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Chapter 225
October 14, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places

Zhao Yue knew how easy it was to get anything she wants from Hao Chen and that is why she hesitated to take advantage of his kindness . It made her feel annoyed how compliant he was; what if someone took advantage of him? Yue was horrified of someone using Hao Chen because of his understanding nature . She was glad that her sadistic big brother and his evil friends are behind this smiling man, supporting him .
Yue needs to be firmer with Hao Chen . Men like him are the ones easily swayed by pretty girls . Hao Chen needs to have grit and be a little forceful if needed be . How was she going to work in peace abroad when she is worried about him?!
"Chen, let's go sightseeing!" Yue demand
Hao Chen nodded immediately . Yue beamed at him and excitedly went inside his car's passenger seat and bouncing on the chair like a child waiting to unwrap her Christmas gift . Inside her, emotions warred with a strength that can topple walls built around the heart . He always says yes to whatever she liked, but at the same time, Yue wants to do what he wants too .
Hao Chen slid on the driver's seat and started the engine . Before the car moved, Yue blushed red when her driver reached to the other side of her and pulling her seatbelt towards him then securely fastening it to protect her . By doing so, it gave Yue a chance to smell the fragrance that she knew all too well .
"Is that the perfume I bought for you in Japan?" Yue asked with a broad grin .
Hao Chen turned his head to the other side to hide his blush and continued to distract himself with little things in the car . Yue snickered loudly, causing his blush to worsen . Her amusement reached its peak when Hao Chen remained silent the rest of the drive but his eyes still briefly glide to watch her . She grinned, giddy when she noticed because she never took her eyes off of him . Realizing her intense stare, Hao Chen had blushed so hard that it spread down his neck, beyond a place of his body than what she could see . Yue has never been so tempted to undress a man to see where his blush ends than she is now .
Once arriving in a place nearby that had a grand view of the nearest mountain, Yue stood in awe at the colors of autumn . Having a painter as her best friend, Yue had grown to appreciate the colors of everything her eyes could see and sought to learn more . In fact, knowing more about colors was useful in her career as a model .
Rushing to the rail along the edge of the mountain, Yue left Hao Chen behind . She spread her arms wide and took a deep breath of fresh unpolluted air given by the surrounding trees . Yue turned to Hao Chen, arms tuck behind her back, a smile wide enough to reach her ears, and clothes floating like it was made of heavenly thread by an angel's hands .
Hao Chen was awestruck of her beauty .
Suddenly, the wind grew playful and lifted Yue's skirt up above her knees . Yue frantically pulled it down with embarrassment, hoping Hao Chen did not see her panties . The youngest Zhao cursed the wind for upskirting her like a damn pervert .

Yue looked up to see Hao Chen and was horrified at his red face and his large right hand covering his nose and mouth at the same time . She would have been amused at his tomato flushed face if she wasn't the reason for it .
They stood in silence for a while; Yue with a face that had seen a horrific disaster while Hao Chen with a look that has seen heaven . Red panties suit her creamy legs well . Hao Chen pushed his perverted thoughts about her red laced underwear and shed his outer jacket off of his person, and tied it to her waist without a word . As much as he wanted to see everything of her, now was not the time . He made sure that his jacket was tightly tied on her waistline .
"Thank you," Yue said, with her heart melted . No man can be this gentleman as Hao Chen can . She has found a man that was so gentle and so perfect that Yue was tempted to pinch his skin if it was made of plastic . No man could be this perfect .
Unbeknownst to Yue, Hao Chen signaled his men to hide as they went down the mountain to go back to Zhao Manor . Hao Chen had not realized that Yue had thought of him as a man close enough to be a saint . In fact, Hao Chen was anything but saint-like . He deals with money lending and is the best sniper of their group . His hands might have never touched the blood of his enemies, but his hands had spilled blood more than any average man could handle . He was only this gentleman because the woman beside him was none other than the woman he had been coveting for years .
Hao Chen noticed Ye Lan walking on a particular street as he drove . Sneaking a peek at Yue, he decided not to involve her with his underworld business . Hao Chen asked Yue, acting as if his hands did not itch to take his gun out and kill the slut of a woman his older brother is dating, "Yue, can you text your brother for me?"
"Sure, what do I say?"
"Tell him I saw a duck walking near B Street and ask him if I should follow?" Hao Chen grinned at Yue as if his words made sense .
Yue laughed as she typed the words in a short message . Snickering as she read the reply that came after, "Don't follow the duck . My sister might get the wrong idea . "