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Chapter 214
August 29, 20XX (Thursday)

Everyone in the room was busy . Mother Zhao was talking about the needed plan they had to install all over the city . They need to increase their monitoring on the streets of Beijing so they could find the only Arcadia member left . Ever since the grand discovery of the base, Mother Zhao had been sighing in relief that most of the terrorist group is finally going to be annihilated . There were already plans to destroy the island once Greece gives its consent . In fact, Xue Chang Min had delivered four explosives that were not as powerful as an atomic bomb but three times stronger than a grenade to a hidden Italian base .
The Zhao family along with the Xue family were meeting for more ideas on how to deal with the only problem they have left, The Fool . Everyone was alarmed that this Fool was looking for Miss M, and they were more worried that one of his underlings was almost successful in kidnapping Mei Li . Everyone was worried and afraid for Mei Li . In their faces, anyone could see how much the people in the room love Mei Li .
Suddenly, a phone vibrated, and all eyes turned to Yang as his phone the familiar love song that has been singing on and off from the beginning of the meeting . Chang Min lost his composure and slammed his hands on the table near Yang, "Why don't you silent that phone of yours?"
"It's Mei Li . I never silent nor ignore Mei Li . "
Chang Min was taken aback . He sighed and muttered, "You are so whipped . "
"She hates when I miss replies especially when she knows I am doing nothing else . Since you told me not to tell her about this meeting, I can't really lie to her about it because she has access to my schedule using my Secretary . " Yang shrugged .
The dark atmosphere of the room slowly colored, and soft snickers and chatter about lovestruck Yang began to grow . Aunt Qinyang was reporting to Grandma Xue about all the things Mei Li had done to Yang; she retold the stories of how Mei Li had Yang started using lip balms and moisturizers . All the people that were listening were cracking up as the story went on .
Chang Min snorted and teased his friend, "Do you get a lecture if you don't reply?"
Mother Zhao shook her head and drawled, "My son is happy to be lectured . You can't tease him about that . "
Yang grinned at Chang Min and shamelessly replied, "She looks cute when she is talking fast . She has this way of furrowing her eyebrows and pressing her lips in a thin line as she thinks what to say next . When she is done with her lecture, she would be huffing and puffing as if she ran a marathon . Don't get me started on her voice . "
Chang Min slammed his right hand on his face, and grunted, "You are foolish . "
Grandma Xue reached to touch Yang's hands and asked, "When do you plan to wed her?"
Everyone sat straight at her questions . They had tried to ask Yang about it . In fact, they have been bugging about the wedding plans . Aunt Qinyang, especially, was over the moon to help plan their wedding . She had cleared almost all schedule that would take more than a week of work, so she was readily available to help .

Yang smirked at them . Mother Zhao raised her eyebrows at her son; even she didn't know what their plans for their weddings are . She had tried to ask, but Yang just evaded her questions like a pro . She had tried to ask Mei Li in their phone calls, but she always returned the topic to everyone's health .
"The wedding is all in Yue's hands . Once Mei Li arrives back here on September 14, every preparation will be almost done . The wedding invitations will be sent next Monday on September 2 . The wedding will be on October 22, the anniversary of our meeting . " Yang announced, and then all hell broke loose .
"Why are you hurrying?!" Chang Min cried .
"What can I do to help?" Grandma Xue told .
"Who decided this?" Grandpa Xue asked .
"How about the gown?" Aunt Qinyang questioned .
"Why didn't you tell me this? Why did that daughter of mine remain silent?" Mother Zhao demanded as she stood up with a stomp of her foot . Father Zhao had to calmly relax his wife to sit down by whispering to her about having a grandchild early .
Yang was relief that Jerome Bonaparte hurried to Italy to help with the attack on the lone island in Greece . He had been excited to take vengeance for his late daughter and wife finally . Nobody dared to stop him . Yang shrugged at all the questions and said, "I only followed what Mei Li wants . Heck, I can elope with her if you are that against it . "
Everyone quieted down and calmly put smiles on their faces, afraid that Yang would make his threats true . The unpredictability of this man was something everyone knows by heart . Mother Zhao settled back in her seat while noting to herself to bother her daughter about the preparation . She wanted to know more about it, dammit .
Suddenly, Mother Zhao's phone rang . Everyone's eyes turned to her as she answered the call, "Hello . Zhao Hui Ying is speaking . "
Jerome Bonaparte's voice echoed into her ears, "We are successful with the bombing . No casualties have been reported on our side . We had confirmed the existence of the main members of Arcadia being present when it happened . Arcadia has fallen . "
Mother Zhao locked her phone as Jerome Bonaparte hang up . She turned the TV on and waited for the news . Everyone in the room was surprised and were looking at each other with confusion . When suddenly, an anchor reported, "A small island in Greece has been bombed, authorities are now investigating . . . "
Everyone sighed in relief .
Now, only one member left .