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Chapter 216
September 1, 20XX (Sunday)

Mei Li was amazed at herself as she stared at herself in the mirror . This dress fit her well, and Grandma Zhao stared at her standing on the platform with tears in her eyes . Her grandson would have it hard on his wedding day, but it would be worth it . He would gain a beautiful wife to spend the rest of his days .
"Do you think this is the dress, dear?" Grandma Zhao asked .
Mei Li nodded immediately . Her eyes too were watery, the reality that she would be somebody's bride . No, not somebody, but Zhao Yang . Mei Li sobbed as she remembered how disappointed she was when Yang had evaded meeting her, and now she was in this beautiful dress, preparing for her wedding . She never knows how butterflies can fit in one stomach, but it felt as if millions were fluttering in hers . Her hands shake as she grew nervous . What if he would decide against it? What if he would not show up? What if his love would slowly lose its meaning as Chen Zhong's had?
Grandma Zhao stood up as fast as her old bones could make her and slowly comforted Mei Li, "What is wrong dear? Tell me . Is there something you don't like with the dress? We can always make some alterations . "
The saleslady on the side nodded her head in agreement, immediately . She went around to get tissues and passed it to the bride . The wedding dress boutique has its fair share of emotional brides and family, and tissues were always available on their store because of it . The manager on the side gave her approval at the saleslady's move . They cannot afford to lose the favor of these VIP guests .
Mei Li was guided to sit on on the large couch that Grandma Zhao had sat . When she was calm enough, she spoke her true worries, "I am scared, Grandma . What if Yang would not show? We only know each other for months, and we are taking this large step . Yang is a wonderful and handsome man; many women would want him . What if he decides that I am not the right woman? I am just an orphan, and he is a CEO . "
Grandma Zhao sighed . She somehow knew this would be the main problem . When she was about to marry her husband, she felt like this too . Grandma Zhao was glad that her husband had been beside her to comfort her, but right now, Yang was not with Mei Li, and her words would probably not be enough to convince Mei Li otherwise . Grandma Zhao called Yang and prayed that her grandson was not sleeping yet .
After the four rings, she was thankful to hear her grandson's teasing voice, "What is it, grandmother? Are you going to be like Mei Li and ask about my schedule?"
Even against Mei Li's head shaking in denial, Grandma Zhao then slowly pressed the speaker button as she said, "You tell Mei Li how much you love her . She has found the perfect dress and is not questioning your love for her . What if you leave her for a more gorgeous woman? She says . "
Yang was horrified and shouted frantically, "What gorgeous woman?! She is the most gorgeous woman I know! Where is she, grandma? I know I should not have let her have this wedding! We could have eloped so she wouldn't have these worries . Give her the phone, Grandma . I am going to let her know how fucking beautiful she is . Now that I remember, I haven't been telling her how beautiful she is because of work! Give her the phone, Grandma . I love her to death to make her feel otherwise . Grandma, give her the phone . Where is she, Grandma? Is she crying? Where are you right now? I will have the jet ready to fly . Are you still in Italy? I will be there soon . "

Grandma Zhao smiled at her grandson . It was clear to see how much Yang treasures Mei Li . The saleslady and the manager on the side were surprised as they listen to Yang's hysterics . Mei Li wiped her tears and spoke, "No, I am alright . "
"What do you mean you are alright? You are not alright! Do you know how much I miss you? Do you know how much I love you? I have been putting your t-shirt on my pillow so I can hug it to sleep . You beautiful woman, if you think that I will leave you for some woman, well you think wrong! The only women I will love beside you will be our future descendants . You will be my wife until death; I will not let you go . I will stalk you until you stay by my side like I did when we are in Paris . Dammit, I will be your husband even until your last breath ends . I do not fear death! I do not fear to lose my wealth! I do not fear to be an ordinary man! I fear to lose you! I fear to go a day without you . I love you so much that if you want me to surrender everything in your feet, I will!"
Mei Li's worries were nothing against Yang's love . She slowly wiped her tears away as she said, "I am sorry, I just had a moment of insecurity . I will not doubt you anymore . "
"Good . You can doubt if the earth is round, but you can never doubt the love that I have for you . Now, cheer up and let me see your dress!"
Mei Li smiled and then scoffed at his shameless demand, "You will see the dress on the wedding day . "
Grandma Zhao laughed when Yang cursed as his plan did not work . It seems that Yang has inherited his Grandfather's suave .
"It's okay if I don't see it . I already know you'll look beautiful in anything . "
No, Yang was more suave and smooth .