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Chapter 224: 224
October 14, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places

Hao Chen tried not to let the hand holding his left wrist bother him too much . He struggled not to blush as he felt the warmth of her touch but failed to do so . His usual charming and caring smile was replaced by a silly broad grin with cheeks tinted with a pinkish hue that matched the colors of Yue's fingernails . He didn't care about anything else but the woman that was dragging him to a store .
The moment that the salesladies greeted them, Hao Chen realized that it was not the time to daydream of his love for this oblivious woman . He sighed, slowly, as Yue had not realized nor seen his embarrassed state . Hao Chen has been so obvious; he had done what she wanted and had gone above and beyond for her demands . What else can he do to make this female Zhao realize his feelings for her?
"Chen, you try this one!" Yue handed him a hanger with a white suit . Hao Chen raised one eyebrow in confusion . Now that he saw the color, he remembered reading from Mei Li's invitation that all guest will wear white . That was weird for a wedding . Typically, the bride is the one that wears white .
Hao Chen's thoughts were interrupted as Yue handed him more hangers with different hues of white to try . She was like a playful fairy fleeting around in search for fun as she skipped from one rack of tailored clothes to another . Hao Chen followed her around with the same practiced smile that he usually had .
"That one looks ama-!" In her haste to run towards the suit in the mannequin, Yue lost her balance . Her expensive bag went flying out of her hands, and her eyes closed bearing herself for the impact of her inevitable fall . She shouldn't have worn high heels .
In a blink of an eye, Yue fell with a soft thud of her head meeting someone's chest . She felt her arms being gripped to steady her up and heard the sound of hangers dropping to the floor in succession . Her eyes opened with surprise, making her turn her head to see who had moved fast enough to catch her .
"Will you let the salesladies pick something instead? We have time . " Hao Chen said . His hands held her steady and helped her stand up .
Yue blinked her surprise away . She could not believe how toned and warm his body felt . Yue pouted, "You said you have something to do later! We need to hurry . !"
"I will cancel my appointment . It is not important . I will stay with you as long as you need me . " Hao Chen said as he took his phone from his pocket and dialed someone without hesitation . He turned his back to Yue and
Yue could only watch with jaws dropped on the floor at his immediate response . His words are a few, but they were meaningful . Just three short sentences but she felt more important than anything he has in his life . Yue touched the place where Hao Chen had held to help steady her . Why does it feel warmer every time he touches her? She gathered the ends of her long hair and covered her face with it as she felt herself growing warm at the thought of her Chen being that close to her .
The salesladies on the side were internally squealing in excitement at the scene that they had seen, like a sweet movie of a couple in love . A charming man and a beautiful lady; it was a match made in heaven .
When Hao Chen finished his phone call, he turned back to Yue and gestured for her to sit at one of the couches near the fitting room . He then motioned for the salesladies to take the fallen clothes and said, "I would like to try those clothes one by one, please . "
For two hours, Yue was grinning like crazy as Hao Chen modeled to her every clothes she picked . It was refreshing to be the spectator and not the model for once . She opened her gallery and scrolled at the tones of pictures of Hao Chen wearing white suits . He was gorgeous in white . . . like an angel . In their wedding, she wants to see him in pure white with his hair sleeked back .
"So what am I going to buy?" Hao Chen sat beside her like a cat without any noise .
Yue dropped her phone to the ground in her surprise as she jumped from her seat to stand . Hao Chen chuckled at her overreactions and how natural it was for her to do . He bent down to take her phone from the floor and briefly looked at the reason why she was so preoccupied . His cheeks colored as he saw his photos, and zoom in pictures of him smiling .
Pouting, Yue crossed her arms . "Why did you sit beside me?!
"Because," Hao Chen smiled, locking the phone so Yue could not realize that he knew what she was doing . He patted the place beside him and continued, "you are here . "
"That's not what I meant!" Yue stomped her feet like a child . She clutched the fabric of her clothes near her left chest to add more drama to her added words, "You scared me . "
"I am sorry . " Hao Chen smiled .
Yue's right eyebrow twitched in annoyance . She stomped her right foot before she sat beside him . If he were truly sorry, he would not have smiled while apologizing . She snatched her phone from his hand with a cute glare directed at Hao Chen .
"What are you doing with your phone that you did not notice me sit beside you?"
"Nothing," Yue squeaked . Her face flushed red like a tomato against her pearly skin .
Hao Chen hid the grin in his face with one hand as he turned his head to the other side .
Today was a beautiful day .