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Chapter 210
August 18, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Yang sat up on his bed with a frown on his face . He briefly looked at the beautiful sleeping woman on his side before he crawled to kiss her forehead, then her lips, and lowered himself to kiss her neck . Mei Li's eyes opened and wrapped her arms around Yang's neck . She felt him do some damage on her neck with his gentle bites and soft sucking . Mei Li let him do whatever he wanted because it would be a while before they wake up beside each other again .
"Will you miss me?" Yang pulled away to stare at Mei Li's eyes .
Mei Li was tempted to tease him, but Yang's serious face looked too much like it was begging her to stay . She moved her head away from the pillow and pecked the corner of his lips, "I already miss you . "
Yang's eyes softened as he borrowed his face into her breast and murmured, "Can you not leave? Ling Ling, Chang, and I will miss you . "
Mei Li ran both her hands in Yang's soft hair and sighed at the thoughts of leaving the two kids . She had explained to the two of them that their adoption might take a while to be finished . When Mei Li had told them that she would be out of the country for a while, and they can only contact her directly through the phone that they gave the matron for them to use . The kids were understanding and had once again made Mei Li's heart cave out when Chang had told them, "We can wait a few months . We've waited for years; a few months is easy . "
The two reluctantly got out of bed to get ready for Mei Li's trip . After they were done, Mei Li had to recheck her needed documents as Yang had her large green suitcase delivered down by the guards . Mei Li was arranging her handbag when Yang's arms hugged her from behind; Mei Li stopped all she was doing and leaned the back of her head into his chest .
Yang kissed her cheeks and murmured in her right ears, "I miss you, already . Don't go?"
"It is just a month . Before you know it, I will be back and ranting at you to eat your vegetables . " Mei Li turned to face Yang and slowly placed her hands around his neck . She tiptoed as Yang leaned down to kiss her . Her lips were slowly pried open by his tongue as their kiss grew intense . Yang's hands began to roam around her . Mei Li opened her mouth wide and then bit Yang's lower lips, strong enough to tear the skin .
Yang took a step back; he wiped his lips when he felt the blood ooze . He looked at his grinning fiancee with shocked eyes . Mei Li kissed the corner of his lips before wiping his lips with a tissue in the side table . She softly whispered, "Hopefully, that would remind women that you have an owner . "
Yang snorted, "An owner? What am I a dog?"
Mei Li sneered and licked her lips . She trailed circles above his belt and purred like a cat, "Will you not bark if I asked you to bark . "
Yang touched his nose because if he didn't, he would have barked . She has learned to use her feminine charms with him to get what she wants . Yang could only remain silent; he always loses when they banter . Might as well be gracious about it . Yang reluctantly helped Mei Li to put all her things in her handbag, and then he guided her to the car that they would ride .

Arriving at the airport, they were hand in hand as they entered the Zhao's private hanger . Mei Li was on the phone as Yang was guiding her where to walk and turn . Yang's grandparents saw how Mei Li was almost crying . She must be talking to her future children . When they reached to the sofa that the elders were sitting at, Mei Li nodded a while before she spoke on the phone, "I will be going now . Chang, be sure to protect Ling Ling for me alright? Ling Ling, be good to your big brother . "
The elders did not hear what the kids said, but Mei Li had to wipe a tear as she hung up the phone . Grandma Zhao hid her smile when her grandson tugged Mei Li to his side before rubbing the small wet trail that the tears left behind in her cheek away . Grandpa Zhao snorted at his grandson . He has changed ever since he had meet Mei Li . Who knew he could be so caring?
"Why are you even here?" Grandpa Zhao rudely shooed Yang .
Yang stood firm and complained, "You are taking my fiancee away from me . Don't you old geezers want a great-grandson?"
Grandma Zhao patted Mei Li's back as she turned bright red . Yang grinned mischievously at her . Grandpa Zhao mockingly patted Yang's back, "As if I don't know that you aren't getting any . "
Yang and Mei Li were horrified when those words . They could not believe that the strict restauranteur could speak so brazen . Yang was even more shellshock as his mouth was full in agape . His grandparents had always been so prim and proper in his mind that those works almost made him faint .
Grandpa Zhao waved at Yang and said, "Say your goodbyes now . We will be going soon . "
Yang immediately sobered up and hugged Mei Li tight . The painter had her breath taken out of her, and her soul was ready to go out of her body when his hug on her tightened .
"No one ever told me how scary it is to see someone you love leave," Yang murmured .
"It is just for a trip," Mei Li whispered back . She added after a while, "Stay loyal to me . I love you . "
"I'd rather be whipped by you than kiss someone else . "
Yang's grandparents promptly snickered .