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Chapter 187
July 5, 20XX (Friday Night)
YZ Building, Beijing

"Stop staring at me," Mei Li hissed at Yang as she covered his eyes with her hands .
Yang immediately took her away using one large hand to grip her hands into submission . He was grinning as he stared at Mei Li's eyes for a while and then with her eyes still on him, he lowered his gaze into the two large mounds that were blatantly being displayed . Since she wore a dress like this, he was going to stare as much as he can .
"Did I tell you how beautiful you are today?" Yang asked .
"You did when you first saw me in the dress, then when we were traveling here, and also when we just sat down on this chair, and now . All of those times, you stared at my boobs while saying it . " Mei Li scoffed .
Yang's grin widened like a Cheshire cat . She usually never displays her cleavage, but because he was the one to gave her this dress, she reluctantly agreed to wear it . Yang was still awestruck with her as the first time he saw her in the dress . She was like a deity playing with his mortal heart . When she had smiled at her as if he was the one to have put the stars in the sky that she loves so much, Yang felt being swooned for the first time in his life . He pulled her chair closer to him and squished her entirely to his side .
The table they were in were complete sighing at them .
Li Ru Shi and Li Alexandre were bantering about doing something with their employees . Hao Chen and Zhao Yue were chatting about Yue's dress . Dr . Zhang Li Xi was bored while texting, ignoring the couples around him forcing him to eat dog food . Chang Min was annoyed with Yang for a while, but when his little sister would smile at Yang like he was the world, he shut up and refrained from ruining the day for her . He hated Yang for taking his little sister when he had not spent enough time with her . Can't he wait for another year to make her his? Although Chang Min was grateful to him for giving a reason to be able to talk to Mei Li finally, he cannot help being conflicted about their relationship . Mei Lin is a Xue, dammit!
His father, Jerome Bonaparte, had stopped trying to split them apart and had stayed at the Xue Manor in hiding instead of his plan to stay at the condo beside Mei Li's . Xue Chang Min had listened with pride as his father complimented Yang for protecting his little sister with his own life, but he was also annoyed that Yang did it and not him . He failed as an older brother . He had all the weapons in his disposal and not once did it help with Mei Lin . When an Arcadia member almost kidnaped her, it was also Yang's man that saved her . He was reluctant to hand her to Yang, but he had proved himself capable of being her protector than her own brother .
When the event finished after Secretary Bai and Yang had given all the trophies and awards, Chang Min was the one to guide Mei Li to Yang's car to wait . Yang was still so busy with something, so Mei Li had transferred her hands to cling to Chang Min's right arm .

"Big Brother would take me to the car . I'm safe with him because he knows more martial arts than you . " Mei Li stuck her tongue out to Yang, making the CEO stare at Chang Min then nodded . Yang turned to the rest of the department heads that needs to be brief about something important that cannot wait for next Monday .
"I have a souvenir for you, Grandpa Xue, and Grandma Xue from Milan in Yang's car . I forgot to give it to you months ago . " Mei Li began to start babbling about everything there was in Milan .
"Do you want to return?" Chang Min asked . He can always let her borrow his jet if she wanted too . If she's still scared, he can have the Air Force guard her in the travel . He had connections enough to help her grant that .
"No, I don't want to go alone . " Mei Li continued, "Maybe we can go together with Grandma and Grandpa . "
"Sure!" Chang Min immediately agrees, not realizing that Mei Li was smirking at him . He had failed to recognize that Mei Li had spoken so informal about his grandparents as if they were also hers .
Chang Min had closed the door to Yang's car as Mei Li was safely situated in the passenger seat when a shot was fired . He immediately crouched down in instinct and scanned the possible area for the shooter . It couldn't have been far from them . More gunshots were fired, making Chang Min restless . He cannot leave Mei Li, so he had to bear with his confusion . He was thankful that Yang's car was always made to be bulletproof .
"Don't go out of the car . " Chang Min warned the shaking Mei Li .
"How about Yue and Ru Shi?" Mei Li asked, trying to control her hands from shaking in fear . She was concerned about the employees that have not left yet . They were innocent people!
Their talk was interrupted when one of the guards run towards him with two masked people on his tail, chasing after him . Chang Min immediately took the gun hidden in his shoulder holster inside his tux . Killing the masked men with two easy shots straight in the head, Chang Min made sure to give Mei Li the keys of the car, demanding her to lock the door .
After a while, Yang and Secretary Bai exited the halls with Yang looking murderous, and blood splattered in his face . Chang Min sighed with relief, his body relaxed . He saw Yang's M1911 pistol on his hand . Suddenly, Chang Min's eyes widen when Yang aimed his gun at him . Without any second left to react, Chang Min was frozen as Yang's gun was fired . He was more shock when a man behind him was killed .
Chang Min turned to his back and immediately fired another shot straight to that person's brain . He cursed himself for not noticing the person on his back . He must have lowered his guard when he saw Yang safe and had not realized that someone had snuck behind him . Chang Min made sure Mei Li was not untouched before he turned to look at Yang .
"Yang, Look out!" Chang Min screamed .
A screeching of a sport's car's wheel made everyone's head turn . Yang and Secretary Bai scurry to a safe place as the sports car was heading straight towards them . Yang jumped to the side while firing a shot to the driver . The car drove past them with the bullet scratching only the thick glass windows .
The three men watched with anger in their veins as the sports car drove out . Chang Min fumed as he saw the mark of Arcadia instead of the license plate at the car's back .