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Chapter 199
August 10, 20XX (Saturday)
Zhao Manor

The large circular table in the dining room at Zhao Manor was once again filled with family members that have come home to celebrate Yang and Mei Li's engagement . Laughter and chatter once again filled the large home . Yue and Mei Li were gossiping about the new release of good shoes from local brands, and Aunt Qinyang was being a diva again and bullying her husband to buy her more bags . Grandma Zhao was talking to Father Zhao and Grandpa Zhao as if she was lecturing them about something, and Yang sat bored out of his wits as his fiance's attention were all directed at his sister . Mother Zhao's beaming smile when she saw the table that was usually occupied by two people being filled with seven other people was as bright as the sun .
Seeing his mother's gaze, Yang subtly inquired without asking a question, "Mom, I heard you started teaching Mei Li some things . "
All eyes turned to Mother Zhao . Everyone was curious about this, they have heard about that news from Yue, and they were surprised that Xing Hui Ying wants to hand the management of the treasury to Mei Li rather than to Yang or Yue . But they all agreed that letting Mei Li, who loves arts and collecting, manage it was an ideal situation because both of her children have expressed their thoughts against inheriting it .
"I only thought her about the ins and outs of being a declining noble," Mother Zhao did not expand further, and the look on Mei Li's face suggested that it was an understatement of the century . Whatever Mother Zhao was teaching Mei Li, Yang was not curious to know . He hated learning about every piece of scrolls and what a certain vase meant . It was all old school stuff against his technology filled brain .
Yang leaned down to Mei Li's ears and acted like he was whispering, but he was loud enough that everyone heard his diss, "If mom asks you to categorize all of the treasury, run for your life . "
Mother Zhao's eyebrow twitched in annoyance because that was what she asked Mei Li to do . She did not feel bad about it though because she had tasked other servants to help Mei Li . Mother Zhao's smile widens when Mei Li poked Yang's side and said, "Shut up . You aren't the one doing it . You have no right to complain . "
Being an opportunist, Yang saw the best time to tease his fiance, "Of course, it is the future Mrs . Zhao Yang's responsibility . "
Everyone laughed at Mei Li's red and innocent face . Yang only snorted at her embarrassment; he knew she hid a wild and dangerous side to her . He was not going to fall for her innocent face, anymore! Mei Li smiled at him and played with the ring on her finger . Yang melted at her bright and playful smile . Damn it all; he needs to build some immunity from her smile . Were there any vaccines that could help him?
Yang dragged Mei Li's chair closer to him and started showering her face with kisses making Mei Li shriek to Yue's side . Yang's hands stopped Mei Li from going in the opposite direction and pulled her closer to him . Mei Li's red face worsen as the Zhao family laughed at them . Yang was not shy about public display of affections at all .

Suddenly, someone's cellphone rang . Everyone's eyes went to Mother Zhao as she took her phone out . She briefly let Father Zhao saw the caller ID and went out after he firmly nodded his head . Everyone else was curious but stayed silent in respect to their privacy .
Yang's eyes followed his mother's back until it disappeared as she turned the corner . His phone beeped as one alarming message came from the mentor that taught him to hack, 「Discovered something . Talk to your mother . Take care of Mei Li, or die . 」
Mei Li, who was reading the same text as he was, was confused . Who was this person that was texting Yang? Did she know this person too? Her name was mentioned, so this person at least knew her . Looking at the registered name, Mei Li was surprised when she recognized the name Wu Tian Li .
"Is that Uncle Wu? Do you know Uncle Wu? Do you know we are connected? How is he doing? Can I meet him? Is he living well? Does he have a family for his own now? Does he have a wife? Is his wife pretty?" Mei Li's lists of questions boggled Yang into silence . He had seen her be sad, be happy, be anxious, be jealous, be afraid, and so much more, but never this excited .
"Yes, I know him . He works at my R&D department . He is living on Y Building like a hermit . He doesn't have a wife nor a family, but only his pretty niece that took his last name . " Yang tried to answer everything and to be safe, he added, "I did not tell you about him because he wanted to hide his identity . He said he would meet you if the government would deem it safe . "
Mei Li nodded in understanding; she was only a little girl when Uncle Wu had entered her life, and she was just a teen when he left, but she knew the truth because he had admitted it to her . Ever since then, she kept his secret close to her heart that not even Yue had been told his true identity as an agent for the government . She realized how dangerous his job was and knew that this secret might take both hers and his life if she told .
Her witty response to Yang's words was halted when Mother Zhao entered and immediately told, "Father-in-law, and Yang, we have a situation . We need to talk . "
Everyone felt the dread that emitted from Mother Zhao's expression . Yue was sure something terrible is happening .