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Chapter 205
August 11, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Yang had experienced, but when he met Mei Li, he had discovered that there were more things to do, more feelings to know, and more lessons to be learned . Ling Ling and Chang had clung to both of them when they had journeyed back to the orphanage with an entourage of black cars following them behind with their purchases . He realized how lucky he was to have his nagging mother and strict father . Yang had appreciated his family, but now, he felt he hadn't shown the same amount of appreciation these two kids had for him and Mei Li .
The CEO has done many things to people; he had hurt some and helped some, but he had never met someone who said thank you as much as these two kids had . Yang kissed Ling Ling's fluffy cheeks for the nth time today and said, "Stop saying 'Thank You . ' You said it almost a hundred time now . Aren't you tired?"
Ling Ling shook her head and replied, "Of course not, CEO Zhao! I am just thankful! Thank you . "
" . . . and our Thank You's are the only thing we can give you, so please accept them . "
Yang and Mei Li stared wide-eyed at Chang . This little man was so eloquent and behaved better than most adults . Their hearts melted again when both children chimed, "Thank you . "
After they arrived at the orphanage, everyone was huddled together as their gifts were handed to kids by Mei Li with Chang and Ling Ling's help . The chorus of children's voices was saying Thank You brought an uncharacteristic smile on Yang's face . He was too surprised about it that devious Mei Li had used her new phone to snap his wide-eyed expression . Yang glared at his fiance before he patted every kid's head . Although he wanted to avoid showing blatant favoritism, Yang couldn't help ruffling Chang's hair into a mess and kissing Ling Ling's cheeks .
When they bid the kids farewell, Yang forced Mei Li to bury her head into his chest in fear that she will see the large tears streaming down Ling Ling's face . Chang was comforting her like a good brother, but even his eyes were watery . Yang was not one to cry, but right now, he felt as if he left a piece of his heart behind .
Safely inside the car, Yang released his hold on Mei Li, but the painter stayed buried in his arms . Yang patted her back as her wrenching sobs began . This day was his idea, and even when he hated the feeling he had now, he cannot find it in himself to regret the day . He loved spending the day with Ling Ling and Chang .
"Why can't we adopt the kids?" Mei Li asked between sobs .
Yang's eyebrows rose . Yeah, why can't they?
Suddenly, he remembered the status his family had . The Zhao family was not that strict, but his mother's family was keen on this matter especially when noblemen still exists today to depend on them . Adoption might not be the best move . Yang wrings his brain for a solution to their heartbreak .
Seeing Mei Li's red bottom shoes, Yang remembered Li Ru Shi . He nodded to Mei Li and said, "Let us talk to Mom and Dad . If the family would not allow them to bear the name Zhao then we can let them have your last name . They can still be our children; I will still be their father, but only with your name . We can pull the same trick as Alexandre, and Ru Shi did, but we can do it with the children . "

The happiness in Mei Li's eyes was the exact copy in his .
In the orphanage, the Matron and the rest of the kids had tried so hard to make Chang and Ling Ling happy again . They had even feasted at the food that CEO Zhao had prepared for them with songs and chatter, but Ling Ling's bright smile was not the same as when she had left to the mall . The matron knew this would happen . She should not have agreed to Zhao Yang's terms; it was like giving a child hope but then leaving after the day . It was like dangling a piece of chicken in front of a hungry man and then eating it in front of him .
Meanwhile, on a certain high-rise condo in the capital of the country, David was speaking on the phone about needed ammunition he needed . He was still pissed off with the news about Zhao Yang and Mei Li's engagement . In his anger, David had not only killed one of his lovers but killed all of them except Ye Lan . Now, he had to wait for Ye Lan to come and visit him to have sex . The fact that Ye Lan's face was injured and was scared, mattered not to him . All he need was a warm body so he can imagine Miss M under him . He would have seduced another lady, but he became more pissed when the security all over the city had tightened, especially concerning foreigners .
"Do you need me to bring bombs?" The voice of Chen Zhong floated in his ears .
"No, bring the guns I listed and more men . How are you smuggling that in here?" David asked as he poured himself some glass of wine that was available in the condo he had snatched from the dead woman who was now chilling in her refrigerator to avoid her stench .
"We will be crossing the Pacific ocean by boat . After one month, we will be arriving in the country's territorial waters . "
David chugged his wine and hung up after saying, "Alright, See you in a month . "
David smirked . Chen Zhong would make a good companion with planning the demise of the Xue and Zhao family, but they'll have to kill Zhao Yang first, for him to get Miss M and for Chen Zhong to have his revenge .