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Chapter 226
October 18, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

It was supposed to be an ordinary day . Zhao Yang had stayed at home to join Mei Li with doing nothing but be bored as they wait for their wedding . Yang had not left Mei Li's side since she had come back to Beijing from her trip with his grandparents . He had made sure to spend every second with her, afraid of October 21 coming . Everyone had decided that he cannot see Mei Li from that date until the day she will walk the aisle in her wedding dress . Traditions; who said that they have to be followed?
"Yang, let's go!" Mei Li's frantic shout interrupted his thoughts .
"Go, where?" Yang asked with confusion . Did she eat something unusual again?
Mei Li stood up from the sofa that they were lounging on and declared, "I need to find out the truth before our wedding!"
The CEO's eyes widen like saucers . He knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later . He had been amazed that Mei Li could make it without knowing everything until now . If he had been on her shoes, Yang would have long demanded answers, but he could not understand one thing, so he asked, "And why am I going with you?"
"Moral support . "
Yang raised his right eyebrow as he bewilderedly asked, "What the heck am I going to do, cheer for you?"
Mei Li pulled his hands to signal him to come with her, "Come on, just come with me . "
"No," Yang deadpanned . He had no motivation to go out and face Chang Min . For Yang, meeting that friend of his while Mei Li would demand answers would be asking for death . He would rather be alive to marry Mei Li .
"You are just scared that Big Brother Chang Min will kill you . . . "Mei Li taunted .
"You aren't convincing me . . . " Yang said as if the truth could taunt him . He might be a powerful CEO, but Chang Min had the heavier punch . Yang was not blind from reality .
"Please? I will protect you . " Mei Li stared straight at his eyes . She pouted as she leaned closer to him with her eyes still connected with his . Mei Li knew that pleading with her eyes always gets him moving .
"Fine," Yang grumbled as he stood up and took one car key out of his ten other in his collection . He needed to develop immunity from her eyes and her cute pouts . Yang allowed her to perch herself in his arm as they walked to the car, guards followed after them like their shadows .
Once seated inside the sports car, Yang asked, "Should we go to Xue Manor immediately?"
Mei Li nodded as she fastened her seatbelt . Her teeth were beginning to bite her lips with anxiousness . Ever since she realized and understood her orphan life, she had never dreamt of knowing her real family . As a child that had thought she had nothing, Mei Li had prepared herself with a life full of struggles to survive . She had not prepared herself well for this day .
"Calm down . "
Brown eyes met with dark eyes; her anxiousness made it watery . The car stopped and parked on the side of the street . Yang unfastened his seatbelt and hugged her close to him . Mei Li did not realize that her nervousness had made her cry . She felt her hands started to shake, and her throat dry . Her mind was in disarray just thinking about the truth . What if she was not welcome as a member of the Xue family? What if she would be ignored after she knows the truth? Can she take the rejection from the family that she had dreamt of ever since a child?

The hands that were caressing her back did not stop as her sobs lessened and Mei Li began to calm down . Yang could see her confusion and fear, and it broke him to know that she had to feel this . If he could take her pain and confusion away, he would even if they had to exchange their hearts . Yang slowly kissed the edge of her eyes as his thumb wiped away her tears .
"Sorry, I was the one who was so excited to come and ask questions, but I am also the one who is so nervous and-" "No apologies . Never apologize for showing me your true feelings . " Yang interrupted her after placing a soft and gentle kiss on her lips .
Yang ran his fingers in her hair to move it away from her face while he added, "Whatever you will discover, it will not change anything . Whatever you will know about your past, we will still marry . Whatever the outcome, I still want to be your husband . We will uncover the truth, not because it is needed for our future, but because the truth will give you peace of mind . "
Yang pulled her cheeks upwards so her lips would look like it was smiling . He snorted as Mei Li tried to push him away and failing . Kissing her lips again before Yang asked, "Do you remember what I told you on the phone when you doubted my love for you while wearing that wedding dress that I have yet to see?"
"You said that I could doubt if the earth is round, but I can't doubt the love that you have for me . " Mei Li nodded, her blush spreading as Yang kissed her lips again . Ever since he had known why she wanted him to apply lip balm, Yang had taken care of his lips better than he took care of his cars . Mei Li was glad that he did because she benefited greatly .
"Bear that in mind . Whatever happens, my love will remain . Is that not enough?" Yang asked while starting to drive again .
Mei Li slumped in her seat and murmured, "Now, I am scared of losing you too . "
Yang snorted, "Now you know how I feel every day . "