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Chapter 217
September 2, 20XX (Monday)

Yang was carrying an invitation as he knocked on the door . If this were not a special invitation, he would never step into this room today . Yang had to do this for Mei Li, dammit! He waited for permission to come in, and when the deep voice of his R&D department head sounded, he went inside after gulping fresh air . There would be a lack of odorless air after he goes inside the office, so he had to take as many breathes as he could .
Entering the office, Yang kicked the garbage bag that was falling towards him . Yang scrunched his nose as he smelt the odor of the office . Piles of cans littered beside the couch, and empty pizza boxes, wrapping paper from famous fast food chains, and large paper cups were stock together to form a mid-sized mountain of trash on the center of the room .
Yang immediately crossed the room and kicked the man buried inside the thick blanket that created a human caterpillar . Yang waved the envelope on the man's face and delivered the news that shocked even him when Mei Li requested it, "Mei Li wants you to walk her down the aisle . "
The man that was lazing on the sofa bolted up fast, making him dizzy by the whiplashed that it costs . The blankets were left on the black leather couch as he stood up and saw the envelope . Wu Tian Li snatched the envelope and with shaking hands, opened the letter . Tian Li had not seen this handwriting for a while; he almost cried as he saw the writing of the child who he had taught how to write . He read the contents out loud, "Zhao Yang and Wu Mei Li would like to invite you to our wedding this October 22, on the private banquet hall of Xue Manor . Only close friends and family will be invited . Please dress in an all-white tuxedo . "
Wu Tian Li noticed that there was another letter at the back and read, "Dear Uncle Wu, When I was a little kid, I joked about marrying you . It would make you happy when I did that . I am sorry that I cannot marry you and have to marry Yang instead . I realize that daughters cannot marry their fathers . Will you walk me down the aisle as we had practiced before you left instead? Thinking of you always, Your Daughter, Wu Mei Li . "
Mei Li had told Yang about Tian Li and what he had done to help her, but he never expected that it would make his stoic and no-care in the world R&D department head to cry . This man had been his mentor ever since his mother had introduced him to the world famous hacker, but Yang had never once seen this man show emotion as clearly as he does now .
The hacker looked up with surprised when he realized where the wedding would be held, "Xue Manor? Not in Zhao Manor?"
Yang nodded tensely, "We sent dummy invitations for October 23 to my business partners . Our real wedding will be held in Xue Manor, with less than fifty people involved . "
Wu Tian Li blinked with astonishment . Yang had really prepared for any possible event that could happen . He sat down on his sofa again, and sulked, "I cannot go out from here without the government's permission . "

Yang snorted, "Mom already gained permission for you . Mei Li begged her yesterday with tears streaming down her face so that you could attend . Mom said that she would murder you if you attend without dressing up . "
Wu Tian Li slumped into the coach and wrapped himself with his thick blankets . He cuddled into the warmth that the blankets provided him . Wu Tian Li waved Yang out after saying, "I will go . Send me a tux here on that day . "
Yang nodded . When he was about to go out of the room, he remembered what Mei Li had told him to tell her father-figure . Yang turned to face the man again and said, "Mei Li will be coming to work with me after she returns from her travels with Grandma and Grandpa . She said she would visit you . "
"What?!" Tian Li watched with annoyance as Yang left slamming the door . He stood up and kicked his blankets to the side . The world renown hacker started picking up trash and putting it into garbage bags . If Mei Li will see this office, he was going to die . He began to clean, but his lips were tilted into a smile; happy for Mei Li . If anyone deserves happiness, it would be her .
Yang went into his office as fast as he could and called Mei Li . The woman has been waiting for the results of his invitation to the hacker . When Yang heard the soft hello of Mei Li, he immediately complained, "Why are you letting me take care of the invitations? Do you know how I am going to be killed by Chang Min if he reads that you want to use the manor? I know you are suspicious about their family, and I can understand your side, but your fiance is about to die . Help me, here, my beautiful fiancee . "
Mei Li snorted, "I already called Grandma and Grandpa Xue . They already know that I want to use their banquet hall for the wedding . They must have told Chang Min already . Don't be a drama queen and deliver that letter . "
"But I am your drama queen," Yang sighed internally as he pouted and said the words out loud to tease his soon-to-be wife .
"Of course, I will not have you any other way . I love you, evil CEO or a drama queen . "
As they talked, Yang's business associates received the invitation for October 23, and a confident David had one for himself too, using one of the condo's of the heiress that he had just fucked .