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Chapter 218
September 13, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

No matter how many times Mei Li rides the Zhao Family's private jet, it always awed her . Never in her orphaned dreams did she thought that she would be riding in a plane this large and with nobody else but them and the crew . This is the ultimate luxury and having experienced it multiple times as they traveled from ten countries made Mei Li grateful for them . The fact that she could visit and enjoy great food in ten different countries were already a blessing, and to do it in a private jet with elders that treat you like their grandchild was one of the best experience she could think of .
Mei Li played with her puzzle games as she waited for time to be done . They had done their business at Taiwan faster than Grandpa Zhao had expected, so they were coming back to Beijing faster than anticipated . Mei Li was excited to surprise Yang with her arrival . Grandma and Grandpa Zhao had already promised her that they would send her to Yang's company first before they go back to the manor . Since they will be arriving in the afternoon, Mei Li and Grandma Zhao had brought snacks to fill their stomachs .
Grandpa Zhao watched his soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law with amusement as she ate most of the snacks that they had bought . He tapped his fingers as he called Mei Li's attention, "Dear, can I talk to you about something?"
Mei Li looked up to him with a curious face, locked her phone, and nodded with a broad smile . Grandpa Zhao's heart melted again at this sweet young lady's attentiveness to them . Yue would have just nodded and continued playing with her phone . Grandpa Zhao loves her granddaughter, but she still needs more experience to be this considerate as Mei Li since the orphan has a past that makes her more attuned to the feelings of others .
"Do you know why I want you to come with us?" Grandpa Zhao asked directly to the point .
Mei Li shifted nervously as her eyes went to the elder Ceo to his wife then back again to the elder CEO . After a moment of tensed silence, Mei Li stuttered, "I- I have an idea, but I don't dare to think it is so . "
Grandma Zhao snorted, "Oh, please . Your Grandpa Zhao was obvious . You know about his plan ever since San Fransisco . "
Mei Li yelped and then nodded again . Grandpa Zhao's jaw opened as he blurted out, "You know that I wanted you to be my heiress?"
"I had a hunch . You were teaching me the ropes and introducing me to the right people . Even go far to teach me the secret ingredients . . . I realized what you were doing half of our travels when we were in Thailand, and waited for you to bring it up with me . " Mei Li murmured with a pout at Grandma Zhao, who was snickering .
Grandpa Zhao sighed, took out his wallet, and gave his black card to his wife . They had made a bet about when Mei Li would discover the truth . Grandpa Zhao, in his prideful mind, had bet that Mei Li would not learn anything and would be surprised when he would announce it to her . He should have known not to bet with his wife, he always loses . Mei Li giggled at the elders starting to banter about losers and winners . The Zhao elders were the couple she wants Yang and her to become; never falling out of love .

It did not take long for them to arrive and disembark the private plane . Mei Li was shocked when the security of the tarmac has not just doubled, but tripled in manpower . She was taken aback as the men in black tuxedos formed two lines for them to passed in between as they walked towards the car . Mei Li was sat between Grandpa and Grandma Zhao, and she was jumping in joy at the thought of meeting Yang again .
Grandpa Zhao patted her back with a sigh, "Calm down . You are my heiress now, act like me . "
Ever since she joined them, Mei Li had stopped being a little bit afraid of Grandpa Zhao . She stuck her tongue out to him and cutely said, "That's easy for you to say, Grandpa . Grandma is always beside you where ever you go . "
Grandma Zhao giggled at the background as Grandpa Zhao had nothing left to say and just raised his hands to surrender . He glared at his traitorous wife as Grandma Zhao showed Mei Li two thumbs up . When the car stopped, and the guards opened the door, Mei Li wanted to run to Yang's side, but Grandpa Zhao's firm grip on her wrist stopped her like a leash . She pouted as she followed at the snail pace of the elders, going up to the elevator with their numerous guards that brought all employees they passed by to turn their heads and stare .
Mei Li wanted to shy away from the stares but knew that she needs to get used to it . She bore the embarrassment she felt from the stare as they walked into another set of office cubicles of ordinary employees . One of the employees had told them that Yang was on the lower offices, reviewing a new firewall that one of the R&D employees had developed .
The employees were shocked to see the elders of the Zhao Family together with their CEO's fiance . Some were intrigued by the Zhao Family's warm welcome to an orphan into their midst . Grandma Zhao knocked on the small office as she ignored the stares of the employees behind her back .
"Who is it? We are still testing the firewall!" Yang's angry voice called out . The employees prayed that their CEO would not anger his grandparents and would make them lose their jobs in the process .
"I am back," Mei Li shouted .