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Chapter 213
August 20, 20XX (Tuesday)
Various Countries

A thirty-three-year-old man woke up to the loud ringing our his phone . His hands patted the side table in annoyance to find the source of the noise . Feeling his phone on his hands, Yang opened his eyes to see who would call in this ungodly hour . Seeing Mei Li's registered name, he sat up straight with wide eyes . The sleep in his eyes was gone in a manner of seconds .
"Hello?" Yang answered the call as fast as his fingers could .
"Are you awake? Did I wake you? Have you eaten your breakfast? What are you going to do later?" Mei Li continued to ask him more questions . Her breath was starting to grow heavy as she spoke more .
Yang blinked his eyes in astonishment . Was she missing him that much? Suddenly, his lips morphed into a broad grin that brightened up the room . He laid back down and placed his free hand on the side where Mei Li usually slept . He missed her too .
Once she as done with her endless questions, Yang answered them as much as he could remember, "I just woke up . I haven't eaten breakfast yet . I have an important meeting later with Chang Min . I am fine and missing you so much . "
Yang could imagine the red blush on her cheeks when she would hear those words . Mei Li was not an innocent person as he thought she was at first, but she was still so cute . If only he could hug and cuddle her again . Yang briefly cursed the distance between them .
"I miss you too . "
Mei Li's words were whispered that Yang had to strain his ears to hear it . The grin on his face grew . Another cute act from Mei Li and his lips would tear itself from too much grinning . Yang got up to get ready for the day while talking to Mei Li . His phone was always in his hands . Yang was glad they lived in a modern world where calling someone far away for hours and hours was not impossible to do . The blessings of technology, thank you, ancestors . When he drove to his company, Mei Li was still on the line talking to him . When he was reviewing reports, Mei Li was still on the line making noise with her television .
"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about Grandpa Zhao's weirdness . He introduced me to all the head chef in the city and taught me some small things . "
Yang froze when Mei Li told her that . He knew about his grandfather's plan to push his restaurants to Mei Li since she was a foodie and had experience in the field . It was amazing that not even a week had passed, and Mei Li had suspicions about his grandfather's weird behavior . Yang almost wanted to applaud his fiancee's observation skills because it was on point . He wanted to tell her the truth, but since she didn't ask about it, Yang shrugged it off and let her discover it on her own .
Xue Chang Min arrived in Yang's office five minutes before ten o'clock . Secretary Bai and Chang Min opened the door and saw Yang smiling like a stupid fool . The two men looked at each other with confusion . Mei Li was the only one capable of making him laugh like this .

When Yang saw their faces, his smile instantly turned into a frown, and his face soured . Chang Min could hear Yang click his tongue at them, causing irk to Chang Min . If he weren't his friend or his little sister's fiance, Chang Min would have already killed him . His hands were already itching to take his gun out and pull the trigger .
Chang Min's annoyance disappeared when Yang took his phone and told, "Mei Li, Chang Min is already here to talk business . We will be done after one to two hours, are you still awake at that time?"
The reason for Yang's bad welcome to them was suddenly clear why . Of course, it would be for Mei Li . Who else would make this stupid CEO this lovestruck? No else but Chang Min's little sister .
"Alright, send my regards to Shifu Big Brother Chang Min . I will message you if I go to bed . " Mei Li's soft and sultry voice echoed from the small device's speakers .
Chang Min nodded to Yang, letting Yang know that her words were received . The lovestruck fool bid his goodbye with words that made Chang Min and Secretary Bai almost vomit with sweetness .
"Mei Li, before you go, do you know what I realized when you left with grandmother and grandfather?" Yang asked .
"No, what is it?" Mei Li's voice was full of confusion . Chang Min and Secretary Bai were just as confused as Mei Li when they sat down on the sofa .
"I realized that my greatest fear was losing you, so take care of yourself for me, Alright?" Yang said .
Chang Min's hands froze as he typed something on his phone . His eyes widen like saucers, and his throat felt as if it was dry . Damn, Yang was smooth . No wonder his little sister fell for this stupid fool .
"You take care of yourself too . I need my financial aid to buy more shoes . "
Chang Min snorted, loudly . Yang turned his chair opposite to Chang Min so his pout could not be seen . He was trying to be sweet, and his woman was not even replying in turn .
"And I love you . " Mei Li said before the call was cut .
Chang Min promptly choked on his saliva . Wasn't one of long distance relationship's main problems are loneliness and miscommunication? Why are they behaving like they were not miles apart, dammit! Single dogs like him should not come near this couple . If only his news about Arcadia were not necessary, he would have stayed on his company .