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Chapter 220
September 20, 20XX (Friday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

In the warmth of her bath, Mei Li sighed in relaxation . Her head leaned back to the edge of the tub as she slowly raised her legs so she can lay on the bathtub . The lavender scent that Yue had given her to try was very relaxing . It almost made Mei Li want to close her eyes and sleep, but the small TV in front of the tub took all her attention .
"Mei Li, are you still in the bath?" Yang hollered to her .
"Yeah!" Mei Li continued as she lowered the volume of what she is watching, "Why? Do you need something?"
"I want to take a shower!" Yang replied .
Mei Li raised her eyebrows and smirked before she shouted back, "Come inside and shower . I am just soaking in the bath . "
Yang was at the door with a towel in hand and a shocked face . His hand was hovering above the doorknob, hesitating whether he would take her offer seriously or was it just a joke? Mei Li must have realized what his silence meant as she shouted, "Come in the bathroom and take your shower already . It's not like I haven't seen everything of you . "
The hovering hands gripped the doorknob and opened the only barrier preventing him from seeing Mei Li in all her naked glory . Yang's eyes popped open as she was in the bathroom with her feet propped into one end of the tub and the other end was her head tilted back . Her perked nipples were in full view . Yang swallowed the saliva that gathered in his mouth as he drooled .
Mei Li turned her head to look at him standing like a tree and raised her right eyebrow and asked, "Aren't you going to shower?"
Yang gulped, "You are a temptress . "
The smirk on her lips made Yang crave for her more . The temptress dares to point on the direction of the shower and then said to him, "Should I remind you of your shower?"
His eyes followed to where she was pointing with annoyance . He still wanted to memorize all of the contours of her body . Oh, how glorious would it be to caress every curve? Yang gulped and madly noted to himself that he would return her teasing once he would have her . He promised that he would not allow her for rest until he was satisfied .
Yang smirked at Mei Li and taunted after licking his lips, "For now, it's your time to tease me, but on our wedding night, it'll be my turn . You better prepare for that . . . "
A blushing Mei Li promptly throw the nearest thing she had in reach- a bottle of essential oil . Yang evaded it while he made his way on the glass shower while snickering . He made sure to undress slowly and dared not to turn to see what Mei Li was doing, but he knew that his perverted fiancee was watching him put on a show . Yang hurried to shower, and surprised Mei Li when he stepped out of the shower with no towel . He walked towards where she was and gestured Mei Li to move, "I change my mind . Let me join you . "
Mei Li's jaw dropped as she saw how hard he was . Did his shower not dampen his desire? Mei Li dared not to move from her place because if she did, he would eat her . Yang smirked as he forcefully took Mei Li out from the bath by carrying her . Mei Li yelped and shrieked while hastily covering her breast and crossing her legs . He stepped into the tub and lowered himself together with the woman in his arms, positioning her to be in front of him . The water overflowed as his desire for her tops into the peak of his control .

Once comfortably inside the tub, Yang's hands wandered around her body . His smirk widens as Mei Li's hands started to loosen and open up to his touches . He traced his way to her large breast with happiness and glee . Yang moved her hair to the side and then placed small light kisses on the back of her neck that made Mei Li moan . Her tiny mewls of content made his hardness twitch . Damn, this temptress in his arms!
"Yang," Mei Li called to him with heavy breathing .
Yang hummed to show he was listening but did not stop his kisses . He paused from fondling her breast when she placed her hands above his and said, "How did Big Brother respond to my decision to hold the wedding in Xue Manor?"
The CEO's desire for her flushed away as he blanched white .
Yang remembered how Chang Min had greeted him in gunpoint before the Xue Elders had stopped their grandson when he delivered the handwritten invitation . Yang cursed how skilled Chang Min was with Martial Arts and weaponry that even if Yang trained every day, he would not reach the same level of excellence as Chang Min . His hardness suddenly fell limp at the thought of being pointed with a sniper gun with only a distance of two meters . If Yang did not love Mei Li, he would have already run far away from her . He had faced death when the car accident happened, but he knew that in Chang Min's hands, he would meet a worse fate than death .
Mei Li did not like his silence and asked, "Do you think Big Brother would tell me the truth about our relationship soon?"
Yang was splashed sober with her words as she splattered to explain in nervousness, "Wha- What do you me-mean? Wha-what relationship?"
Mei Li loudly snorted, "I'm not stupid, Yang . I have eyes and brain that can process how welcoming they are . "
Yang listened to everything that Mei Li said . It seems that he cannot escape this interrogation from her . It was the time that she knows the truth too .