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Chapter 215
August 29, 20XX (Thursday)
Various Place

"A private island in Greece has been bombed, authorities have investigated and found that a private individual owned it . The cause of the bombing has not been uncovered . If there are casualties or none, it is still unknown . "
Mei Li tilted her head in confusion . That was weird, was this bombing another terrorist attack in Greece? She remembered that France was the one that was bombed before in old news from the net . Maybe the terrorist have switched target? She hummed and spoke out loud, "This might be another terrorist attack . "
Mei Li turned to Grandpa Zhao and asked, "What do you think about this one Grandpa? You were a soldier years ago . You must have some ideas about this . "
Grandpa Zhao's eyes briefly stared at hers, intensely . Mei Li was surprised by his stern expression . Did she ask something terrible? Did she unconsciously trigger his PTSD in his days of the war? Mei Li suddenly felt bad for her question . Grandma Zhao placed her hands on Grandpa Zhao's arms and shook her head when Grandpa Zhao look at her .
Grandpa Zhao sighed and firmly answered, "It might be caused by terrorists, or by other factors . We can't be sure a hundred percent about who it is . News today can be faked easily too . "
Mei Li smiled wide at them as she continued to listen to more news . They were now in Paris, France, and Mei Li was excited to come back . She had visited the landmarks she had visited with Yang before, but with his grandparents . She had even tried on some pretty wedding dresses, and she had thought that she might have found the right one . She was thinking of buying it or not when Grandma Zhao had adviced her that if she had to think about it, then it was not the right dress . Realizing the truth in Grandma Zhao's words, Mei Li had decided to look for more choices .
Suddenly, Mei Li's phone rang . She hurried to pick up the phone, not knowing that Grandma and Grandpa Zhao were whispering about the news they had seen . It seems that the government of Italy and France had finally ended the roots of Arcadia . The main problem now was in the seed that was left . Beijing still has this man named "Fool" left to take care off, and according to the reports from the spy, there will be a boat full of men and weapons arriving soon . Grandpa Zhao was tempted never to let Mei Li go back .
In another high rise condo, in Beijing, David was crushing a television with his bare hands in anger . He had tried calling for the people on the base for news, but could not reach them . David called his men scattered around the world, and asked about news of the base . Every person he called had unanimously answered, "The base has been bombed . "
The anger in him rose to the surface, and he had immediately ordered every one left of his people, "Come here in Beijing, we shall start our revenge here . "
David was the only man left standing, and he was going to bring chaos in this country just as Arcadia had born turmoil in Italy and France . He was the only superior now . David knows that 'Fool' is the remaining person that has access to all the money, and secrets that Arcadia have in its disposal .

David dialed the first number on his recent calls' list . When the person on the other line picked up, David immediately said, "Do you know the news about the base?"
Chen Zhong sighed, "Yes, we have everything here on the yacht, so we saw the news . What are we going to do now, Sir?"
David sat down on the bed and commanded, "I need you to get here as fast as you could . We will be raiding a wedding that every Chinese has their eyes on . . . we will let the world know using the people in China that Arcadia is not dead . "
"Wedding?" Chen Zhong continued, "You mean, the wedding of Zhao Yang and Wu Mei Li?"
"Yes," David affirmed . Chen Zhong grinned with excitement; he can finally have his revenge for his mother's death . Chen Zhong would make sure that Zhao Yang will not live to see his children .
In a commune named Millau in France, two old men with the same appearance were facing each other with amusement . The real commander Alfonsi then ripped the mask off violently by the hems hidden on the shirt below his neck . The younger person behind the mask tried to evade, but the older man was more experienced . Once the mask was off of his head, a middle-aged man with brown hair stood up with a frown as peeling the mask fast actually hurt his face .
Commander Alfonsi slapped the back of his grandson's head and lectured, "Zhao Yang had reported that you haven't told Mei Li the truth?! You are not suitable to be her father at all! How can you deny your child? If you weren't my grandson, I would have already fired my gun and killed you! Go back to Beijing as Jerome Bonaparte, and help the situation there! Tell Mei Lin the truth of her parentage! I am ashamed of your behavior; I taught you better than this!"
Elizar snickered on the side as Jerome Bonaparte was ripped to shred by his old grandfather . This reunion was better entertainment than Hollywood . He stood straight when Commander Alfonsi stared at him . Elizar sweated as the commander demanded, "Go with my grandson . I will take care of your superiors . Make sure that she will know the truth before I come and visit her!"
"When will you visit, Sir?" Elizar asked with a salute .
"Mid November . " Commander Alfonsi slumped into the chair . He was too old to take care of his grandson's mess . He dismissed them with a wave of his weary hands .