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Chapter 197
August 6, 20XX (Tuesday)
Various Places

Following her likes, Yang had taken her to eat at one of the best and most expensive steakhouses in the city . Of course, Mei Li had worn the most comfortable outfit she had- Yang's large shirt and her cheap jeans with her Louboutins that cost more than the money in her wallet . There was nothing too interesting with their dinner since Mei Li had been so preoccupied about something .
Yang noticed her spaced-out demeanor as she had not only ignored his questions once but multiple times . He sighed to himself and waited for her to open up to him . One cannot force a woman to speak her mind if the woman chooses to keep silent . Even when they had finished their food, Mei Li was still spacing out . It was starting to annoy Yang, but still, he waited .
It was after they had laid on their bed that night that Mei Li spoke, "We need to talk . "
Yang stopped himself from snorting . Wasn't she such an obvious camper? He kissed her forehead and asked, "About what?"
Mei Li stared straight to his eyes and replied, "About our wedding . "
"This early?" Yang had to double take at her . He did not expect her to hurry their wedding . It almost seemed as if she wants it done and over with; Why the hurry? They have all the time in the world .
"You proposed to me, but you don't want to marry yet?" Mei Li deadpanned . The surprised tone on his voice made her irritated . She had been carefully thinking about their future together and had come up with the perfect solution . When you know that he will be the one you will spend every day of forever with, why wait? They had the all the time of their lives- together, as a married couple .
Yang flicked her forehead and sighed, "That's not what I meant, and you know it . "
Mei Li grew silent again . Her eyes were gazing into his but without meaning- without a soul . Her mind was elsewhere still . Zhao Yang hated being ignored like this . If this had been anyone else, that person would have been punished in the torture chamber . Yang tightened his grip on her and softly demanded, but it sounded like begging to his ears, "Tell me what's wrong . "
Mei Li wrapped her arms around Yang and stayed silent . The ticking of the clock made him irritated as he waited for her . It grated on his nerves making him glare at this clock with annoyance . All the money in the world and he can't buy a clock that made no sound . Useless waste of money, this clock .
"Remember Ling Ling?" Mei Li's question interrupted his thoughts .
"The cute little girl with pigtails?" Yang immediately nodded . Of course, he remembered that cute little girl as if he just saw her an hour ago . He owed that little girl many things . Maybe, he'll buy her a teddy bear . Would she like that? Would the orphanage allow him to take one child out to dinner with his fiance? Yang began to plan .
"I want a child like her . " Mei Li admitted without any censor while hiding her face in the crook of his neck . Her eyes were blazing with passion straight at him as if asking him for permission .

Yang promptly choked on his saliva . She was too blunt about it as if a child can be picked from a tree like an apple . They have to make it first, dammit! Where they even ready for the responsibilities of having a child? Yang felt he was much too childish to have one, but a little girl like Ling Ling with Mei Li's hair color tempted him a lot . He did not realize that she had thought the same way . Yang had stayed silent about having children when the orphan kids surrounded them . Although some were energetic, Yang believed that they were all blessings to be cherished . He wanted children too, but he was willing to wait for Mei Li to be comfortable with the thought of bearing a child . It is her body that would be under the pressure and strain of pregnancy, not his .
Mei Li's face was still hidden in his neck . Suddenly, Yang felt her hands wondering downwards slowly from his chest to his stomach, then stopping to his waist on the gartered boxers he wore to bed . One single pull from her and he would be naked . She was being a temptress again . Yang gulped as Mei Li pulled away a little so her eyes would meet with his . He saw the burning desire in her eyes that made his resolve waver . Dammit, this woman would be the death of him!
"Mei Li, one wrong move and your promise to yourself to be a virgin on your wedding day will be gone," Yang warned . His voice was animalistic in quality .
Finally, Mei Li's teasing hand stopped . She quietly placed her hand to rest back to where it had been, just above his chest . Mei Li murmured her complaints, "Can't we just touch each other . If you take me as I am in the wedding night, it will hurt . "
Mother Zhao had told her about her first time, and it had scared Mei Li that it would make her bleed . She could just imagine the pain from being entered, and she would flinch . Mei Li remembered Yang putting one finger inside her, it had been uncomfortable at first, but gradually it turned into pleasure like an aching need needing to be scratch . Remembering the size of her fiance, Mei Li knew if she didn't do anything about it, she would tear hard like cardboard .
