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Chapter 230
October 21-22, 20XX
Xue Manor

Yang hated October 21 with a passion . Don't get him wrong; he didn't hate the exact date but rather the thing that he was forced to do in that exact date . According to traditions, he cannot see the bride before the wedding day, so Yang had to go a whole day without a glimpse of his beautiful fiancee .
Chang Min had been the person that delivered their messages with each other because Mother Zhao kept Yang's phone as Mei Lin's phone was usually given for the kids to play around . Yang hated the feeling of discomfort as he thought of the possible outcome that they would have if their wedding is going to be ambushed .
Jerome Bonaparte had volunteered to secure the premises of Zhao Manor in their stead for the staged wedding as the real wedding proceeds in the Xue Manor . All the Zhao and Xue family was surprised when the Bonaparte offered his service and losing his chance to spend more time with Mei Lin on her real wedding so that she would be safe on the fake one . Jerome Bonaparte may have had shitty decisions in concern to Mei Lin's past; he still loved his daughter more than he loved being acknowledged by her . If only Mei Lin could see what his father is doing now .
After more minutes pass, Yang got up and walked to the door . Chang Min and Hao Chen barricaded him; arms spread wide . Yang's eyebrows twitched in irritation . He wants to see Mei Lin, dammit!
"Where are you going?" Chang Min asked with narrowed eyes . Yang wanted to choke him; this paranoid crazy older brother! The groom's palms were starting to sweat; the nerves finally getting to him .
"I'm going to pee," Yang made an excuse . He needed to see Mei Lin and comfort himself with her presence .
Hao Chen grinned and pointed at the bathroom ensuite to his room . Yang's eyebrows twitched again . He wants to choke his sister's boyfriend too .
Suddenly, Hao Chen's phone rang and both CEO heard the loud voice of Yue exclaiming, "Come here at Mei Lin's room! She wants to talk to Big brother but stay behind the door and don't come inside!"
With those words heard, Yang pushed himself to the door and walked with large strides that made him look like a lunatic was after his hide . Chang Min and Hao Chen chased after him like rabid dogs . They have never seen their friend acting this childish just for one person . Mei Lin has caused great waves in Yang's ocean of calmness . It did not take long for them to arrive at the door of Mei Lin's doors . Yue was at the door waiting for Yang, and when she saw him, she immediately said, "You can't see her, but you can talk to her . "
"Yang, are you there? Can you hear me?" Mei Lin's voice echoed from the other side of the door . Yang's hands instantly touched the hard-wooded door that separated them .
"I am here," He confirmed, ignoring the looks from the people that were watching his moves like a predator .
"I will see you tomorrow?" Mei Lin's voice cracked, and her anxiousness also showed . Yang's heart melted as she allowed herself to be weak after he arrived .

"Of course . I will be waiting at the end of the aisle . Don't keep me waiting for too long . "
Mei Lin said with a lighter and brighter voice, "Should I be the one waiting for you them?"
"No, never . I can wait . " His answer was so instantaneous that Mother Zhao was awed at his certainty .
She asked, "To our future together?"
"As long as you are beside me, the future matters not; only you . I love you without hesitation . "
Mei Li added, " . . . and I love you without regrets . "
Everyone that bore witness to the scene had mixed reactions; some was annoyed at eating dog food while others were touched . Chang Min showed his protectiveness as he cut the scene with a knife masked in concern, "The two of you need to go back to your rooms to rest . Both of you need to take up early . "
"Alright," Mei Lin agreed . It was already great that she could hear from her groom . "Yang, calm down . "
"Huh? I'm not nervous . "
"That's not what Hao Chen said . . . " Mei Lin snickered . Yang briefly looked at his best man and nodded his thanks for letting him at least talk to his bride . If it had been Chang Min, he would have suffered not hearing from Mei Li for a week if he could get away with it . It was definitely a great idea to let Hao Chen be the best man .
"I just miss you so much," Yang admitted, by doing so made his nervousness heard .
Mei Lin giggled, "Bear with sleeping without me for one night . Tomorrow, I will be your wife, and I promise to bore you with my presence after . "
"I love you, I-" Yang began to talk but was stopped again with voices waging war on them .
"Both of you need to sleep!" Aunt Qinyang interrupted .
"Yang, go back to your room!" Mother Zhao yelled . With a heavy heart, Yang let himself be ushered back to his room by his two friends .
"Yang," Mei Lin called out his name . Yang hummed to show that he was still nearby . She continued, "I am excited to call you my husband . Sleep tight . "
"Sweet dreams," Yang said, refraining his want to kiss her .
Yue, Ru Shi, Mother Zhao, and Aunt Qinyang watched as Mei Lin stood frozen in place . After hearing Yang's footsteps disappear, they heard Mei Lin murmur, "I don't think I need to dream because reality is far sweeter . "
As the new day came, Mei Lin woke up bright and early to get ready . Men and women went in and out of her room in a frenzy . Everyone was roaming around doing things that made Mei Lin's eyes spin from their hurried pace . She sat on the most comfortable chair of the room while her eyes tried to follow the busy-bodied girls that were moving in a flash to get the dresses ready, do the make-up, pamper her with scrubs, etc . Mei Lin's ears buzzed with their voices as their hands begun to move to glow her up for the day .
"Mei Lin, sit down properly!"
"Here you can play with your phone!"
"I can't believe that this day has finally come!"
"I am so excited!"
"We should use this blush on her . . . "
And so began the excitement of Yang and her wedding . She bit her lips, hoping for the day to go well . Her eyes glanced briefly at the clock on the side hanging on the wall . One hour and a half left; for her to meet Yang at the end of the aisle .
She was finally going to be Mrs . Zhao Yang!