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Chapter 2

October 22, 20XX (Monday)

Hôtel Emeraude

"Mei Li! We're here!"

Wu Mei Li turned towards her best friend, Zhao Yue, who was pulling her hands and signalling with her head for Mei Li to get off the black car that was more expensive than most Hermes bag .

Mei Li promptly let herself be tugged towards the entrance as her eyes scan the beautiful Eiffel Tower in the background . Standing in front of the revolving doors of the hotel, Yue watched as Mei Li stopped, straighten her spine, the pink lens glasses placed above her head was placed to cover her eyes and breathed deeply . Yue smirked at Mei Li's action with an approving nod . This was one of the reasons Zhao Yue, the only daughter of the Zhao Conglomerate, was friends with the orphan Wu Mei Li . For an orphan, Mei Li had the confidence and the charisma many high-class ladies lacks .

Yue gravitated towards Mei Li instantly on the first time they meet . Mei Li's charisma could only be compared to her CEO brother . Even Zhao Yue's mother, born with noble blood, lacked a certain charm compared to Mei Li .

Mei Li entered the hotel first while Yue followed .

Yue's eyes observing everything; the guards in the front desk nodded their heads towards her subtly and she rolled her eyes in exasperation . Even in Paris, the power her brother have is great .

Yue's eyes went back to Mei Li talking with the two attendants on the front desk, who was entranced with Mei Li . Yue swore that one was even licking his lips! Ew!

Yue shook her head while thinking to herself, 'another man seduced . '

There have been countless times where men are entranced and stare shamelessly at Mei Li, which was understandable in her opinion . Mei Li had naturally fair skin that lacked blemish, the right side of her face perfectly mirrored her left side, her eyes were almond shaped with those startling light brown iris made you feel like being suck into her, and although her lips had no lipsticks it was still reddish with perfect proportions . Yue should know, she had complained verbally to Mei Li about the injustice of her perfect proportions . And don't get her started on Mei Li's figure!

"Is someone named Chen Zhong checked in this hotel?" Mei Li red lips moved softly capturing the eyes of the two attendants . Her voice had a lazy rhythm that was unique only to her . Mei Li cleared her throat with her right eyebrows up and head cocked to the left in a questioning manner .

The attendant David in his name-tag was the first to respond in a shy manner at being caught blatantly staring, "We cannot give you that information Miss . "

Mei Li and Yue's eyes meet and Yue shrugged innocently and asked, "How about a woman named Lu Yi Jie? I'm sure she was on the Executive Suite on the 6th floor, I believe?"

The attendants scrambled to type on the computer when Yue spoke, knowing her identity as the CEO's younger sister . The guards beside the front desk were looking at the attendants with a rapt attention which made them more nervous . They felt their soul jump in nervousness with the beat of their hearts . Never mind the beauty with red lips, the woman beside her could get them fired with only a word to her brother .

"Yes, Ma'am!" They answered in a chorus and the other followed, "There is a woman with that name checked-in at room 602 . In fact, she paid with the CEO's credit card . "

Yue snickered, "I know . That's the reason why we're here in the first place . "

The two attendants although curious refrained from asking . They turned towards each other only when the two women disappeared with the guards as the elevator closed .

"Did you see the woman beside Miss Zhao?"

"Hot, Man! Skin like a pearl, lips like roses, and a gravity like a sun . "

"That man with Miss Lu might be her boyfriend . She was insistent to see him rather than the CEO's cheating girlfriend . "

"I don't understand why Miss Lu would cheat on the CEO… The CEO might be sad to hear this news . "

"Not at all . " The two attendant jumped when the deep voice interrupted their gossip . As they turned their heads towards the direction where the voice came from, they felt their soul leaving their body for the second time today .

"CEO Zhao!" The two attendant immediately greeted the grinning man .

"Secretary Bai!" They turned next to the stoic man beside the grinning CEO, who merely nodded at them .

"You don't have to be that surprised . Remember, You did not see me here . " The 6 foot 2 inches man waved goodbye towards them as he and his secretary entered the door beside the front desk, which the attendants know was the monitoring room for all the cameras in the hotel .

The two attendants could only stay silent as they look at each other even when they wanted to know more about the events happening inside the hotel .

Meanwhile, Mei Li walked with haste as Yue and her bodyguards followed her . They arrived on the front door of the room with the numbers 602 was embossed in gold .

Yue could hear a pin drop in the silence and the sound of the camera changing angle was not missed by her . Yue turned towards the left discreetly where a camera could be found and posed her hands into a victory sign with her tongue out knowing her brother was observing them . She was sure that the bodyguards had cameras in them too .

'Sit back and watch as my best friend show her how badass she really is . I just know you're going to be so interested in her!' Yue's thought towards her elder brother with a secret grin she covered with her hand .

Yue only stopped goofing off when Mei Li opened the door softly . Yue could see the battle inside Mei Li and made her a bit guilty with her happiness . She shook her head and calmed herself as they entered into the hallway softer than the way they walked before .

Mei Li's and Yue's eyes widen seeing the caught act .

Moans and groans of lasciviousness bombarded into their ears like a wild bass and the sound of skin hitting skin made their blood boil .