few exercises . She went to the kitchen and began preparing for their dinner while subtly observing Yang in case he would fall into his bum so she could laugh at him when he does . She was amazed at his grit and determination as he steadies himself without a doubt . He did not fall because he would immediately hold into something and righted himself up again . In times like this, Mei Li was glad Yang was stubborn .
She deemed him safe on his own and continued to cook . Mei Li was on the process of frying the chicken into the oil when Yang's arms wrapped around her upper torso . She used to freeze when she was hugged like this since the accident in Milan, but because Yang did not stop doing it and constantly did it, Mei Li grew comfortable with being back embraced again . She leaned into his chest . It's the first time they were intimate with each other while he was this tall; Mei Li almost forgot the feeling of fitting in his arms as he hugs her . He was tall, and she was petite, their back hugs should be awkward, but she thinks it felt just right . No, it felt amazing .
"Will you stay with me even if my legs are fine?" Yang murmured in her ears .
Mei Li nodded without hesitation . She patted Yang's arms and gestured at the things she was doing . They can talk all they want as long as she could move and start cooking or else their stomachs would start complaining . She would miss being in his arms too much to go back to her condo . Beside that, Mei Li likes being in his arms as she sleeps . Her Yang pillow was too important for her sleep .
Yang kissed both of her cheeks before letting go . Mei Li started to cook without any hindrance, completely lowering her guard to the attach Yang was preparing . When everything was done and placed into the table, Mei Li put some dishes into the sink to soak while they eat . Suddenly, Yang trapped her between his arms and ground his crouch in circles in Mei Li's butt .
Mei Li gasped in surprise then hollered like a madwoman, "ZHAO YANG!"
Laughter escaped his lips as he tried to run away from the wood chopping board she was trying to lift to throw at him but was too heavy for her arms to do so, thus making her threats invalid . He grinned suggestively at her as he pecked her lips and sat down to eat with the happiest smile Mei Li had seen him wear .