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Chapter 189
July 13, 20XX (Saturday Night)
Xue Manor & The Palace Residency- Condominiums

Mei Li was having fun with her whip . It was fun to be the one whipping and not the one being whipped for once . Training with the whip had given her hands' callouses more than wielding a gun did, but it has been so worth it . The adrenaline that using a whip causes her was always making her high and alert opposite to what she is when she is painting . Chang Min had also been an excellent teacher . He was patient with her never-ending questions and mistakes . Chang Min did not dare to raise his voice when she does something stupid . He would compliment her graciously when she did something right . Mei Li liked how Chang Min would ruffle her hair when she would grin as she executes a move right .
After this day, their one-week tutorial was done . Mei Li was sad that the next tutor that would teach her would be someone that her Shifu Big Brother Chang Min had picked . They already planned that she would train for at least six months to get the better hang of using a gun . Mei Li pridefully boasted to Yue and Ru Shi that she had mastered the whip like it was an extension of her hands . The two women then teased Yang after their conversation with Mei Li .
After Chang Min and Mei Li's lesson ended, Mei Li was surprised to see Yang being silent . Mei Li grew scared . Was he afraid of her when she had whipped his side? Was he going to leave her now? They entered the car with Mei Li awkwardly following a fast-paced Yang . She could not even change from her workout clothes into more casual wear because Yang had hurried to the car . She was breathing heavily with sweat perspiring from her forehead to her neck and then falling into the valley of her wonderfully puffed breasts!
Yang forced his eyes to look outside the window and into the moving road . His little brother was already half hard and half ready for Mei Li . He gulped when Mei Li moved closer to him to lean on his shoulders, giving him the most delicious aerial view of her cleavage . Yang clenched his fist and covered his straining hard-on by crossing his feet . The driver noticed the suffering look of Yang and stepped on the gas pedal . He didn't want to see porn in his backseat . The liquids would be hard to clean and smelly too .
When they arrived at the parking lot of their condo, Yang immediately took Mei Li off of her feet and almost run towards the elevator and straight to their bedroom . Yang dropped Mei Li to stand on her feet on the bathroom as he demanded with a pained face, "Shower, now!"
The growl in his voice may be sexy, but his tone for demand was not something she was willing to tolerate . Mei Li crossed her arms in front of her, making her boobs jump up in the process . Poor little Yang jumped up a little seeking for attention too .
"NO!" Mei Li growled back .
Yang took a step back in surprise and carefully lowered his voice, "I'm sorry . It's just; you are so tempting . If you don't shower and change into more conservative clothing, I won't trust me to be in control . "

Mei Li blinked her surprised away . Her eyes slowly trailed down; she gulped when she saw the large bulge in his pants . Her eyes then slowly trailed up and meet with his blaring dark eyes full of fire and desire for her . She gulped again at the intensity of his stare . Her inner core heated with the same fire as his eyes had .
"What if I want you to join me?" Mei Li drawled after a while of staring with Yang .
"I am hanging into a single thread of control woman . " Yang huffed a heavy groan when she licked her lips blatantly .
"Don't . " Yang inhaled .
"Tempt . " Yang exhaled .
"Me . " Yang gulped when Mei Li started to take off her yoga pants . His eyes followed her right hand that was creeping into the waistband and in agonizingly slow movements, pushed the thin black material down . She wiggled her butt when it hit the widest portion of her hips . Yang's eyes were wide and did not blink . His mind already gone as his IQ lowered into that off an idiot . Mei Li turned back so Yang could see her lower assets as she bent forward to pull her yoga pants off of her foot, one at a time .
She made sure to stand straight as slow as she could . Only her sports bra and panties were left . Mei Li turned again to face Yang, exposing her black seamless panties that looked too much like silk . Yang's hands itched to touch her . When their eyes meet again, she smirked at him, he looked as if his soul had left his body, but his little brother was growing larger by the minute . She was a god damn tease, and he was not having it!
In his last bid to control himself, Yang hurried to ran to the door when Mei Li froze him with a sentence, "Yang, join me in the shower? You can touch anywhere you like . "
His primal instinct wholly devoured the sanity in Yang . His morals were completely gone as this temptress forced him to turn to her and leaned into his chest, pressing her breasts into him like a ham in a sandwich . Yang groaned as her hands became wild and buckled his belt off . She pulled harshly for it to come off and when it did, she threw the belt to her back, making it fall into the ground with a loud noise . If she knew it was a 6,000 dollar belt, would the miser in her throw it? His thoughts were disrupted when Mei Li expertly unbuttoned him and let his trousers fall . Her hands then slid inside his shirt, caressing his tensed abdominal muscles .
