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Chapter 227
October 18, 20XX (Friday)
Xue Manor

Entering the massive doors of the estate, Yang led Mei Li in her course . The woman was still emotional and dragged her feet, so Yang had to pull her to move at a reasonable pace . She was behaving like a child, but she looked too cute for him to chastise .
As if by fate, it was Chang Min that received them in the entrance . He briefly stared at their joined hands before he asked, "Mei Li, how come you arrive here early? I thought you were coming here to prepare this Sunday . "
"Mei Li would like to ask you something," Yang said while he nudged Mei Li .
The painter wrung her hands together . On their car ride to Xue Manor, Mei Li had been advised by Yang to be blunt and demanding . The CEO had even told her to use her tears if it was necessary .
"I want to know why your family left me in the orphanage . " Mei Li demanded, provoking the anger in herself .
Xue Chang Min had never known that Mei Li's gentle and lethargic-sounding voice could bear so much malice . The most surprising thing was how Mei Li uttered the words 'your family' as if she was not a part of it . His narrowed eyes look at Yang with a bit of hurt and anger . Yang must have told her the truth . It was not his secret to share!
Mei Li moved to stand between the two men regardless of her lack of intimidation because of her height . Yang almost snorted that the petite painter wanted to protect himself, the six feet tall giant . It was like Jack guarding the beanstalk .
"Don't drag Yang into this! I was the one who noticed the little things . I noticed Mother Zhao and Grandma Zhao mistakingly calling me Mei Lin, to Aunt Qinyang's warm welcome of me that she had given me a diamond set that cost more than all my painting a combined! I saw how my room here was prepared close to your private quarters instead of the guest bedroom; the servants were gossiping how unnatural you all are to me . " Mei Li ranted .
Seeing how their grandson was held up, the elder Xue couple went down to the entrance to see who was holding Chang Min back . In the process of drawing closer to them, the elderly heard everything that Mei Li had said . They look at each other and sighed . It was time for the truth to come .
"Mei Li, dear, why not join us in the living room so we can talk about it while we sit down . " Grandma Xue smiled, putting a little ease in the growing tension . Yang bowed his head to greet the old couple to show his respect .
Grandpa Xue patted Yang's shoulder three times and said, "You have done well in keeping this from your fiancee . "
Yang nodded, happy inside for his efforts being acknowledged rather than hated as Chang Min did . Sometimes, Yang cannot understand his friend's brain . Wouldn't it be best for Mei Li to know now that Arcadia is slowly dying? For him, telling Mei Li was the best course of action for her protection . Aside from giving her doubts some clarity, this move would make Mei Li think twice about her actions that might cause trouble and would lessen her questions about her over-the-top security .

Once everyone was seated on their seats at the large western Victorian styled living room, Grandpa Xue was the one to start the conversation . He asked as his hands grip his wife's for support, "What do you want to know?"
"Why was I left in the orphanage?" Mei Li asked, "Who decided to leave me there? When was I left there? Who are my parents? Why are you hiding this from me? If I did not discover this, will you ever tell me? What did I do wrong to be left in the orphanage?"
"Nothing, you did nothing wrong!" Chang Min declared, voice loud because of his displeasure .
Mei Li, who was already emotional, began to cry . Her tears from their way to the manor returned greater than when she had in the car . Yang put his right hand on her left thigh to comfort her . Chang Min grew restless as his little sister's sobs worsen . Yang drew her closer to him, showing and letting her feel that she was not alone . Mei Li subconsciously leaned towards him, pulling strength from his warm embrace .
Grandma Xue glared at her impulsive grandson and commanded him, "Sit down . We will talk without raising our voices . "
Immediately sitting down, Chang Min could not help but sulk at the side . His ears were listening to their conversation instead of actively participating . He knew that he was just as emotional as Mei Li, so joining in the conversation would lead to shouting and pointing who was right or wrong . It was hard to refrain himself from talking when all he ever wanted was to yell their real connection .
Grandpa Xue began, "You were given to the orphanage not because we hated you, but because it was necessary for your safety . Your safety was the main reason and nothing else . "
"Why?" Mei Li needed to know more .
"Your father is not an ordinary man . He was a politician, a government agent, and hailed from a long line of militants in Europe . It is not a surprise that he had enemies in every corner of the word because of it . Unfortunately, our daughter, your mother, feel for this kind of man . " Grandma Xue explained . Her age showed on her face, the tired line of worry had deepened with every word .
"Who?" Mei Li hurt to see the usually smiling elder show such a pained expression as if she relived the day of her greatest hurts .
"Your mother was Xue Mu Lan, and your father is Jerome Bonaparte . "
Mei Li choked in her surprise . Who?!