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Chapter 207
August 13, 20XX (Tuesday)
Various Places

Ever since Yang and Mei Li had announced their plan to adopt two children, the Zhao Manor had been buzzing with activities . After their wild announcement, everyone was given time to settle the news in; all were starting to warm up to the idea when Tuesday came . Mei Li had visited the orphanage with Yang again to tell their decision to the matron .
All the staff of the orphanage had jumped in joy for Ling Ling and Chang, but remain quiet after Yang had said to them that they want to tell the kids after they meet all of the members of the Zhao family . That is why the Matron joined them to go to the manor that Ling Ling and Chang would hopefully be staying soon .
The children were bouncing in the backseat of CEO Zhao's sedan while chatting rapidly . They had been talking about which ice cream flavor was the best, and Miss Wu and Ling Ling had agreed it was strawberry, but CEO Zhao had quipped with, "Mint is the best . "
Chang snorted and bluntly told, "Mint is like toothpaste, and chocolate is the best . "
Chang's immediately rebuke horrified the Matron; he was usually not this blunt and insensitive . The Matron was about to explain Chang's behavior when suddenly, CEO Zhao laughed and grinned at the rearview mirror to look briefly at Chang .
He then began to tease Chang, "Chocolate Mint is a famous flavor, we can join my toothpaste to your chocolate so your teeth won't rot . "
Chang pouted and crossed his arms . Ling Ling then chimed in defense to her big brother, "Big Brother Chang and I always brush our teeth after eating . Our teeth won't rot!"
The Matron was shocked to see how open the kids was to Miss Wu and CEO Zhao . Their family dynamics made her felt as if she was an outsider in the midst of their banter . Her smile reached from ear to ear, she had been a Matron for a while, and had met with many hopeful parents-to-be, but this hopeful parents-to-be were already behaving like parents . The Matron felt this adoption process was going to be easy . They had even easily gained a permit from the government to have the little kids meet the rest of their future family . Of course, knowing who Zhao Yang's mother was, government involvement would be easy to settle, and that is what usually takes more time in adoptions .
When they arrived in the Manor, the three in the back of the car watched in awe at the grand mansion, more massive than their orphanage . Entering the foyer and into the dining room that had the large circular table with a lazy susan on top, the Matron expected the Zhao family to be high up strung, and egotistical family but they were amazingly welcoming and warm . The two kids hide behind the knees of Miss Wu and CEO Zhao .
Ling Ling was the first to peak out from Mei Li's legs with her pigtails bouncing around as she moved . Zhao Yue waved her hands at the little girl, making her hide again, but a moment later, she peaked her eyes out and slowly lifted her little hands to waved at Yue . When Yue grinned at her, Ling Ling replied with the same large grin .

Chang took more convincing as Yang had to put his hands on top of his head and teased him to help calm the little boy's nerves, "Come on . If you can kick me on the legs on our first meeting, you can easily get along well with my Mother . She has been dying to kick my ass . "
Chang peaked at Yang and glared, "Don't say ass . That is bad!"
Seeing his plan worked, Yang grinned, "What am I going to say instead?"
Chang stopped, put his right hand on his chin and did his thinking look before replying, "Bottom . You should call it bottom . "
"But I like ass better and-" "Alright boys, go sit down . Matron, please sit beside me . " Mei Li interrupted Yang as she gestured Ling Ling to sit beside Yue, who was trying not to bounce on her chair in excitement . Yang sat Chang in the middle of the matron and him while Mei Li sat Ling Ling on the center of Yue and her . The family immediately realized who was the more social kid among the two .
Mother Zhao, who was watching at the side, was surprised at the coloring of the children they had chosen to adopt . The boy had dark brown hair and light brown eyes . The girl had dark hair and greyish eyes . She could see why Yang and Mei Li would fall for these children; they were adorable and well mannered . It was also amazing to see her son, Yang, behaved parental . Although he had teased the boy, he had a firm hand on him to show that he was right beside him .
Mother Zhao sighed to herself; she can see how they love the kids as they interacted when they ate . She wanted them to make an heir first before adopting but seeing their happy faces; she gives up . She will support them, and if they regret their decisions, then she will force them otherwise . Children were not toys to be thrown in orphanages just because of pity reasons . Suddenly, she remembered Mei Li being put in an orphanage and her heart broke again; that has been a bad move on the Xue family's side .
"So what are the names of our little guests?" Mother Zhao asked breaking the silence of the elders, surprising everyone .
The Matron opened her mouth to talk but was interrupted by Mei Li's hand . The painter then signaled Ling Ling to answer the question, and the little girl's small head was just right to put her chin on the table . Ling Ling tilted her head as she announced with an adorable smile, "I am Ling Ling . I like drawing and colors . I like Miss Wu's hug and hate it when CEO Zhao would pinch my cheeks . "
Yang touched Chang's back to signal him to talk . Chang smiled and followed Ling Ling's example, "I am Chang . I like reading books on history . I am currently reading a book left by an older kid about the Mesozoic era . "
Father Zhao perked, causing Mother Zhao to face slam . Father Zhao had always loved Dinosaurs as a kid and had collected books about them even when he was an adult . Father Zhao smiled at the boy and asked, "Which part in the Mesozoic era are you currently reading?"
Chang beamed, happy to have someone who could understand what he was saying . Kids on the orphanage had no idea about dinosaurs other than a T-rex . He enthusiastically began to ramble, "I am still in the second period- Jurassic Period . I think the sauropods were the best in that period . "
Grandma Zhao and Grandpa Zhao looked at each other and felt as if they had a blast of the past . Chang resembled their eldest son with his obsession with dinosaurs although Chang seems to like books more than dinosaurs .