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Chapter 223: 223
October 14, 20XX (Monday) "Mei Li!" Yue shouted with words of grumble ready to sprout from her lips . Hao Chen was beside her smiling like he hadn't been affected by the loud voice Yue had used . They enter the room Yang and Mei Li shared at Zhao Manor with ease . Mei Li turned back to where Yue was and tilted her head in confusion . What did she do now? She knew that she wasn't doing anything wrong . Yang on her side was also raising his eyebrows in surprise . It was not unusual for his sister to be angry, but it was uncommon for her to be mad at Mei Li . Yue treasured Mei Li more than she cherishes her older brother . That was the fact that Yang had to swallow every day . It was also one of the reasons that Yang had avoided Mei Li for years . "I need help with the decorations," "Was that all?" Mei Li sighed in relief, "I thought you were mad at me! Don't do that again!" "I need help with the flower arrangement . I'm not creative enough for this . " "Why don't you use that man behind you?" Yang asked as he put the papers in his hands down . Hao Chen smiled at Yang before his eyes shifted to connect with Yue's and said, "She would not believe me that I know flower arrangement . " "But that is such a girly thing," Yue giggled "Hao Chen's mother like flowers and vases . He learned it for her . " Yang slapped the back of his little sister's head at her stereotypical comment . Yue looked at the man beside her with awe, "Are you not afraid that people are going to judge you?" Hao Chen shrugged, "People will judge you with whatever you do, might as well give them something to judge . " Yue blinked her eyes numerous of times as she registered what his words meant and then her eyes brightened as she saw him in a new light . Hao Chen smiled at Yue again for the nth time . Ever since they started their little dates, Hao Chen had always followed after her likes and hates . He never once complained about what she had called him to do . One time, just to be extra, Yue flew back to Beijing and had called Hao Chen at dawn to pick her up at the airport . Even then, Hao Chen had not grumbled . Yue had tried demanding things that were supposedly out of his capacity to buy as an heir, but he did . Now, Yue owned sports cars and yachts that she did not use . She had wondered where he got the money from, but when she realized who Hao Chen's friends are, she did not think twice about shrinking her doubts off . Her brother was known to influence people to be great, so it isn't farfetched to say that Hao Chen had other business that he doesn't want his family knowing . Mei Li and Yang were staring at them with the same smirk plastered in their faces . It was apparent that Yue had swooned at Hao Chen's words . Hao Chen was too much of a sweetheart to move first, so Mei Li and Yang must speed up the process . Mei Li cleared her throat to interrupt them passionately gazing at each other's eyes . The painter placed her hands above Yang and said, "Yue, you asked me before who the best man will be Yang's best man . Yang and I have decided that Hao Chen is the perfect candidate for the job . " Yang nodded to show his agreement and dared not to smile . If he did, he would start laughing at his fiancee's subtle manipulation and would destroy all of her fun . He has seen how amazingly cunning Mei Li truly is, and it always awed him how easy it was for her . Hao Chen was surprised; he had thought that Xue Chang Min would be the best man since he was Mei Li's brother . It never occurred to him that he would be the one walking down the aisle with Yue . The thought brought excitement in his veins . He and Yue hand in hand where many people could see them, together! Yue's eyes brightened and squealed as she hugged Hao Chen's left arm in a tight grip, grinning, "Since you are the best man, you will help me with the flowers and the decorations! We need to have your tuxedo fitted . Help me pick the design of the wedding cake too . " Suddenly, Mei Li and Yang were left staring at empty space as Yue dragged Hao Chen out the room with excited chatter . The painter was the first one to laugh, "You suck at design and Yue suck at decorating . I think I see the trend in your family . " Yang savagely pulled her close and kissed her lips so hard and so deep that when they pulled away, Mei Li was left breathless . He carried her to sit on his lap as he kissed her, and when she realized where she was, Mei Li had to stop herself from letting him continue his ministrations . His hands were always the most perverted part of him that roamed around her body, his eyes not included . His eyes were too pretty for Mei Li to call corrupt . "What about Chang Min?" Yang asked after a moment of silence after their smooch . Mei Li shrugged, "I'll tell him the truth, and I need something to show him that I want to hear the truth . " "So you tasked Hao Chen to be the best man so you can blackmail Chang Min for the truth?" Mei Li stared at Yang and pouted, "Why do you have to make me feel like some bad person . I am just hinting at Big brother that if he wants to mean in of my life, he needs to fess up the truth . " "Subtle blackmail then," Yang deadpanned . Mei Li pouted again; she wasn't blackmailing! She was subtly manipulating her actions to show meaning!