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Chapter 22

October 28, 20XX (Sunday)

In Zhao Family's Private Jet

Zhao Yang clutched the files in his hands then started separating Mei Li's information from Chen Zhong's . It felt annoying having them beside each other even if it was just paper . He tried to read through the annoyances' files first but the fact that he didn't want to makes it harder so he gave the file to Secretary Bai with a command, "Read it out loud . "

The Secretary already used to his unending requests, did as he was told; "Name: Chen Zhong, Birthday: March 26, 19XX, Age: 26…"

Yang motioned him to stop, "Skip that, I don't need to know that . I want to know if he has some issues, allergies, problems, etc . "

Secretary Bai momentarily paused to scan the words printed on the paper, looking for something to amuse his sadistic employer . He found something after a while, "Father Chen has history borrowing money from loan sharks with reasons such as paying for his son's tuition and some are still unpaid today, yet his mother lives a luxurious life being a socialite, hosting and joining parties, and buying unnecessary items…"

Another tense pause as Secretary Bai scanned the paper again, flipping to the next page for more content, "He is Lactose Intolerant and is known to be picky with food, never been seen eating on restaurants that were below 3 stars . "

The more Secretary Bai read the more he couldn't understand how Mei Li could fall in love and stay with this kind of person for more than three years . Was the beauty blind?

And then the Secretary came upon a sentence that he didn't want to read, he gulped before rereading out loud while praying silently to protect him from this CEO's on-coming wrath, "Chen Zhong has already been with four woman (an estimate) before Wu Mei Li and another three while being with Miss Wu . Their names are Liu-"


Secretary Bai closed his eyes in fear as Yang's clutched fist hit the table that separated their facing seats . CEO Zhao Yang had always been the person to smile at every situation but when his bottom line is crossed, his temper was likened to the eruption of a mega volcano .

Secretary Bai felt his luck has drained .

Yang's eyes flashed with malice, his lips thinned with anger, eyebrows furrowed creating small creases in his forehead, and fists opening and closing trying to relax his tenseness, "Get the files of every girl . "

Secretary Bai nodded his head immediately, scared to provoke the angered man again .

"Contact the moneylender that his father has borrowed from, make it so that he cannot borrow from anyone again, not even one yuan . Procure the evidence of Chen Zhong's affairs; videos, pictures, receipts or records, witnesses, and more . I want it done as soon as possible!"

"Yes, Sir . " The Secretary opened his leather notebook and wrote the things he needed to do in hurried handwriting that didn't seem legible to anyone but the writer .

After a while, Yang's face, that was once marred with anger, smoothened as he leaned into the seat .

"Read Lu Yi Jie's," Yang commanded .

Once again Secretary Bai quickly looked for information that might interest his employer . He scanned through the basic information, then the list of Lu Yi Jie's favourites, then came to stop when he read her relative's names and connections .

"According to these, Lu Yi Jie's aunt from her mother side is named Qin Daxia, who is also a socialite that joins the same group with Chen Hong's mother . Because Qin Daxia has no children, she has taken Lu Yi Jiei into her home after she had arrived in Beijing, treating her like a daughter, and taking her as her plus one on parties . What's more interesting is that those parties are usually hosted by no other than the Mrs Zhao Qinyang, your- . "

"My beloved aunt…" Yang interpreted with a snort . "Did you find evidence how my 'aunt' manage to get my card from the bank?"

Secretary Bai shook his head, "However she did it, she was thorough but we have a video of the parties that took place on your father's hotels… I have the Security Sector already checking for anything suspicious with Mrs Zhao Qinyang . "

Yang closed his eyes ignoring the sound of papers shuffled while processing the news he heard . His aunt must have given the card to Lu Yi Jie at one of her parties but why her? just pick a random woman to frame? How did Lu Yi Jie and Chen Zhong became connected, was it because of the socialites?

This series of events seemed simple at first but this is just one large headache . Everything felt weird for Yang . His meeting with Mei Li, although was done on his own decision, felt controlled by someone else or was this just paranoia . . .

"Is there information on how Chen Zhong and Lu Yi Jie meet?" Yang asked .

Secretary Bai, who was reading the papers, briefly looked up at Yang's eyes and then rereading out loud again, "Chen Zhong is currently working at the Marketing Department in Wei Mei Resorts and Hotels when Lu Yi Jie encountered him working the interior designs for Valentine's Event eight months ago . We have a video of their meeting when we land-"


Secretary Bai closed his eyes in fear once again as Yang's clutched fist hit the same table as before . When the secretary opened his eyes, it widens comically when he saw a small dent after Yang lift his fist . If the CEO's fist had hit a person, he feared it would have been worse than broken bones because the table was not just made of wood but a combination of hard plastic and metal .

Secretary Bai helplessly watched on his seat as the CEO remained quite while starting to read Mei Li's files that were separated . Hopefully whatever was written on those files, might calm the CEO at least for a day because he had an important meeting to attend after landing .

Looking at the angry CEO without the usual fake grin, Secretary Bai suddenly knew everyone in the meeting would suffer . He promptly prayed for everyone's safety because what else could he do?