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Chapter 188
July 5-13, 20XX (Saturday-Saturday)
Various Places

"What did you say?" Yang stared at Mei Li with wide and surprised eyes . Of all the things she had asked of him, this would be the most out of character of hers but the most fantastic idea in Yang's opinion . Yang just can't believe that Mei Li would suggest this to him first .
"I want to learn how to handle a gun, load it, and shot it . " Mei Li deadpanned . She had been asking him three times already, and he still has to make her repeat her words over and over again . Was his brain working right after the events from last night's events?
"I can't teach you . I don't have time . " Yang slowly told her his dilemma .
Mei Li snorted, "I'm not asking you to teach me . I want big brother Chang Min to teach me . "
Mei Li was impressed by Yang's fast reactions when last nights events happened, but she was more shocked and awed by big brother Chang Min's easy shot at two fast-moving men who had chased the guard . The Xue had not even paused to aim before he fired an accurate shot like he was brushing dirt in his shoulders . Mei Li remembered being scared, but when she had seen Chang Min did that, she could not help but be awed . In her meter of remarkable human beings, Chang Min has risen to become number one .
"Let me call Chang Min," Yang said after a short pause to think .
Mei Li grinned at him, "I already did! He will see me tomorrow!"
Yang slapped his hand to his face . Why did she ask for his permission when she had already gotten the okay by Chang Min? His girlfriend was starting to be more overbearing than him . Mei Li then put his paperwork at the side, sat on his lap, and cuddle herself in his arms like a cat . Yang sighed, put down his pen, and started petting his large cat's hair .
The first day that Mei Li went back after shooting lessons with Chang Min, Yang was so amused when Mei Li pouted at him for not telling her about his gun collection that was hidden everywhere in the house . Yang had been forced to reveal the weapons that were hidden in small compartments specially made for them . He still did not know what to feel when Mei Li had seen a whip made of leather . She had immediately brought it to Chang Min so she can be taught to wield it . Yang had prayed to the heavens to spare him from a whip-wielding woman as his girlfriend .
The second and third day after her lessons, Mei Li was silent and was always in concentration . Yang let her be since he knows how hard it was to learn shooting a gun with ease . It was on the fourth day of her lessons did Chang Min called him saying, "Have you thought her how to fire a gun?"
Yang almost double turned at his paper in surprise at the question . He immediately denied, "What? Of course not! I didn't want her to use any weapons at all . "
"Well, she shoots like she had been trained before . Now, she's learning how to handle the whip because she likes the leather in it, reminds her of one of her Louboutin Shoes as she said it . " Chang Min deadpanned .

Yang chuckled, and slowly it turned into laughter .
Chang Min was not amused at being laughed . He was the one who was teaching her, she was hellfire! Chang Min had never had a student as hot-headed and stubborn as his little sister was .
When Mei Li went home that day, Yang was trying to steal some of her junk foods and was rewards by a whip in the back of his hand . He stared wide-eyed at Mei Li's smirking face . He was horrified at how quickly she had mastered the whip . She had not only used it, but she also used it accurately . Yang noted to himself to behave while staring at the whip on her hands . She looks so damn hot using it too .
After a week of training with Chang Min, Mei Li had decided to let Yang come with her . When they entered the Xue Manor, Mei Li dragged Yang to her room given by the Xue grandparents for her to use when she is changing . Once she exited from the bathroom, Yang's jaw dropped in shock . Mei Li was wearing form-fitting yoga pants and a sports bra . Why was it he never went with her on the rest of her training with Chang Min?
Arriving at the training room, he was surprised to see different kinds of guns being placed on the table . Chang Min did not bother to greet him but Mei Li immediately stood up straight in front of Chang Min and shouted with her sultry voice, "Student Mei Li is here! Shifu Big Brother Chang Min teach me well!"
Yang had to hide his chuckles at the nickname . Nobody dared even to call Chang Min Shifu but to call him Shifu and Big brother on the same sentence made it more laughable . The horror on Chang Min's face when he realized that Yang had heard it made the CEO double into laughter . Fortunately for Chang Min, Mei Li rescued him from Yangs teasing when she whipped the floor on Yang's side with an evil smirk .
"I hear more laughter from you, and you're dead . " Mei Li threatened . Yang shut up immediately . Damn, she was hot! Never had he thought he would like her like this, but he loves her like this! Her soft and gentle persona was cute and adorable, but this side of her was so hot, that Yang had to try his best to control himself .
When they return to their condo, he was going to eat her . Morals, be damned!