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Chapter 193: 193
August 4, 20XX (Sunday)
XY Building, Beijing

Mei Li stared at the bouquet with surprise . What is Yang planning in the middle of hundreds of eyes looking at them?! Yang sweated a little when Mei Li was slow to take the flowers off of his hands . Why was she slow?
Sweet Little Ling Ling was the one that whispered to Mei Li, "Do you not like the flowers? Big Brother Yang picked it especially for you . "
Mei Li hastily took the bouquet with a small nervous smile at Yang, which he replied with a large grin of his own . Little Ling Ling went back to her position beside the boy that had kicked him on before . Yang nodded at the little kids as his thanks . The small children slowly disappeared from the stage .
"You might be asking in your mind, 'What are you doing?'" Yang calmly started his speech . He was going to fucking nail this even if it will be the last thing he would do!
"Well, I am here to tell you how beautiful you are today . As a matter of fact, I am here to guarantee that I can tell you how beautiful you are every day . " Yang took Mei Li's left hand with his right hand . "Do you remember what I had told you . . . when I begged you to give me a try?"
Mei Li reluctantly nodded, feeling all the stares disappear as Yang kissed her knuckles and then her palm . This small gesture that he does always bring her calmness . Yang smiled as he continued, "I told you that taking you to bed is not my end game, putting a ring on your finger is not my end game . . . Growing old with you is my goal . "
Mei Li jumped in shock when females started squealing like teenagers . The painter gulped as she realized where this was heading . Yang sure knows how to make grand romantic gestures . Mei Li had discovered his plan when he had asked her to be his girlfriend, but she had not seen through his thoughts nor saw any hint of his actions to suggest he was doing this .
Yang made her turn to the crowd . Mei Li was amazed when red petals from Roses rained at them while Yang, "When I asked you to be my girlfriend, I promised to you Roses are for my passionate love . "
Then white petals from chrysanthemums fell from the ceiling as Yang announced, "Chrysanthemums are for my fidelity, joy, and our long life . "
Mei Li knew what flowers were going to fall next and waited for it, but instead, sweet little Ling Ling together with a bunch of her same age group giggled as they run to the stage sprinkling her with flowers with their little hands and Yang smiled while he said, "Amaranthus is for my never-fading feelings . Zinnia is for my constant love, and wax flowers that symbolize patience from all things you do even if I find it annoying . "
The Zhao family and the Xue family were on the sideline waiting for Yang to pop the question and Mei Li to answer . Mother Zhao was extremely pleased with her son . He was so romantic, and the grand gesture of love proved to Mei Li that there will be no competitor for his love as all the single ladies that are capable of mingling with him were all invited . For a mother that raised Yang, Mother Zhao could not help but pat herself with pride . She had raised this kind of romantic son even if he was a pervert sometimes!
Mother Zhao watch as a glass box went down from the ceiling, stopping in front of Mei Li, who gasp in recognition . Yang's triumphant smirk made Mother Zhao curious . Yang placed the microphone near his mouth again and said, "This was the first thing I gave you when I asked you to be my girlfriend . You gave me this ring in exchange . To tell you the truth, we had the same gift in mind . Mine was just hidden for the right time to be revealed . "
Yang pressed something on the edges of the square box, and suddenly the glass loosened, making Yang able to pull the glass out and set it aside by giving it to one of his guards . He took the flowers out carefully and low and behold beneath all the scattered flowers was a black velvet case fit for one ring . The females on the audiences were now squealing with excitement as Yang got on one knee and everything on the stage, from the fallen flowers to the children in the background, and the bodyguard disappeared .
"So marry me?" Mei Li gasped as Yang opened the box to let her see a teardrop cut peach diamond ring large enough to cost a couple hundred million . She cursed as her tears fell like waterfalls . Why was he doing this in front of people? He knows she was an ugly crier .
Yang took the pocket square in his left breast pocket and handed it to her, "Stop crying . You know your tears are my Achille's heels . "
His words did not comfort Mei Li at all . In fact, it did the opposite . She cried more heavily, sniffing at the handkerchief that he handed to her . Yang smiled at her cute actions . "So, will you say yes because I am feeling my feet going numb or should I get into two knees and beg you to marry me instead . "
Yang, to make her laugh, got into his knees and said, "Master, your slave has found a ring! Slave wants you to wear it so the master can belong to slave too . "
Mei Li snorted and laughed together with the crowd . Yue's laughter went above and beyond everybody else's . Mei Li looked at his eyes, nodded her head and firmly said, "Yes . "
Yang scrambled to put it into her finger and announced, "I'm getting married! She said Yes!"