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Chapter 185
June 24, 20XX (Monday)
Y Building, Beijing

After a week in Zhao Manor, Yang finished his short rehab with his master in martial arts . Mei Li was glad to have more time to spend with Mother Zhao in that span of one week . They had gone shopping together, had watered all the plants in the Manor together, had cooked together, and had lectured Yang together . Both Yang and his father had their hand full with the two women . Although Yang was happy that his mother was smiling like a fool every time they bid them goodnight .
His parents had patted his back in approval when Yang asked permission to move Mei Li's things in his room . Mei Li had blushed so hard when his parents had not so subtly mentioned grandkids and started sprouting names . Yang had shamelessly agreed with his parents making Mei Li to hide her face in his neck . This family was too shameless!
Mei Li had bid goodbye to Mother and Father Zhao with mix emotions . She loved spending time with them, but at the same time, she was happy to have more time with Yang .
After all, relationships need to be worked on together like Love need to be nourished . It was naive to think that a relationship will stay without doing anything to make it stay . To Mei Li, a relationship was like cooking . You need half a cup of Effort and half a cup of Time to maintain their bond with commitment added to the mix like an excellent seasoning .
When the Monday where Yang was walking fine came, the two of them returned to work in Y Building . Mei Li had left Elias to care for her gallery, knowing it was in capable hands . Mei Li was excited to finally see the interiors of the building she had helped with Trisha, so she entered the car that would take them to the company . Yang was not deemed safe to drive yet, so they were in a Roll Royce Sedan where Mei Li was chatting Yang about the new interior finishes that she was hoping to see .
All the employees were craning their necks to watch the CEO arrive . They had not seen him for half a year and only reported to Secretary Bai and the secretaries . They are excited to see their handsome CEO even for a little bit . They held their breath as he excited wearing his usual black business suit and white pocket square on his left breast pocket . The employees squealed when CEO Zhao turned back to the car and offered his hand for a woman to get off . Miss Wu had excited wearing a long-sleeved blouse and black pants .
In a specific floor with newly built cubicles, employees were gossiping, "Look at how CEO Zhao holds her hands!"
"They look so great together!"
"They're like the modern Cinderella story!"
"I wish I was Miss Wu . "
"I wish I was CEO Zhao! Miss Wu is not only gentle and kind, but she is so understanding . "
"Yeah, did you know she was the one who asked CEO Zhao to give his wine collection to the employees who had contributed a lot?"
"Oh? I heard someone sold their wine and was paid a hefty sum for it . "
"We should start begging for more bonus to Miss Wu and not CEO Zhao . "

Secretary Bai listened with apprehension at the gossiping employees . If CEO Zhao would hear them, they will be fired or worse, dead . He hurried to greet the CEO Zhao in the lower floor when suddenly the executive elevator rang, and all heads turned with surprise . The employees knew who was inside the elevator immediately and had scrambled to return to their desks to resume their work .
"Hello, we are here to see the new desks that Trisha and I argued . I want to know if it looks as great as I imagine it to be . " Mei Li greeted everyone with Yang following after her with his hands shoved in his pockets . It was clear that he was humoring Mei Li .
The employees discreetly tried to arrange their desks into an organized clutter than just plain clutter . The smile in CEO Zhao's face was too scary to look at, so all the employees directed their attention to Mei Li .
"The desks are amazing, Miss Wu . " the nearest employee said with a smile .
Mei Li returned the smile before she looked at Yang and said, "And Trisha said it would look uneven! Praise me for choosing right!"
Yang snorted . Only Mei Li would worry about desks in a cubicle . Trisha had informed him of her decision to lower the walls of the cubicles so the employees would not be as bored with a wall . Yang placed his hands on Mei Li's head and ruffled her hair before complying to her demands, "You did well with the interior design . "
Mei Li promptly blushed . Most employees cried inside . Why are they showing their relationship to their single eyes? It was so early in the morning to be eating dog food dammit!
Suddenly an employee braved Yang's terrifying eyes and asked, "What will happen in our 5th anniversary, Miss Wu?"
Of course, the employee asked the harmless Mei Li than the cruel CEO . Her bravery was only capable of letting her do this small act . All employees sat straight when they heard this question being asked . Everyone was excited about this too! There were rumors that there would be a formal company event .
Mei Li looked at Yang and asked, "Isn't this about what you told me in the car?"
Yang nodded . He had asked Mei Li to organize a two-hour company event in the other building he had that was already entirely renovated by Trisha . All of the interior designs have been finished when Yang was still on the wheelchair . Thus Mei Li had been dying to see the final product . Mei Li had nodded in agreement immediately . She liked working in Y building with him in his large desk on their couple office chairs .
Mei Li then announced, "Yang had asked me to plan a formal event . It seems that we will hire catering for a buffet, and awards of excellence for hard-working employees will be given, and the best news is that CEO Zhao had even granted you leave with pay for that Friday so you can get ready for the whole day without worry . "
Yang was immediately thrown to the side as the female employees surrounded Mei Li with questions and suggestions . He glared at them and like the red sea and Moses' tale, and the crowd separated into two . Yang drag Mei Li to his office sending the females a jealous glare .
When the elevator door close, squeals of excitements filled the floor . Chatter and Gossip remained rampant for the whole week . Miss Wu was their angel! Who wouldn't love leave with pay?