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Chapter 20

October 28, 20XX (Sunday)


Once again Mei Li found herself gapping at the luxury that surrounded her, Two private jets were side by side on the same airport gate . She recognized one jet as the one she and Yue used to fly in Paris, impromptu . The other jet should be the Li's .

Mei Li turned towards there man beside her still that annoying face smile plastered in his face like a wall of defence, "Why are you here?"

"I'll be returning back to Beijing, didn't I mention that yesterday?"

"Right, I forgot . " She didn't forget but the silence was too awkward . Most of the time it was the man that started the conversation first then it would soon turn into a banter but today was different . After they met this morning, the man just stood beside her rigidly walking her all the way to the private planes .

When Mei Li was motioned by a staff to go to the jet on her right, Yang immediately stopped her firmly by grasping her left wrist .

He had almost forgotten to give her something .

"You'll be staying at this hotel," Yang gave her the folder coloured, in her favourite, green . "The other papers have recommendations of restaurants, stores, attractions, and guides if you ever get lost . "

Mei Li went through the papers briefly .

Blinking with disbelief, she turned to Yang and ask, "Did you forget that I've been to Italy before? Miss M, remember?"

Yang momentarily froze, astonished at the fact . He had worried about her crying when he arrived at his hotel room and decided to compile things she could do so that she could occupy herself and avoid being alone in a room at Italy that he completely forgot that simple fact . The smile that was usually up, temporarily gone as he sat in trance at his stupidity . Have his common sense left him?

Mei Li giggled and with a large grin that mimicked Yang's, "… Still, thank you . I appreciate it . "

Yang refrained from touching his nose in embarrassment, he silently cursed her tears yesterday for making him weak before speaking, "Mom would arrive probably on October 30 or earlier . Before that, take care of yourself . "

Mei Li giggled again, this side of Yang was too cute not to tease, "I've been taking care of myself long before I meet Yue . "

"… Just take care of yourself . Don't start crying when I'm not there to annoy you . " Exasperated with himself, Yang desperately plastered his fake smile trying to gather his cool once again .

Yang needed to punch himself after this, he was too out of character . Maybe it was the food he ate at breakfast? No, her tears were the blame for his incoherentness . It should be him teasing her not the other way around!

Staff then proceeded to guide Mei Li into the airstairs of another jet while the other staff motioned for Yang to go the opposite way . The staff murmured to Mei Li that the Li Couple has been waiting for her for a while now .

She turned to Yang before going anywhere, "Before I go, will you promise to limit your drinking . If not for yourself then for your mother?"

'I can stop as long as you don't cry a single tear again,' was the instantaneous thought that passed his mind .

Like a splash of cold water, Yang sobered up . This short goodbye was making his head crazy . It was just one week he couldn't see her! One week is just seven days! Seven days is just 168 hours! 168 hours is just… 10,080 minutes .

That's too long .

"How about water? Do I have to limit that drink too? How am I to stay alive?" Yang joked, trying to mask the wave of sadness that echoed in his heart .

"I meant alcoholic beverages!" Mei Li ears redden in anger . She was seriously warning him and trying to care for him but he's just so annoying!

Yang covered his grin with an awkward cough, uncomfortable at the thoughts that went through his head . This woman was making him feel… feelings . He quickly shooed his thoughts away .

Yang watched as the painter marched towards the airstairs and into the jet, fuming in anger from his joke towards his health . He couldn't help it, he had always hated saying goodbye .

Only when he saw Mei Li sit on one of the couches in the window seat did he left where he stood and boarded his own jet .

Meanwhile, Mei Li watched him leave her sight with conflicting emotions . Zhao Yang had avoided her for more than 10 years . She remembered being excited to meet her best friend's brother when she was only just 16 in High School and then began to grow disappointed when time passed and there was no hair in sight belonging to the man .

She had seen him from pictures in the Zhao Mansion, even from magazines and television but she had never seen him personally . To her, Yang had felt like a person surrounded by a thick wall of clear transparent glass . She could see him but she could never interact with him… but it has changed now . Now, she had joked, bantered, teased, and even lectured the man .

Someone so unattainable has now become someone within reach .

Unfortunately, the cause of meeting Yang was her heart breaking into pieces . She knew she would never be as the same hopeful romantic as before .

And then something made her stop thinking further towards her cheating ex-boyfriend, a text from Yang flashed into her Lock Screen .


From: CEO Zhao

Think of me .

- Yang」

It was moments like this that made her grateful to Yang .

He was a great distraction from her dark and gloomy thoughts . She was not blind when Yang appeared to surprise her and drag her into a banter, she knew that was his way of comforting her, which made her, in turn, continue their playful banter and return his unfunny jokes with different emotions because the CEO had a talent of making her moody with just a single smile .

Nobody had ever made her react so instantaneous than Yang could, not even Yue .

"What's inside that folder?" the curious voice of Alexandre's interrupted Mei Li's thought .

"His Recommendations in Italy… Apparently, he forgot that I've already been there numerous times . " Mei Li looked at the couple .

Ru Shi motioned if she could see what's inside . Mei Li shrugged before nodding in affirmation . Watching the couple went through the papers, Mei Li smiled at their natural intimacy . Alexandre's body was always positioned readily for Ru Shi to lean into .

Mei Li's brows were raised when Ru Shi and Alexandre snickered at her direction . Alexandre then separated the last page of the file from its folder and with a grin showed her the reason for their laughter .

On the last page of the papers inside the green folder was a blank page with a Post-it note with a short quote saying, 「I hope your week is as nice as your boobs . 」

Ru Shi laughed out loud with Alexandre shaking his head in disappointment . Mei Li quickly tore it off in anger and to think she was starting to like that man! The nerve!

Surprisingly, another Post-it note was found hidden beneath the first and this time it was glued into the bond paper . The previous perverted note was covering the original message Yang had wanted to say, 「You are beautiful, You are worth it, and You are irreplaceable . Remember these three facts especially when you think of that stupid ex . He lost a diamond while treasuring a stone . 」

This time Mei Li folded the bond paper with the note into her wallet, her face visibly red and her lips twitching into a smile .

The husband and wife duo mentally sent Yang thumbs up in approval . How smooth of him!