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Chapter 196
August 6, 20XX (Tuesday) Various Places The morning rose quietly for a while, and suddenly, the everyday occurrence of two people fighting echoed into the halls of the building . It has been like this every day in the Hao Manor . Hao Chen clicked his tongue in annoyance and forced himself to get up . He had stayed up late last night because of their search for that stupid Arcadia member, And now, these ignorant people he calls family was acting as if the world revolved around them . Hao Chen's phone vibrated and an incoming message popped into his screen . He immediately took the phone and read the message, 「Good morning, don't worry about your family . You have the Zhao family . 」 The heir of the Hao Pharmaceutical company had a smile so big when he reads the name of the sender, Zhao Yue . She was amazing that way, supportive but still overbearing . He replied with a sweet, 「Thank you, and call me if you have the chance . I miss you . 」 Hao Chen's happy mood was overtaken when the sound of a vase was broken . Hao Chen tensed with an unhappy expression . He got ready for the day while clenching his teeth . Most of the vases in the house were treasured by his art-loving mother . Hao Chen immediately went out to get the broken vase after the fight settled . He bent down to take each piece of the broken vase into a plastic bin so he can have someone restore it for him . "What are you doing?" The voice of his father interrupted him . Hao Chen looked up and shrugged, "This was one of moms collection of antique vases . I will have this restored . " His father snorted, "As if that vase would be priceless . " "Most of her vase collection was given by Aunt Zhao . She said it came from the Xing treasury . I can only imagine how much this costs by now . " Father Hao froze in surprise . Why didn't he know about this? Why was it even displayed like this? Priceless vases like these should be out of reach from grabby hands . Hao Chen saw the confusion in his father's eyes and clarified, "Your second wife put this here instead of the proper room that mom had made since your second wife wanted to expand her closet . Apparently, the large box-like of each cabinet for these vases were perfect for her Hermes bags . You definitely married the right woman . " Hao Chen did not notice the surprised look on his father's face because he returned to his work . For him, this vase was far more important than his father . He heard the sound of his father's footstep leaving him and into their large living room . At the same time, the second wife exited Hao Ren's room and stomped towards him . "Oi, I remember you have a world-renowned doctor as a friend . Call him here to check your sister-in-law . " The words sister-in-law was spat as if it was dirt in her mouth . Hao Chen looked up in horror, "Dr . Zhang Li Xi does not do house calls! Even Zhao Yang goes to the hospital to be checked by him! I have no power to do that!" The second wife's face morphed into an ugly state as she kicked Hao Chen's legs causing him to drop his knees on the floor in surprise . She had stopped beating him since he had grown into adulthood, she must be stressed about something . "Useless trash!" Unknown to the two, Father Chen was watching the events with wide eyes and a heart full of guilt . He had sinned against his youngest son — a man his age being beaten by a woman his father treasures because his father was too blind to see the truth . Father Chen stormed his office . He wasn't blind now! Meanwhile, on Hao Ren's room, things were all scattered in the floor . The woman that had a face as white as a pearl before now had blood dripping in her cheek and was throwing a tantrum . Hao Ren's mother had thrown a vase to her direction . When she had evaded, the vase broke when meeting the wall beside her face causing the pieces to fall and some sharp edges to pierce into Ye Lan's carefully maintained face . "Ye Lan, my mother did not mean it . " Hao Ren tried to defend his mother . "The slut you call mother meant it! This was her plan all along, so I will leave you!" Ye Lan yelled at the top of her lungs . Hao Chen snorted when he heard her . Mother Zhao had stopped everyone from doing anything with Ye Lan because she wanted to be the one to do it . Hao Chen reminded himself to tell this to Yue; Mother Zhao doesn't have to move because karma has done it for her . Hopefully, that wound in her face would scar . Hao Chen felt horrible for thinking negative things, so he busied himself with the broken vase . Meanwhile, on the office of the head of the R&D department in Y Building, a man cocooned with thick layers of blankets sat on his sofa with a pout . His beard hid the pout on his lips . He stared at the phone on the side and said, "Why am I working for you again? I thought I will answer to little boy Yang now!" The voice of Mother Zhao filtered into the speakers of his phone, "The woman I am asking you to spy on pushed Mei Li, causing her to bump her head into the table, strong enough to knock her out . " The man froze, and the cocoon of thick blankets was slowly unraveled as he stood up and went to his computer, "What do you want to know?" In Zhao Manor, Mother Zhao's smirk was large . She knew this master hacker would work for her when she mentions Mei Li . He raised her in the orphanage, so he treated Mei Li as his daughter . Mother Zhao's revenge starts now .