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Chapter 212: 212
August 20, 20XX (Tuesday)
Various Countries

After they had touched down and had disembarked in San Fransisco, they three of them had spent the day lazying in the hotel because of their jet lag . Mei Li had opened her windows to see the view there was to offer . Before she fell asleep, she texted Yang that she was safe and that he should not worry .
When Morning came, Mei Li hurried up to dress and went exploring the hotel after getting Grandma Zhao's permission . She had just wandered around and took pictures and selfies of herself and sent it to Yang who replied with pictures of himself in their bed at his condo . Mei Li had also sent a text to the phone that was given temporarily to the Matron for her to communicate with her children . Mei Li was glad that Yang bought her a new phone; it was convenient to use too .
Mei Li was sitting in the lobby when Grandma Zhao called out to her, "Mei Li, we will be going to eat at the Sheng Restaurant here, so come along now . "
Her hands immediately turned off the phone as she followed Grandma Zhao and the bodyguards to a black van . She entered and was in awe at the exterior . It could easily sit four people to have a business meeting . Mei Li cursed the rich bastards in the world . She immediately stopped her inner curses as the grandparents in front of her were kind people but also wealthier than ninety percent of the world's population .
Mei Li decided to peak outside and could not believe that the first country they would visit is the USA . She marveled at all the sights she could inside their car . It was amazing to see the tall red bridge that people call Golden Gate Bridge . Mei Li was weirded out by this; why would you call a red bridge, gold? Her painter side wanted to correct the color's name . But the red on the bridge was one of the most stunning red, she had seen in a metal structure .
Finally, the car ride stopped as they were parked underground and went up the elevator to enter the mall lined with names she was familiar with, but the best thing was there were no people yet . The mall had not opened, and they were only allowed to enter because one of the owners of the store was with them . Mei Li followed faithfully beside Grandma Zhao as they went inside the Chinese restaurant that was more familiar with Mei Li, The Sheng Restaurant .
Mei Li was weirded out when they were guided into their private room by the head chef himself . Grandpa Zhao had immediately introduced Mei Li to the chef . He placed his hands on Mei Li's shoulders and said, "Chef Lim, this is my future granddaughter-in-law . "
The Chef immediately began to praise Mei Li, wanting to be on her good books . As Mother Zhao had taught her, Mei Li smiled and accepted all the compliments as gracefully with a thank you . She did not dare to be humble nor did she dared to boast; she needs to be as if she was listening but was indifferent .
What was weirder to her was when Grandpa Zhao started pointed out things on the register, calling out flaws, critiquing about the food, and inspecting the kitchen with her always beside him as Grandpa Zhao kept the hands that were on her shoulder firm in her back to guide her forward . Mei Li knew she needed to talk to Yang about this weird behavior . It was as if Grandpa Zhao was grooming her to be the inheritor!
They went out of the restaurant after half an hour eating their breakfast and more than an hour exploring and observing the kitchen . Mei Li felt sorry for the employees as they had to open the restaurant with their boss watching . She was amazed that the employees were not fazed and behaved with perfect manners . Mei Li had almost clapped her hands to give them applause when Grandpa Zhao even toured around the kitchen, and no employee dared to contradict otherwise . It seems that Grandpa Zhao must do this a lot of times to them .
When it was time to go back to the hotel, Grandpa Zhao asked Mei Li questions about the restaurants, and what she thought of it . She answered with honesty and awe . Mei Li was a foodie and loved making food . To see the Chef cook was educational to her curious mind . As she was interested in food and the process of marketing it, Mei Li had listened to and ingrained Grandpa Zhao's small teachings with ease .
"Do you want to go somewhere else?" Grandma Zhao asked .
Mei Li shook her head . She wanted to go back to the hotel to call Yang about her weird experience . Maybe, watch a movie on the television the hotel offered . Mei Li did not want to roam and travel around without Yang . She only went with the Zhao elders because she knew she would eat delicious food .
Jumping into her bed, Mei Li called Yang immediately . She was annoyed that her call was not answered, so she called four times again . Pissed off that her fiance did not answer her call, Mei Li went to vent to Grandma Zhao . She crossed the hallway of the penthouse-like hotel room and knocked into the Elders' room . She saw them playing chest, so she sat on the floor beside Grandma Zhao's seat and murmured, "Grandma, Yang is not answering my calls . Can I use your phone?"
The orphaned Elder Zhao Matriarch poked Mei Li's forehead after she placed one white piece in the go board and said, "It's about four am in Beijing now . Let your fiance sleep . "
Mei Li blushed in embarrassment . She hid her face on her hands and mumbled, "But I miss him . "
Long distance relationship problem number one, Time .