Yang stood dumbly as Mei Li teased and made use of him as she liked with a smirk that made her a dangerous femme fatale he had ever seen in all his life . Her fingers were fast to unbutton his shirt and then before he noticed, he was already bare except for his underwear . Yang had snapped from all reason when Mei Li had dragged them under the shower, and they both were soaking wet .
Mei Li took his hands placed it on her breast and commanded him, "Take it off . "
The monster in him surfaced . He pushed her to the tiled walls of his shower . He was meeting her open mouth with his open mouth for one hot and wet kiss . His hands roamed around her body . Touching her sexy curve on the side, to squeezing her bottoms and bringing her closer to him, and then massaging her breasts . His hands slid inside the garter and flicked her nipples before groaning as Mei Li's hands were making its way to take his briefs off . Yang knew that if she touched him now, he would finish first than him and his pride would not allow that . He yanked her to turn away from him and brought her back to his chest . He hastily takes her bra off of her and then pushing them both into the falling water . Yang gulped when she bent down without any word and took her black panties off with ease . He tried to control himself from taking his briefs off too .
Oh, was he tempted to slide right inside her!
Mei Li squeezed the bottle of her favorite strawberry liquid body soap and began to wash with it, giving Yang a show . Her right hands spread the soap on her left arms before her left hand spreading it into her right arms . She slowly rubs the soap to form small bubbles . When her hands began to rub her breasts slowly, Yang groaned as her eyes stared straight at him . Mei Li made sure to apply soap to every part of her body . Her right hand even went down and washing her nether region .
Yang's eyes were staring straight at her nether regions . She had the same hair color in her head with the color of her pubic hair . When Mei Li rinsed under the water again, Yang felt relieved, expecting for his torture to end . Mei Li's hand then took a long white bottle with pink printed fonts and squeezed a hand full of white liquid out . She suddenly squatted down, spread her legs for Yang to see everything, and then cleaned herself . Her right hand was spreading the little bubbly liquid with a smell that he had never smelt before . Yang's eyes were almost going to be out of its sockets as Mei Li dared to spread her nether region's lips to clean it, yet her eyes were still staring at him .
Yang growled . He yanked the handheld shower from its place and turned the shower in full blast as he aimed at the place where she was now playing .
"Stop playing with that," Yang growled . He wanted her raw in their wedding night, dammit!
"If I can't play with this, will you?" Mei Li's question brought Yang more suffering .
He throws all caution in the wind as his hands yanked her to stand up . When she did, his right hand trailed from her breast down to her wet nether regions . He felt her hair down there were smooth and then when he touched her aching need, Mei Li moaned loud and verbally said, "Yes, that part . "
Mei Li wantonly took her other hand and placed it into her breasts and commanded him with the same authority as before, "Play with these two too . "
As her majesty wishes, Yang squeezed her right breast and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking it while his right hand slowly with one middle finger begins to insert into her nether region . This move made Mei Li squirmed in discomfort . Even a tampon would make her hurt, so she was not surprised that his single finger hurts too . Yang wanted to stop when she saw her pained expression but was stopped by her soft panting demand of, "Continue . "
Hot damn! Did he already mention how hot she was when she was dominating?
Yang gritted his teeth when Mei Li's hand slid inside his brief and harshly pulled on his little junior . She maneuvered his brief down to show himself completely without disturbing him from his work on her body . She started pumping him up and down when he began to push and pull his middle finger inside her .
Their movements grew fast and feeling their peek was near, they kissed with full open mouths while ignoring the shower that made it hard to breathe . Yang was the first to finish, but Mei Li was prolonged as her legs began to shake and her mouth parted into an oblong . Yang memorized the dazzled look of a satisfied Mei Li . He took his middle finger out of her and with a mischievous smile, he licked it with curiosity .
Mei Li's blush made him snort . With a wild side like he had seen before, he would never believe her act of innocence anymore . She was the temptress in this act . Although he had liked it, she tempted him first . Honestly, they were both to blame in this act .
Yang let himself be cleaned by Mei Li even if he did not do any strenuous activity . She washed him too long in his abs to see that she likes his muscles very much . Hopefully, he can do this more .