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Chapter 204: 204
August 11, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Today was the best day in all of Ling Ling's four years alive . She had not only been given new toys to play with, but she also received new clothes! The best news is all kids in the orphanage would get the same quantity as she had so there will be no other kids that will be fighting . Ling Ling was even luckier because they were the ones that Miss Wu and CEO Zhao brought to the mall .
Ling Ling had only ever fallen asleep in the Matron's arms once, and the warmth she felt was amazing, but being in Miss Wu's arms was the best of the best, 100 times greater than any amazing hugs! In her dreams, she always envisions a mother's hug to be like Miss Wu's . A mother would pat her back and hum a little; then a mother would carry her even when she is breathless because a mother loves her child more, enough to set their hurt aside for her child's comfort . Ling Ling had felt being transferred to CEO Zhao's arms; Ling Ling had not expected the smiling devilish CEO to have the same warmth as Miss Wu . He was hard, but he smelled like someone that could keep the bullies away . She also likes being cocooned in his arms .
If only this day would not end .
Ling Ling was woken up to eat by Miss Wu . Her eyes had wandered around the expensive restaurant that orphans like her could never afford . Ling Ling was amazed as their food arrived, and she was surprised when Miss Wu had personally put food on her small pink plate and then turned to fed her .
"Thank you, Miss Wu . " Ling Ling grinned after she finished swallowing . Thank you for being kind . Thank you for making two orphan's life brighter . Thank you for existing . Ling Ling could not say all those things in fear for being silence so she smiled at her so large that it might look as if she was grinning .
She was thankful for this day .
Life is beautiful, even for an orphan like her .
Little things from other people, heartful or not are always blessings . One must learn to see the beauty that is hidden in the circumstances they carry . Ling Ling might be just a small orphan girl, she might never be able to have parents, but she can smile brighter than an average girl because of people that lift their hands to help a nobody like her .
Mei Li returned her smile and gently kissed her forehead . Ling Ling could not help but blush at the contact of her lips . When they were done with lunch, they went to a store that sells phones . CEO Zhao had brought Miss Wu a new phone while saying, "You keep using mine . . . I need it to play games too . "
Ling Ling snickered when Miss Wu had pinched CEO Zhao's side before hissing softly at him so she and big brother Chang could not hear them, "You don't even play games on your phone . You are just spending more money!"
Chang and Ling Ling giggled as they watch CEO Zhao softly pampering Miss Wu with sweet words to ask for her forgiveness . They both blushed when Ceo Zhao kissed Miss Wu . Chang had to cover Ling Ling's eyes as he closed his . Both little children opened their eyes wide when they were kissed instead .
Ling Ling grinned at CEO Zhao and opened her arms for him to carry her . She was easily sat on his lap as red-faced Big Brother Chang was also placed in Miss Wu's lap .
Ling Ling did not listen to grown-ups talking, so she played with the shirt of CEO Zhao and had made it more crumpled than before . She grinned again when CEO Zhao whispered to her, "Do you want to eat ice cream later?"
Her nod was immediate . Yang surprisingly grinned at her and whispered, "You have to ask Miss Wu about that first or else she'll punish me . "
Ling Ling discovered how silly CEO Zhao was . Miss Wu was the orphanage's angel; she was not capable of hurting someone . Ling Ling put both her hands on CEO Zhao's checks and said, "Silly, CEO Zhao . Miss Wu is amazing; she will not punish anyone who behaves, especially not for silly ice cream . "
Ling Ling was shocked when CEO Zhao kissed her forehead before pinching both of her cheeks so hard that it became red . Ling Ling could not bear the pain, making her cry out loud, "Shataf!"
Miss Wu reached out to slap CEO Zhao's hands away and reprimanded him, "Careful with your hands, you stupid CEO . Look at her cheeks; they're turning red . "
Ling Ling nodded in agreement as her eyes were full of tears ready to fall .
CEO Zhao pulled her close and said, "Sorry . You are just too cute . Forgive me?"
Ling Ling pushed away from his embrace to look at his face . Big Brother Chang said that when people ask for forgiveness, their eyes will show their sincerity . She gazed at CEO Zhao's dark eyes, and she saw nothing different from his eyes . How can you even see sincerity? But Ling Ling was sure that CEO Zhao was not a bad person if Miss Wu would love him .
"Ling Ling is not angry . If CEO Zhao wants, you may kiss Ling Ling on the cheeks if she is cute . "
Her mischevious reply brought more kisses to be plastered in her face . She giggled everytime CEO Zhao would kiss her cheeks then tickling her after .
It did not take long for the day to end . The best days are always short, as the bad days are always long . Even if the day was short, Ling Ling was grateful . Not all orphan could experience this kind of love even for a few hours .
Ling Ling is glad to survive in this world, even if she has nothing to give but love .