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Chapter 221: 221
September 20, 20XX (Friday)
The Palace Residency- Condominiums

"Your mother had introduced me once as Wu Mei Lin to the guests when you had your birthday party . At first, I thought nothing of it, but when Big brother had taught me weaponry for a week, he mentioned the Xue tradition about their names ending with an 'n' sound . " Mei Li said . She subtly placed Yang's hands to her waist to stop him from fondling her again . It seems her plan to corner him with her suspicions was successful with taming the devil .
Mei Li felt Yang placed one small kiss on her neck before he asked, "Was that the only thing you noticed?"
Mei Li shook her head, "No sane man would sell their condo so cheaply like big brother Chang Min did to me . Grandma and Grandpa Xue also gave me gifts worth more than necessary . They gave me earrings that matched the teardrop diamond engagement ring you gave me . I know that diamonds are expensive especially colored ones . My hair and eyes are somewhat the same color as Big brother Chang Min . Do you know that Grandpa Xue likes cheesecake as I do?"
Yang sighed and tightened his grip to where his hands were, making the flesh of Mei Li's back adhere to his . He kissed and sucked on the side of her neck, marking his territory on her body . Yang wanted to tell her the truth . He has been itching to do so ever since she was his girlfriend, but he knew that this is not his secret to share . Although he can confirm a few of her suspicions, "I can only be honest with you about my position . You know that if I told you, your big brother would have more reason to tear me apart . I have been annoying him to tell you the truth since I respect your brother too much to take that right from him . "
"So he is my brother," Mei Li hummed a prolonged sound of contemplation . She was not satisfied with getting only that, but it was the best that she could get from someone that should not be talking about it . Mei Li knew that if she wants answers, the Xue family would be the best people to ask . They are the main people that know, and they are the ones that owe her the truth .
Yang pinched her right nipple, causing her to jump in his sudden attack before he warned her, "If Chang Min tells you, you better act surprise and do not mention my name . "
Mei Li turned her waist to face him . Yang moaned when he saw all of her front naked body . His throat dried even if he swallowed his saliva to wet it . He felt like he hasn't had water for a month . The thirst was so intense especially when she climbed on him and snaked her arms in his neck then stared at his eyes so close that their noses touched .
"Did you have your tuxedo for the wedding adjusted?" Mei Li asked .
Yang snaked his arms on her small waist bring her chest glued to his . If she was going to talk about their wedding plan while being nude, he was going to take every drop of chances he can get . He nodded, making his nose glide against hers in an accidental Eskimo kiss .
"Did you deliver all the letters I wrote?" Mei Li asked .
Yang pecked her lips a little after he nodded . He opened his mouth and flinched when Mei Li pulled his hair at the back of his head to stop him from deepening his kiss . He licked his lips at her aggressive behavior . Damn, she was hot being on top of him and leading him on like this . The thirsty man in him craved to lick all the tiny droplets of water in her skin .
"Can you help me buy some things for the wedding?" Mei Li asked as she made their noses touch again in a gentle Eskimo kiss before she hugged him and buried her face in his neck .
Yang's perverted hands traveled back and forth on her back before he asked, "What things?"
Mei Li kissed his lips before she drawled out like a cat, "Choose the underwear set that I will be wearing . "
Yang froze with eye comically wide open . Mei Li took this chance to get out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her . The CEO wiped his nose, hoping that he had not had a nosebleed as he envisioned Mei Li in every type of underwear . Mei Li leaned down to peck his lips again and teased, "I will wait for your gift . You can choose any color you want . "
As Mei Li begun to leave, Yang stopped her by the wrist . Mei Li looked down to where her fiance was leisurely bathing and tilted her head to the side in a cute and confused manner . Yang smirked and said, "If I want you to wear nothing underneath your wedding gown, will you?"
Mei Li knew she was being teased back so she mocked, "If that is what my soon-to-be husband would want, your soon-to-be wife will comply . "
Yang's grip on her wrist tightens before he let go with a smirk that made Mei Li's legs feel like jelly, "You better be prepared for me on our wedding night . "
"Oh, I have been ready ever since you I said yes . " Mei Li walked towards the door, and as she closed it, she drawled, "Be sure that the bra is strapless . "
Yang's eyes followed her movements . Seeing her disappear, he clicked his tongue as he saw his harden member . Suddenly, he realized how he has been played by her . Mei Li had expertly maneuvered him to play with her games using the secrets that he knows, which she was also sure of the truth . The opportunistic CEO has been taken advantaged by his fiancee .