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Chapter 190: 190
July 15, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places

He needs to ask her to marry him . Yang had never been so sure of anything in his entire life . Marrying her was something he had already planned but he had also already listed in his life plan that it will happen . He was sure that it will happen . Yang was ready to sacrifice anything so he can marry Xue Mei Lin, not because he would want to take her faster but because she was someone that completed him . If he was cheesy, he would say that she was his Mrs . Always Right to his Mr . Right .
At first, Yang had not thought to propose this fast, having met October of last year and if he counted it right, they were officially a couple in a span of just five months . He had planned to propose on the anniversary of their meeting but then Mei Li change his mind fast .
They were having their routine breakfast together when Mei Li softly asked him, "Will you be doing overtime again?"
Yang saw how nervous she was when she asked him her question . He raised his eyebrows and answered, "Yeah . . . I need to cope up with months of work . Are you lonely here? I can call Yue to keep you company . "
"Yue is in Japan, working . " Mei Li mumbled .
"How about going shopping with Ru Shi?" Yang suggested .
"She's filming a new drama . . . " Mei Li pouted .
Yang blinked, he sees where she was having a problem now . She was bored in the Condo . Suddenly, Yang remembered his mother who had the same problem .
"Why don't you go to Zhao Manor and keep Mom company?" He patted her hand on the table to give her some comfort . "Or you can come with me to the company . "
"Mother Zhao is going to visit Grandpa and Grandma Zhao, and going with you is boring . I already finished the tasks you set for me . I have no work left to do . " Mei Li's soft nervous voice was starting to sound like complaints .
Yang smiled at her . Many women would love to do nothing but shop, eat, shop and sleep, but not with her . Mei Li loved to do something, to work her ass off so she can feel like she had achieved something worthwhile to feel amazing every day . Yang loves this hardworking side of her . This quality was something she has in abundance that sets her apart from the rest of the women he had met .
"I tried to go and help with the gallery but Elias pushed me out because it may reveal my identity if I help their every day," Mei Li was not full on complaining to him . She stabs the poor slice of carrot with her chopsticks and ate it after glaring at it meanly as if the carrot had done her great injustice .
"Maybe I will adopt a dog," she murmured her ideas about taking care of something so she could have at least something minimal to work on . "I'd wipe poop if I have too . Being bored is too much for me to handle . I want to work . Should I start applying for a job?"
Yang snatched her arms, pulled her to him, and made her sit on his lap, "If you are applying for a job, I know a job you can fill . "
Mei Li looked up to him and asked, "What kind of job?"
"The spot for being Mrs . Zhao Yang is open," Yang wiggled his eyebrows .
Mei Li snorted and weakly countered his proposal with the same words she uttered before, "No ring, No yes . "
Yang smiled at her response but it did not last long as Mei Li causally made him fear for his future when she said, "Honestly, we are already living together . Isn't that already like being married? Some people have families but aren't married . Wouldn't that be beneficial since we can live the other behind should we find someone else?"
Yang wanted to be tied to her, dammit! He wanted everything of her! Yang decided then that he was going to propose before she thinks of any ideas about not marrying him! The blasphemy of letting Mei Li go to another man's arms because they weren't married!
The Xue family was his only problem . He had already prepared his bulletproof vest when he was going to go there again . Honestly, when he went with Mei Li to watch her short tutorial with Chang Min, Yang had planned to ask the Bonaparte hiding in the inner quarters of the manor but he was very distracted with Mei Li that time that he had completely forgotten his purpose . He comforted himself with the thought of people eloping without any words to their families . He was not going to do that, of course, but he had been so tempted especially when he begins to plan how he was going to ask the people in Xue Manor for their youngest's hand . He also planned to threaten them with elopement should they disagree .
Well, his family were all ready to have him married off as soon as possible . In fact, his mother had been encouraging him to just propose as Mei Li's mother had only met with Jerome Bonaparte for two weeks before they married fast in a civil wedding . Yang was ready to bring this information out to threaten his future father-in-law but refrain because it would cause them bad blood with Mei Li suffering in between . Their fight, should Mei Li know the truth of her identity, would cause her heartache . Yang may tease Mei Li a lot, but he was not willing to hurt her if he could avoid it .
That was why he was preparing for a charity event that Mei Li can attend with him and he would propose to her then, but first, Yang got out of the car and stared straight at the large Xue Manor . The first thing to do, get permission .