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Chapter 222
October 12, 20XX (Saturday)
Various Places

Mother Zhao had gotten used to Mei Li and Yang going to the Manor on Wednesday nights and spending the whole Saturday with them . Every Sunday, they would go to their hopeful adopted children to play or teach them anything they needed or wanted . Because of this, the orphanage has guards everywhere surrounding it like the manor . The orphanage's surveillance has also been upgraded and is now connected to the places they guard .
The things that Mei Li and Yang have been doing has made her very proud of them . They have been consistent in their doings and had proven their grit for taking responsibilities with the consequences of their decisions . Mother Zhao had been happy to have children calling her phone to talk about nonsensical things too . Sweet Ling Ling would speak to Mother Zhao every reason she could think off, and Responsible Chang would report about their days and what he had learned like a true scholar . She admits that her son and future daughter-in-law's decision to adopt was the right one .
What she hates was when the two would come to her when they fight . Mother Zhao had been pulling her hair in frustration at Yang and Mei Li bantering and arguing about the type of house they want to buy for their future family . She pinched the bridge of her nose as she watched Yang and Mei Li start another round of argument in front of her .
"We need a modern contemporary house!" Yang insisted .
Mei Li snorted as she crossed her arms, "We have children; modern houses have lines that are dangerous for children!"
"Children can grow up!" Yang said with his arm flaring around with his irritation . Mother Zhao raised one eyebrow in amusement at her son . She knows he used these excessive hand movements when he was annoyed but doesn't know what to do .
"Well, we won't have grown up children if they bump into those sharp edges and die!" Mei Li's soft and sultry voice was starting to rise in volume . She must be quiet passionate about this .
Mother Zhao nodded, she agreed more too Mei Li's points because she had also been a mother to one very active daughter that does not have great coordination- Yue . Honestly, she was in favor with Mei Li's side than her son's .
"I told you that there is no available place we can buy that is traditional and family friendly! We can renovate the house to be kid-friendly if you really wanted . I have the money to provide for that!" Yang's arms flared again as he explained .
Mother Zhao sighed, she didn't know why they have been arguing with her in front of them . The fact that this fight has been happening when they had stayed in the Manor last Wednesday night, and Mother Zhao had asked them if they had found the right house for their growing family to reside in . Feeling somewhat responsible for being the cause of this ongoing argument, Mother Zhao clear her throat before saying, "Why don't you stay here in the Manor? Your father and I are here to help you with the children if you needed some rest . It is not easy to take care of kids while also caring for your business, and Mei Li have to paint and take lessons with Grandfather too . I think staying in the Manor would be great until you find the right house . "

"We need to have proper ownership of the house and the needed documents to give to the government as one of the requirements for our adoption with Ling Ling and Chang," Yang told .
Mother Zhao hummed in contemplation before she spoke, "Alright, I will take care of your housing . I'm sure I can find some place that is readily available . This will be my advance wedding gift to you two . "
Mother Zhao gestured them to go out with her right hand as her left hand pinched the bridge of her nose again, feeling the headache rising to the surface . Young couples and their fights! She sighed again for the nth time; it was hard to be a mother especially when your son is Zhao Yang, and your future daughter-in-law was an equally bullheaded Mei Li .
The recently engaged couple went out of the door looking hopeful . When the door closed and the couple was out from Mother Zhao's hearing range, Yang turned to Mei Li and raised his left hand .
Mei Li raised her right hand to meet with his in a loud high five . Yang's shoulder shook with glee, while Mei Li's lips were lined with amusement . Their plan to annoy Mother Zhao to take care of the house they live in was a successful plan .
Yang ruffled Mei Li's hair and squeezed the words out between laughter, "This is the first time I fooled my mother . "
Mei Li slapped Yang's naughty hands off of her head as she smugly complimented herself, "Only because I am genius enough to know Mother Zhao's weaknesses . "
Yang couldn't help but nod in agreement . Zhao Hui Ying was his mother, but he never realized how easily the woman could cave if she were irritated enough to deal with the events . The fact that their plan was successful with her finding out of the truth was only because Mei Li had shown Yang how he should behave . He made sure to flare his hands as he talked and had even sounded desperate by saying the right words that were also taught by his fiance .
When Yang heard the plan that Mei Li had concluded, he was awed to see how much Mei Li sees but kept silent . She was a very observant lady, and he knew that this would not bode well with him .
Today, Yang learned to never keep his secrets from Mei Li .