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Chapter 202
August 11, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Mei Li could not believe that she will be stepping inside another orphanage this soon and with Zhao Yang . What surprised her most was that it was Yang who asked to take Ling Ling out for the day as a thank you for all the things the little girl had done for him . The Matron was surprised and reluctant to agree, but due to Yang's persistent attitude, she had to give up . Mei Li had beamed a large smile at him when he told her that he plans to make Ling Ling pick something for herself and everyone else in the orphanage . This way, they can spend time with Ling Ling while not hurting the feelings of the rest of the children since upon their return gifts will be given to them .
"Miss Wu!" Ling Ling's high pitched voice thundered as her little feet stamped towards her with arm wide open . Her pigtails were as tight as Yang remembered it to be .
"Hello!" Mei Li grinned at the little girl that wrapped her arms on her legs, causing her to stop walking . The painter picked her up and deposited the little girl in Yang's arms before she asked, "Were you a good girl for the matron?"
Mei Li was left forgotten on the side and ignored as two egos clashed . Yang's dark eyes clashed with Ling Ling's greyish eyes . The two stared at each other with so much intensity as if they had stolen each other's lollipop; Mei Li could not help but giggle at their childishness .
Two black eyes turned to her, making Mei Li tensed at their uncanny likeness . Did Yang make some girl pregnant without realizing it? Mei Li's wrung her hands feeling a monster named Jealousy devouring her thoughts . When Yang tugs on Ling Ling's hair, the little girl pouted and reached her arms for Mei Li to pick her up .
Without hesitation, Mei Li allowed the little girl to climb into her arms and patted her back as the little girl began to ramble on and on about evil CEO trying to take her angel away . Yang had laughed so hard when Ling Ling glared at him, showing he was the evil CEO .
"Ling Ling, don't climb on anyone like that . " the little boy that had kicked Yang before showed up .
Yang grinned with amusement when he put an arm on Mei Li and pulled her closer to him because the little boy had clenched his fists tight . They went inside with the little boy eyeing Yang as he did the same with his annoying smile while Mei Li and Ling Ling were chatting about colors .
After staying an hour in the orphanage, the Matron ushered them out after Mei Li had promised the small children food and clothes after they returned . Mei Li took Ling Ling from the ground and made her rest on her side, comfortably sitting the little girl's weight in her right hips . Going out Yang saw the little boy that was the first to start cleaning up the mess the children had made while playing . A child in his age of five should be playing, not being more responsible than the matron .
Yang walked over to the little boy and picked him up like a sack of potatoes, slinging him over his shoulders . The CEO waved his farewell after he said to the matron, "We will return the two of them an hour before dinner . We will be sure to order food for all of us, so the orphanage doesn't need to prepare anything . "

The matron's eyes sparkled with joy as she nodded . She and the rest of the staff waved them farewell . The matron's smile was wide; she has a feeling that she will be seeing CEO Zhao and Miss Wu in this orphanage for a while because of Ling Ling and Chang .
Mei Li opened the back door of their sedan and placing Ling Ling to the child seat they had hastily bought before coming to the orphanage . Once done with Ling Ling, Mei Li took the boy in Yang's shoulders and said, "You're already five years old, so we didn't buy you a car seat . Can you put on the seatbelt by yourself?"
"Come sit beside me, Big Brother Chang!" Ling Ling grinned as she motioned the space beside her . LIttle boy Chang quietly sat where Ling Ling wanted and held her left hand . Yang and Mei Li melted in the sideline . These two kids were too cute .
Chang then looked at Yang and said, "What are you staring? We don't have time left . Hurry up . "
Yang touched his nose, helplessly . Once upon a time, he was known as the scariest existence in the world . Now, he was the lowest of the low .
Mei Li reached inside the car and flicked Chang's forehead, "That is rude . Say sorry . "
Chang's eyes watered . He was too excited to be going in the mall to buy stuff that they want that he never thought about behaving correctly . Chang hated the fake smile in the CEO's face . He hated people with apparent masks, but that doesn't mean he could be mean about it . Chang pouted with tears glistening on the edge of his narrow eyes, "I am sorry, CEO Zhao . Please don't bring me back to the orphanage . "
Yang's fake smile vanished as he began to comfort him, "Of course not . Mei Li and Ling Ling will be shopping all day; I need my partner too . "
Chang was surprised to see the CEO's smiling mask disappear and his face turned gentle but a little stern . He nodded in agreement . Ling Ling waved her hands in a hysteric bid to earn their attention and asked, "Can we go now?"
Yang sighed again while touching his nose as he walked to the driver's seat . It seems even CEO's are good for being drivers to these two children .