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Chapter 200
August 10, 20XX (Saturday)
Zhao Manor
Walking into his mother's office was one of the things that Yang used to avoid when he was a child and growing into his adulthood . Being here was something, he never wants to be . Being inside this room meant it was time to strategize about their next move, and most of the time, the problem they are embarking was never one with an easy solution . It always made Yang cringe at how much work it would always guarantee him . He hated having to add to his workload . Yang had to deal with a conglomerate, and Arcadia's fool while planning for his wedding . He honestly doesn't want to add another headache .
"Is this about Ye Lan? I heard from Uncle that you asked him to review all available footage of Ye Lan's everyday life . " Yang asked when all three of them were seated . Grandpa Zhao was on the recliner couch, his mother on her desk chair, and Yang was laying down on the sofa with his tall legs dangling on edge .
"Yes, your uncle has discovered that she is seeing someone, who is the same man that caused your accident as your Uncle told me . He will send the videos to you later . It seemed that you and your friends have been looking for more clues about him but ended up with a stalemate?" Mother Zhao said, causing his grandfather to snort at his uselessness . To him, Yang was just a baby still .
"My friends and I control the black market unless he did something illegal, we don't know . " Yang defended himself . Against his grandfather's connections and his mother's influence, Yang as the youngest billionaire in China can only do half of what these veterans are capable . Heck, his grandfather had fought in a war and lived to make a fortune .
Grandpa Zhao took one of the old scrolls on the side to read as he asked, "We have a guy in Beijing that needs to be found? So what? That's not a big deal . Why take us here in your office to talk about that?"
"That man is an Arcadia Member codename Fool," Yang deadpanned . His eyes were surprised when his grandfather lips turned pale grey as he blanched white in horror . Yang hated to be the bearer of bad news, but this information needed to be heard, "One of his men had already made contact with Mei Li when she went to Italy . "
Both his mother and his grandfather nodded immediately . Since Mei Li was marrying their heir, it was natural that they would be entering this fight .
Mother Zhao snorted loudly, "We can't allow this group of idiots to cause fear in the citizens; not in this country, not in my Beijing!"
Grandpa Zhao sigh, no matter what generation, there is always trouble . He worried about innocent little Mei Li from all of these . She did not deserve to be thrown in the orphanage, nor did she deserve to be the target of these large group that liked to court death . He turned to Yang and demanded, "We cannot let these men cause chaos in your wedding . We have to destroy some of there before the wedding takes place, so they have to lick their wounds first . Better yet, destroy that group completely . "

Mother Zhao heaved a loud breath from her lungs, "It's not easy to do any of those things . Arcadia has been spreading its reach to different countries now . "
Yang nodded in agreement . Bonaparte and a Xue could not even take Arcadia down entirely; they had merely injured them for a little . This is not an easy task, but there is a high chance that they will be able to succeed if the old geezers behind the Chinese government would work together with the countries that are affected by the group . When Yang saw her mother's worried face, he knew that with her influence, she could make them move .
"I think we need to collaborate with the Xues about this . We have to talk to Jerome Bonaparte since he has the connections needed to ask for other government's agreement . " Yang said . He gulped from the shock when his mother glared at him after he had mentioned the Bonaparte's name . Suddenly, Yang remembered that his mother's best friend was the same woman who later become Jerome Bonaparte's wife .
Mother Zhao stayed silent for a while before she broke the tenseness by commenting, "We cannot have Mei Li near while this operation is ongoing . "
Yang was horrified at that sentence, "You can't send my fiance away! We aren't Jerome Bonapart and Xue Mu Lan . "
Grandpa Zhao took a book on the side table and threw it on Yang's head, the youngest CEO evaded as if he had done it numerous times . He made another book and tried to hit his grandson again but failed . Grandpa Zhao then said, "How about letting her come with us on a trip . It is the time where I inspect the restaurants I have all over the world . I can take her with me in an excuse to have her manage my restaurants . "
Yang sneered at his grandfather, "You cheap old man, you just want to retire early that's why you want Mei Li to inherit your business . "
Embarrassed for being seen through his plans, Grandpa Zhao cleared his throat . He wasn't as young as he was before, so transferring the burden he carried into another shoulder would give him more wiggle time to spend his time with his family . After coming into a decision, the three people went back to their seats on the table as if they hadn't talked about bombing an island in Greece .
"I saved your dessert," Mei Li told Yang . With a grateful heart, Yang took it and almost cried when the cheesecake was already eaten into half . His hateful glare was staring straight to her eyes .
The painter laughed sheepishly and made excuses, "It looked too good . "