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Chapter 192: 192
August 4, 20XX (Sunday)
XY Building, Beijing

The charity event for the orphanages of Beijing sponsored by Zhao Yang had been one of the most talked events of the year so far . Every business affiliated with the Zhao family was invited and was expected to come- some came with their family, and some came with their dates . Because Li Ru Shi also shared this event in support of Mei Li's work through her social media, fans, and paparazzi were around the venue . Mei Li had set up the red carpet because she had wanted the kids to experience the premier night as they saw on tv, but she had not expected that this would be more useful that it was intended .
Mei Li was not sure what time they had arrived, but she was sure that they were one of the lasts ones to do so . Yang had gotten ready so slow and had even walked like a sloth . Mei Li had tried to drag him, but he was like a statue that was glued to the ground, so she waited for him patiently on the sofa to be done . She rolled her eyes at him when he had joking teased her, "Why are you so late? Look at me; I had been ready an hour ago . "
Mei Li and Yang arrived at the venue with wide eyes . They had not expected these many people would surround the building for the event . Thankfully, Chang Min had brought extra guards with him to help Yang's guards manage the crowd . Yang was the first to exit the car, and suddenly, flashes of light bombarded his being . He took Mei Li out of the car, offering his hand as her support . For a man who was going to be proposing, Yang was calmer than the sea in the eye of the storm .
Yang's navy blue tailor suit matched well with Mei Li's simple navy sheath gown with floral designs on the arms and the sides as the only thing colorful in it . Mei Li and Yang both put on their practices fake smiles towards the cameras as they did not stop to have their pictures taken like most celebrities that were invited did . Mei Li's hands on his arm tightened as more people begun to ask her more questions . Yang exchanged their positions so he would be the one that was nearer to the Paparrazi, suddenly the people that were adamant to shout their questions quite when Yang glared at them . Nobody was going to risk angering the 24th Zhao head for a few questions . He was already known to exile men out of the country if he didn't like him enough .
Although nobody's questions about CEO Zhao and his beautiful companion were not asked nor answered, everyone knew that this woman was important to the scary CEO as he protected her with a hand always on the small of her back . He looked ready to pounce on anybody that was planning to harm the beautiful woman in his arms .
When they entered the hall, Mei Li was surprised to see all the Zhao family and the Xue family was waiting for them . Yue and Hao Chen were also found hand in hand as dates . Because they were late, Mei Li and Yang were pulled immediately to their seats as the program was going to start . Mei Li cursed Yang for being slow; she would have loved to talk to Yue and Ru Shi more about the event .
As the program started, Mei Li was proud as the children delivered what they had practiced with fantastic ease . Although there were a few mistakes, there was nothing that could not be overlooked . Suddenly, the little girl with the pigtails who had given her flowers from Yang stood in the middle of the stage . Mei Li panicked, this was not what they had practice . She tried to stand up, but Yue's hands forced her to sit down . Mei Li was confused when Yang stood up without any words to her . What is going on? Her eyes looked at the little girl named Ling Ling with pity . She must be feeling embarrassed . Where were the matrons?
"Yue let go of me, I need to-" Mei Li's words were stopped when the light that was shown to Ling Ling was not transferred to her . She looked like a dear in the headlights . Everyone was silent and was confused at the change of events .
Suddenly the stage darkens, and Yang's face was seen on the large screen saying, "To the woman that had made me think of holding this event in her honor . "
The kids that had finished singing the choir song was now back on stage and was singing a song that had Mei Li starting to choke up with tears . Elvis Presley's 'Can't help falling in love with you' echoed into her ears . The sound of cute voices molding together to serenade her brought a broad smile on her face . She ignored the camera on her side that displayed her reaction to the rest of the people at her back using the smaller side screen . Mei Li clapped her hands like a seal when they were all done . She had even stood up, making everyone follow after her and causing the kids on the stage to be overwhelmed by the response of a standing ovation .
"Miss Wu, come on stage with us!" Little Ling Ling had dragged Mei Li to the stage with Yue pushing her behind .
Once on the stage, all lights turned off, and Mei Li tried to stay calm in the dark . Suddenly a series of lights fell to encircle her like fireflies . She felt someone standing at her back; when she turned, she was faced to face with the same bouquet of red roses that had those circle Ferrero Rocher Chocolates between its rounded edges when Yang had first asked her to give him a try to date her .