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Chapter 208
August 13, 20XX (Tuesday)
Zhao Manor

The large circular table in the formal dining room that was usually only occupied by two people was busy with chatter with small voices quipping out words that made all the elders' heart melt . The chatter between Mei Li, Ling Ling, and Yue made Aunt Qinyang jealous and decided to join their discussion about colors, fashion, and food . The boys on the other side were talking about scientific eras that they were interested in, Yang had insisted that the modern era was the most interesting, but Father Zhao and Chang has agreed it was the Mesozoic era .
Grandma Zhao smiled with knowing; children, blood or not, are always blessings . Being an orphan, herself, she knows how hard it was to survive without parents . When she was younger and had only two sons after how many times she and her husband had tried to grow their family, she had planned to adopt an orphan . But it takes strength and a bold heart to love someone you did not carry in your womb like a mother, and it scared Grandma Zhao that she could not do that . She was an orphan; her selfishness was something that stemmed in her yearning to earn more to replace the nothing that she had .
When Yang and Mei Li immediately fell in love with orphaned children and had decided too suddenly to adopt them, Grandma Zhao could not help but be proud of them . These two adults could do something she and her husband could not . To her, Yang and Mei Li was stronger, bolder, and would revolutionize this tradition driven family . The change may not happen in their generation, but slowly they're pushing the boundaries . As a woman who helped integrate women into the workforce of the business industry, Grandma Zhao applauds this adoption .
"Why don't we take our conversation into the living room," Grandpa Zhao said and stood up first then left with Grandma Zhao following .
Everyone nodded and followed suit, but Chang stopped Yang with a question, "Are we not going to tidy up our plates?"
The Matron smiled, proud of the children's manners . Ling Ling agreed, "Since we ate from them, we must be responsible for our plate . "
All the Zhao member's eyes were turned to them, making the smile in the Matron slowly fade . Yang was surprised that it was his Mother that crouched down to the same level as the two children and gently explained, "We have hired people who do that . If we did their job, they would lose their job and how are they going to earn money to feed their children if they don't have a job?"
Chang's face was horrified, "I am sorry! I didn't mean to say to take their jobs . I can help them do their job if they want . I always help Ling Ling and the rest who can't reach the kitchen sink since I'm tall for my age . "
Ling Ling nodded, "Ling Ling will help too . We can help to repay the food we ate . It was delicious . "
The Matron was proud to say that Chang and Ling Ling had made all the people in the room fall for them . Orphan, like them, do not expect everything given to be free . That was how they were trained in every orphanage . All hearts melted at the stubborn children, Yang slid his hands into Mei Li as he thought of a young orphaned Mei Li . His heart hurt for her .

Mother Zhao patted their head and smiled, "Then would it be okay if you help me with going to the living room? I am not feeling well you see, and I need someone to hold my hand to the living room . Can you two do that?"
The eyes of the painter brighten as she watched the two children take Mother Zhao's hands and gently guided her to the door, following after Aunt Qinyang, who was hiding her smile with her hands . The two children together with Mother Zhao passed by Yang, Mei Li, and the Matron . Mother Zhao briefly glance at them and said to them, "I will support this adoption . They will carry Mei Li's last name . "
The three of them immediately smiled in delight . Yang hugged Mei Li in happiness, peppering kisses on every part of her face . The Matron covered her face in embarrassment at the young couple's sweet moment, but the smile in her face was just as contagious . Ling Ling and Chang were going to have a family!
It has been decades since soft patter of feet on the floors of the Manor has been heard . All the servants marveled at the kids, and some were squealing as the children acknowledge them with a smile . Mother Zhao smiled at how serious the little kids in helping her walk . It has been a while for her to hold hands with a child . Yang, as a child, was not tactile, but Yue was very physical, and she had missed the joy that children bring .
After everyone was in the living room, they watched the children slowly and gently let Mother Zhao sit on the other side of Father Zhao . They were surprised when Mother Zhao gestured them to sit beside her . When they did, Mother Zhao had begun to ask them a question, "What do you think about the Manor?"
"It's very pretty as a princess' castle!" Ling Ling beamed as she nodded, making her pigtails bob .
Chang put his right hand in his chin and made the same thinking posture he had before . Mother Zhao smiled at this habit . Yang also had a habit with touching his nose when he felt helpless . Chang was too cute, especially how fluffy his cheeks was when he did his thinking pose . All the women itched to pinch his cheeks .
"Do you have a library?"
Mother Zhao groan as her husband and the rest of the Zhao men immediately boastfully replied, "Of course!"