There was a flash of emotion in Yang's eyes that Mei Li caught, causing her to smirk . He was definitely in agreement with her idea . She knew she could trust the pervert in Yang to show at the appropriate time .
"You are asking me to put my fingers inside you, is that it?" Yang's deep voice went a whole octave lower . It made Mei Li ache for him more . The heat on her body spreads into every inch of her skin making her fine hair stand up with goosebumps .
"Please?" Mei Li begged as she climbed on top of Yang .
"You," Yang sighed . Using his body and his strength, Yang flipped their positions, so he could be the one on top, and growled, "are playing with fire . "
Yang was stunned when Mei Li voluntarily spread her legs and pouted, "I don't care what you think . I am scared of being hurt as Mother Zhao told me . "
Yang smirked when she mentioned his mother . His mother is now his favorite person . He knew that his mother had done this so he would suffer or so that he would snap and make her grandkids . Regardless, she would win all . She must have terrified Mei Li with their discussions that the painter would willingly ask for it . As he was a successful businessman for a reason, he wasn't going to pass up this fantastic opportunity .
Yang sat up and said, "Why don't you take off your clothes on your own . "
Mei Li blushed as she remembered giving him a show when she had undressed last time . Having all of her courage already sucked up by Yang, Mei Li covered her face with her hands and cutely pouted, "Why can't you do it?"
Yang's grin was wider than any grin she had ever seen . This was his crazy serial killer grin that made her question his sanity . Yang blew air on her ears and teased, "If you don't undress, I'll do it with your clothes on . "
Mei Li blinked and then nodded in agreement to Yang . It would save her more embarrassment when he would stare at her hidden self . She was surprised when Yang growled and yanked her shorts with one harsh pull, leaving only her simple black panties on her . Mei Li felt the lack of clothing obvious as the cold air caused by their air conditioning made her little hair stand up with the cold . She was confused; her body felt hot but why was she also cold? The beating of her heart thundered to her ears like a thunderstorm .
Yang slid to her left side and slowly kissed her . First, an innocent peck and then he pulled away to stare at her eyes again . He was looking to see if she was going to change her mind . The second time was an open-mouthed kiss full of warring tongues and groping hands wondering all over their bodies . When he pulled away again, Mei Li whimpered with need . Her nether regions were now soaking wet with his machinations . The third time Yang kissed her was the most heated they had ever had . Yang had groped both of her breasts and twirled their tongues together .
Mei Li felt feelings she never felt before . This activity could make her addicted to him as cocaine does to an addict . In the middle of their long and passionate kiss, Yang's right hand trailed down and slowly went inside her panties . She moaned when Yang reached the area where her need was most evident .
Mei Li felt every teasing movement his fingers caused . He played with her lower lips, putting it between two fingers while his thumb was at her most needest place . She gasped loudly when his middle finger went inside . Before it felt uncomfortable but now it felt bliss . Shivering because of the goosebumps, Mei Li moaned again as Yang pulled and pushed his finger inside her looking like he was pumping something inside her .
"I'm putting another finger now," Yang said to warn her after he pulled away from their kiss .
Mei Li heaved a loud, frustrated sigh and gasped out, "More, Yang, Please . "
The CEO had mixed emotions when he slowly entered his right hand's ring finger to join his middle finger inside her . Seeing her gasp of pleasure turning into discomfort while her hands gripped the pillow beside her with force, Yang was grateful that she had conducted this plan because if she hadn't their first night as a couple would have been bad . Yang waited for her to adjust . It was one of the most agonizing moments of his life . Honestly, one or three fingers would not equal to his thickness, but it was better than completely being unprepared .
When her discomfort slowly relaxed, his hands started to move as he leaned in to kiss her lips again, ignoring his erect little self . If she touches him now, he was sure he would take everything . Seeing her almost cumming close, Yang stopped and entered his pointer finger inside her . Mei Li gasped in surprise and was shocked to notice it hadn't hurt like the last two, but it still felt uncomfortable, and a slight tinge of pain still lingers .
"Yang, move . " Mei Li said in desperate need to release her need that had been building up from the last minute pleasure by his fingers . Yang always thinks Mei Li was beautiful, but her face in rapture was delicious to his eyes . Her small open mouth into an oblong and her eyes rolling back with her back bent like an arch, along with the shaking of her legs, made Yang hungry for more of her delicacy . That night, Mei Li slept with a satisfied smile while Yang was relieved that she had the decency to reciprocate his efforts .
They'll make babies when they're bonded as husband and wife . For now, these series of explorations of each other's body was more than fine .