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Chapter 191
July 15, 20XX (Monday) - August 3, 20XX (Saturday)
Various Places

On the morning of the 15th day of July, Yang stared into the eyes of Jerome and asked, "If you allowed me, I would like to marry your daughter . "
Zhao Yang was surprised when the Xue elders were smiling at him, Chang Min's frowning face was to be expected, but Jerome Bonaparte's grinning face almost have him suffering a heart attack . He wore his bulletproof vest just in case the Bonaparte was triggered to shoot first, talked with his dead body later . Yang had never expected to see a grinning Jerome; he wondered what he was going to do with this turn of events . He had prepared himself to be beaten up that he never expected to be accepted .
Yang must have looked as if he was ready to go inside his coffin because Jerome Bonaparte comforted him with a slap of his back, "You are already living together with my daughter, at least you are making an honest woman of her . "
Xue Chang Min spilled his drink all over the floor, and Yang was glad he was too nervous to drink anything or else his drink would end up the same with Chang Min . Yang had been so happy in their world at the condo that he had not realized what other people viewed her as when they started to be vocal about living together . This was probably the main reason why his mother had encouraged him to propose as fast as he could .
Yang could not believe he had caused her named to be smeared because of his selfish desires . He looked up to apologize to Mei Li's father, only to see a grinning Bonaparte . Yang prayed he was grinning not because he was planning to bury his body later but because he was genuinely happy for him and Mei Li .
"So you are alright with me marrying your daughter?" Yang asked so that he could be a hundred percent sure . He didn't want to turn around and have his back shot .
"Of course!" Jerome agreed . The grin on his face was suspicious now . Nobody would be this happy to give his precious daughter away . Yang's suspicions were right as he was dragged into the training as Chang Min and Jerome had some great spars with him . For more than an hour, Yang spent it trying to dodge because both Bonaparte were better martial artists than him . The Xue grandparents had bid him farewell after they had tended to his bruises .
"To think they punched hard enough to leave bruises," Grandma Xue clicked her tongue with annoyance . She had approved of the father and son duo's plan because they had promised to be gentle! Those two were too similar!
"It's alright, Grandma Xue . If Mei Li asks about it, I'll just tell her that I was in a brawl . She'll just click her tongue at me like you did but tend to my wounds anyway . " Yang words made Grandma and Grandpa Xue laugh .
"Yes, she reminds me of myself when I was that young . She is too different than our Mu Lan even if she resembles her a lot . " Grandma Xue patted Yang's cheeks before she continued, "Protect her, alright? She was taken from us and was stripped of her right to be a Xue . It would be wonderful that she would gain the name of Zhao instead . "

Zhao Yang went home that day while calling his Mother in a boastful manner . He had conquered the Bonaparte! He winced when he sat on the car seat . Being beaten up black and blue is worth it! He was one step closer to marrying her, YES!
On the evening of the 27th day of July, Yang and Mei Li were eating dinner together in a simple restaurant that specialized in Vegan food again . Yang did his best not to show his nerves to Mei Li . He casually invited her to a charity event for orphanages to gain more sponsors from the rich and the wealthy . Children will be singing and showing their talent, while people will buy tickets with varying worth .
"This is a wonderful idea!" Mei Li clap her hands in appreciation . "Who is going to be sponsoring this event?"
"I am," Yang grinned at her . He knew she would like it .
Mei Li blinked as said, "Well, I have to plan for this?"
Yang shook his head, "You just need to decorate YZ Building only . "
Mei Li immediately nodded her head . That was easy enough! With all the decorating she was doing since she had been with Yang, Mei Li had learned more about design than she had with painting in the same amount of time . Of course, Mei Li did not realize that she was also designing the venue where his proposal will be held . Yang smirked at her, inside him was a man gleefully laughing at his oblivious girlfriend .
For one week, from the 29th of July to the 3rd of August, Mei Li spent it happily working on her designs for the event . She was given no budget by Yang and splurge it for the kids that were helping her decorate . Yang let her be the early Santa Clause to the orphans even when she was using his money to buy them gifts .
On the last day of decorating, Mei Li and the organizers of the event were putting the finishing touches of the design . Yang arrived as Mei Li was at the center of the stage guiding elder kids to place decorations . Sneakily he tapped one of the shoulders of a cute little girl in pigtails . He crouched down, careful not to damage the large bouquet in his hands, and asked, "Can you help me give this flowers to Miss Wu?"
The little girl nodded, making her pigtails bobbed with her head . He placed the flowers on her hands, watched her being almost engulfed in the largeness of it, and observed her walked towards Mei Li in small stride . She was such a cute girl . Yang noted to sponsor this girl until she finishes university .
"Miss Wu, your boyfriend, said to give this to you . " a little girl tugged on Mei Li's skirt, offering her the bouquet . Mei Li look at Yang, who was waving at her . Everybody saw their exchange and started to tease them as little children do — some singing for them to kiss while some were cheering them on .
When Yang, picked the little girl who had helped him into his arms and kissed her cheeks as a thank you, a little boy kicked Yang's feet and demanded, "You already have Miss Wu . You can't take Ling Ling too!"
Mei Li and Yang, together with the elder kids, laughed so hard .
Maybe Yang will sponsor this charity event every year from now on . The kids were undoubtedly giving more life in Mei Li's dreary life, and Yang couldn't help but want children if they would be as cute as the little girl with the pigtails .