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Chapter 23

October 28, 20XX (Sunday)

The Grand Royal Palace Hotel- Milan

Meanwhile, Mei Li arrived at Italy with a large grin and eyes flashing in mischief . Spending 1 hour and a half listening to Li Ru Shi and Alexandre retelling all the embarrassing and funny moments they shared with Yang and Yue, made her mood light and airy . Especially when she heard how much Yang sucked at anything art related but fortunately could do impressive calligraphy . Now she knows why Yang kept on asking for her explanations at the Louvre, he really had no idea . Just remembering his endless question brought a giggle out of Mei Li's lips .

Mei Li arrived at the hotel, only to discover that the Li couple was just one floor away from hers . Because she was with two important guests, she was also in-turned given the VIP treatment . They checked-in without worry, Mei Li's face showed worry as she was given the card key for the only penthouse in the hotel .

She looked at Ru Shi with wonder, "Why am I on a penthouse and you two are on the Executive suite, have we been exchanged?"

Alexandre snickered in his reply, "Are you always this forgetful? This is one of Father Zhao's Hotels, he had already reserved the Penthouse for Mother Zhao's and your excursion . Yang only had to call his father for your early arrival . "

"Right, Rich Bastards…" Mei Li murmured lugging her luggage into a cart . Only for the bellboy to hurriedly pick away from her hands, leaving her with nothing to do but stand feeling inefficient . Ru Shi and Alexandre snickered together again while watching Mei Li .

"You two are also rich bastards, for your information…" Mei Li said loud enough for the couple to hear, which made them laugh louder at her .

It was clear how unused Mei Li was with being assisted or helped . It made the couple more interested on how Yang would react when he realized how much a miser Mei Li really is .

Arriving at the 7th floor first, the couple bid a short farewell to Mei Li .

"I'll text you for dinner!" Ru Shi told .

"We're eating together?" Mei Li snorted . Yue and Ru Shi were like two pairs of twins only with different faces but same personality . Both even work on the same entertainment industry . Are all models and actresses, sunny and happy?

"Of course! I still have questions you need to answer!" Ru Shi said before the elevator closed, Mei Li sighed after while lightly shaking her head . She had never expected the elegant Ru Shi on TV to be so demanding in real life .

For two hours, Mei Li spent it looking around the two bedroom penthouse, unpacking her dresses into her closet at the smallest room, and spreading her necessities into the vanity table that looked far too expensive to be used . Knowing Ru Shi could message her any time, she quickly took a bath .

The Painter was getting ready to dress when her phone vibrated in her hands . She opened the message and read, 「Can we order room service and talk in your room? Alexandre have business to do . 」

Mei Li quickly replied before she wore the pyjamas she prepared on her bed, 「Alright, come up anytime . I'll unlock the door so don't bother knocking . 」

She waited for Ru Shi to come at the large living room that had a wonderful view of the night lights of Milan on one of the couches that were deceivingly comfortable but looked otherwise . She ponders what Ru Shi would ask her about? Probably concerning her break up… the actress had shown interest in her life when they had started texting online .

True to her instructions, Ru Shi did not knock and sashayed into Mei Li's view with a grin wearing the white hotel robe and very fluffy slippers . Mei Li had to roll her eyes at the questionable footwear, it looked like she as wearing a poor imitation of a lionhead rabbit .

Occupying the space beside Mei Li on the couch, Ru Shi said, "So tell me more…"

Mei Li's eyebrows rose with her questions, "Huh? about what?"

"About you and Yang! About your Ex! About your love life! Everything!"

"You already know the story of that . " The painter rolled her eyes after sighing loudly .

"Yeah, but I heard from Yue that you already knew about his affairs before Paris happened! I need the whole truth!"

There was a tense silence that prevailed between the two women but Ru Shi's eyes shone with curiosity . Her dark brown eyes wide while looking hopefully at Mei Li .

"It's not interesting… besides, it won't affect your life if you don't know . " Mei Li tried to make her lose interest .

"Of course, it could affect me! Aside from leaving me unsatisfied… Lu Yi Jie, have aspirations in modelling . Being her senior, I need to know this event . What greater source than you!" Tactless, that what Ru Shi really is but at least she asked personally and not through other means that was unsavoury .

"You need to learn tact . " deadpan Mei Li with an emotionless face .

Ru Shi merely waved her hand infant of Mei Li with insistent eyes, "I know how to be tactful but I don't have to hide myself with you and stop avoiding my demands…"

Mei Li sighed for the nth time . Ru Shi was like an overbearing big sister that wouldn't let you go unless her demands are met .

Hesitantly Mei Li started to talk, "Chen Zhong is his name . We meet at one of the parties that my college friends who majored in Arts held . To tell you the truth, it happened fast . I guess I was too in love with the concept of falling in love that I never really stopped and think about our compatibility . Only when we started living together did I notice how different we truly are . Aside from our love of arts, we could not find other common ground . We argue about the smallest things…"

"… and most of the time, you let him win . I can somewhat relate… I've also been in a relationship like that . " Ru Shi nodded to her, motioning Mei Li to continue .

The painter already had tears gathering in her eyes, making the beautifully lit brown eyes glassy and faded .