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Chapter 211
August 18, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Countries

Soft steps sounded in the gloomy lonely island in Greece . The mammoth mountains on the side hid the secret of Arcadia . A man silently trekked the rocky highlands of the mountains from the hidden mansion deep within it to the deep caves into the island . The man carefully uncovered one of the dummy rocks he had built to hide his scuba diving equipment .
Suddenly, a loud splash interrupted the man from wearing his gear . He turned to his back to see two men in the same scuba gear as him . The man sighed in relief . He thought his identity had been uncovered . The two men gestured him to follow them fast .
At that night, the last sound to be heard in that cave was the splattering of the water into the cave walls as three men dived into the deep blue ocean's depth . The man was silently rejoicing in his head . Hopefully, he didn't have to pretend to be one of the core members of Arcadia . He hated being called Justice .
The three scuba divers surfaced near a yacht powered by a quiet electric motor . The man was pushed into the ship, and he helped one the two board the white boat .
"Permission to call headquarters, immediately . " The man said, his voice was harsh and coarse after pretending to have Justice's higher pitched vocal cords .
One of the two men nodded, "Permission granted, the encrypted phone is at the back . "
The man hurried to report to the officials of Italy the bad news that he was going to deliver to one of the top agents of France that would inevitably involve one of the wealthiest men in China . Things were starting to worsen if they do not warn France . The man feared that terrorist would once again bomb the capital city .
In one of the hidden bases of Italy, an agent received a distress call from an encrypted phone in the middle of the Ionian Sea . All agents frantically gather to hear the call .
"This is Agent Ricci, reporting . The base of Arcadia has fully been explored, and I am here to confirm one of the islands of Greece near Crete with a large mountain on one side and tall forests on the other side is the base . I am also here to report that Agent Fool is in Beijing, China . He was tasked to find the connections of Xue Mu Lan, and a large yacht is heading to Beijing with weaponry and men ready for battle . The group has also planted more bombs in the homes of the current ruling Bonaparte . Their spies have infiltrated the Bonapartes . France and China are in danger . I repeat France and China is in danger . "
The line went dead, and every agent went hysterical . An old man sitting at the top with a long white beard clapped his hands to get the attention of the agents and shouted, "Alarm the Italian and Greek Government . Call the Ambassador or Italy in France and let him tell this news to the Bonapartes . I will call the men in China to spread this news . We cannot worry about anything else . We must spread this news to neighboring countries as well . "
The agents straightened, saluted, and yelled, "Yes, Commander Alfonsi!"

The true Giusseppe Alfonsi slumped back into his chair and sighed . He was too old for this . His stupid grandson was even staying in Beijing also . If the Fool knew he was there, there would be trouble in Beijing again . He could remember how hard it was when Xue Mu Lan died . France, Greece, and Italy had to deal with an angry Xing Hui Ying with an army of hidden guards . That had been one of the best sights, Commander Alfonsi has seen . Officials scared of a pregnant woman with a six-year-old as she demanded her best friend's body to be buried in China .
Commander Alfonsi sighed again . He dialed the phone of his great-grandson with a heavy heart . It did not take more than three rings that Xue Chang Min answered his call . He immediately spoke, "We have discovered the base island of Arcadia . I am also confirming your doubts; Fool is indeed in Beijing . There is a boat heading there with men and ammunition . I will call you if I know more . "
"Roger that, great grandpa . " Chang Min replied, hoping to end the call . He knows that if this would continue, his great grandpa would start complaining and would demand to see his little sister again .
"Wait," Commander Alfonsi said, "Do you know when Mei Lin's wedding will be held?"
In Beijing, Chang Min covered his microphone and sighed loudly . He knew this would come . His friends looked at him with worry . Yang, in particular, had his eyebrows raised and that annoying smile that Chang Min hated . Irked at him for no reason, Chang Min snorted, "The one she is marrying is here with me . He is the son of Xing now Zhao Hui Ying . "
"Let me talk to him . "
Yang was amazed when the phone was handed to him by a gleeful Chang Min . Speaking the words, "Hello?" Yang was meet with a long tirade, "You must take care of Mei Lin . It is my biggest regret that I cannot spend any time with my youngest great-grandchild . I have been alive more than nine decades and still working because of this Arcadia business that took my beautiful wife from me . If I were there, I would have never allowed my stupid grandson to decide that she spend her life in the orphanage . Treasure her and always stay faithful . I could not stop the sad events that my little great-grandchild has suffered, but I can prevent one now . My mission to discover the base has finally been realized . I can now easily retire in peace . You better beware, I will come at you if you hurt her!"
Yang smirked in amusement; this is where Mei Li's ranting abilities stemmed .