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Chapter 186
July 5, 20XX (Friday Night)
YZ Building, Beijing

Everyone stared in awe at the new YZ building . Before CEO Zhao had bought this building, it was utterly desolate and looked like it came from the past with its tacky wallpaper and annoying matches of colors . Now, it turned out so beautiful with neutral colors and modern design . Everyone but one department head was excited to attend this event . The old employees that started the company with CEO Zhao who was now department heads marveled at the change in the span of five years . They had started with renting a floor in Y Building, and slowly as their business grew, so did their workplace .
Now the company owned Y Building and bought the unused building on their side as a place for conventions and events, naming it YZ Building in addition to their tall Y Building . CEO Zhao had even opened YZ Building to the public too . He had made it so the ballroom could accommodate about 1000 people easily as small rooms were also available to be rented . In fact, it has been used for wedding venues and birthday parties by the rich . Zhao Qinyang had even thrown a large socialite party after Miss Trisha and Mei Li had finished all the interior designs .
"Hey, Let's take a picture here . "
"I'm going to brag about this to my friends . Their company event wasn't as grand as ours!"
"Look at all these flowers . These must have cost a fortune . "
The employees were squealing at their company's unexpected grand event . They were amazed that their CEO did not spare a dime and made it this grand . They were more surprised that Miss Wu Mei Li could organize something this grand . They shouldn't have doubted her; a woman that could make their CEO love-struck was not an ordinary woman . Everything in the decor looked so elegant and well thought off; there were fabrics in the ceilings that emphasized the massive chandelier . The large roundtables were on the sides, near the walls while a stage was prepared with a modern design and an MC's stand on the side .
Everyone waited for the rest to arrive . The secretaries were already seated on a table and were mingling with lowly employees . All heads turned when Secretary Bai entered the hall while guiding CEO Zhao's close friends . Females started to whisper in each other's ears as Li Alexandre came with Li Ru Shi as they followed after their head secretary .
"That's the famous actress, Li Ru Shi, who is internationally acclaimed . "
"I can't believe that we get to meet her in a company event . "
"Our company is the best!"
Then Hao Chen and Zhao Yue followed after . Everyone that had seen Zhao Yue with CEO Zhao before had their eyes wide open . The fact that she was intimately holding the heir to a large pharmaceutical company meant more probability of this company signing more work for the company's IT team . They knew their CEO would take advantage of this .
"That's CEO Zhao's sister!"
"What?! She's beautiful . "
"And she's with an heir to a large international company too . "

As Dr . Zhang Li Xi and Xue Chang Min entered, the female squealed and shrieks like fangirls . These two were not only handsome, but they were very much available . They still had a chance with the two! They began to neaten their gowns in nervousness, hoping to be noticed .
"That's the doctor that made headlines with his achievements . "
"That's Xue Chang Min; he leads a large portion of weapon development in China . "
"Aren't they handsome . "
"I want the doctor . "
"CEO Xue Chang Min would be a better choice . He can protect you . "
"Well, the doctor can save my life . "
"Oh doctor, I'm suddenly not feeling well . "
"Cure me . . . "
All grew quiet as the doors opened again and CEO Zhao entered with the most gorgeous woman they have seen . All men employees grew jealous of their CEO while the women grew jealous of Mei Li's dress . She was wearing a neutral grey gown that seemed like nude and seethrough with intricate silver printed designs . Her boobs were forced up by the corset-like tightness of the dress with short off shoulder lace fabrics on her arms, emphasizing the largeness of her front assets . When she walked, there was a large slit on her right leg, modest enough to conceal other parts from being seen but sexy enough to be called a tease . On her head was a golden like crown of leaves and her shoes matching the color of her dress except for the red bottoms .
"She is breathtaking . "
"Nobody can compare to her . "
When Mei Li and Yang passed the employees and showed them their backs, the employee sighed as Mei Li had a trail on her gown that seemed like she had stepped out from a fantasy novel . When they arrived at the front to greet them, Mei Li turned to face them with such grace that made all female's jaw drop . She did not even bother with the trail of fabric at her back . She turned her body to face them as the trail remained on its place causing an effect that stunned everyone . Her dress made her more regal and queen-like .
Zhao Yang took the microphone from one of the microphones stands on the side . He wrapped one arm around Mei Li before he said, "Good Evening, I am proud to see everyone here to celebrate this company's 5th anniversary . Our IT company has now grown into Y Group . We have made it through a merger and a purge together . We have added five other companies from my parents and conquered one company; this event is a small thank you for everyone's hard work . "
Yang then offered Mei Li the microphone . He held it just below her mouth as Mei Li spoke, "We have a delicious buffet on the sides with more than 50 dishes for you to choose . The dessert is on another table on your right together with the drinks . "
CEO Zhao smiled as he returned the microphone to near his mouth and announced, "Before anything else, let this event start with food! Dig in everyone!"
The night ended with some people carrying trophies and cash for awards . CEO Zhao had even awarded the janitor that had not been absent for one day in his job . This incentive couple with the knowledge that the company will repeat this event every year made everyone want to work hard to have any trophies with their names on it .
The females could not believe that in the span of their event CEO Zhao's hands did not leave Miss Wu's waist even when they went to get food . It seems that Miss Wu was going to be Lady Zhao soon .