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Chapter 231
October 22, 20XX (Tuesday)
Xue Manor

The sun was bright, and the air was a little crisp, but it was a perfect day to get married . Zhao Yang stood in front of the stage beside a civil servant that will officiate . His eyes scanned the people wearing full white that he and Mei Lin deemed important- family and closest friends only . Mei Lin had been adamant to host a simple wedding, and Yang was glad that there were no other fuss needed to be done like it would be if it were a grand wedding . He was a little tick off by her miser attitude when she also suggested donating the money they will spend on the ceremony to another orphanage . Yang simply invested at all the orphanages while spending more money on the wedding; he was rich enough to do both .
Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted as everyone's head turned to the entrance when the music started to play . Cute Little Ling Ling, wearing a pastel pink clothing, entered with a woven basket full of red petals . She grinned and showed her missing front tooth . Yang's smiled as she wobbled and spread as many flowers she could with her tiny little hands . His smile widened when Chang, wearing a cute version of his tuxedo, entered in carrying a box that he had specially made to contain the wedding ring that he had designed with his Mother's help .
Yang covered his mouth in embarrassment as the people were awestruck at his expressions . He knew he was not this expressive, but his children were too cute for him to remain stoic . Mei Lin and he may not be their legal parents yet but a couple more months and he was sure they would be their children! Chang and Ling Ling stood beside him and acted like adults in little bodies as they remained calm and still . Yang did not register who had come inside after his children because he could see the red colored gown peeking through every time the doors opened .
In this see of white people, white decorations, and white venue, the only color could be seen were in Yang's burgundy and black suit, his children's clothes, everyone's hair color, and the roses scattered on the floor .
The air grew warm, and the world slowed . Once the double doors of the entrance opened wide, Yang's eyes widen as his grinning face disappeared and were replaced with his jaws dropping on the floor . Stunning could not even begin to describe the beauty that Xue Mei Lin was on her burgundy sleeveless mermaid dress . Her blood red veil shadowed the contours of her face like a dramatic filter on a professionally edited picture . Among the sea of white, walked Mei Li wearing a devastating burgundy dress that had a train long enough to gather the rose petals in the floor .
She was divine .
Zhao Yang adjusted his tie in nervousness as he gulped the pool of drool that gathered in his mouth at the sight of Mei Lin . He subtly wiped his sweaty palms and readied himself to take his bride's hands from his Uncle . Yang could not even notice how dapper his nerd hacker uncle had become with his beard shaved and his thick eyeglasses replaced with contacts .

In his awestruck because of her appearance, Yang had not noticed the wide-eyed reaction of their guest to his transparent reaction . The young CEO's took Mei Lin's hand from his Uncle as they shared a brief moment of thanks as they hugged . He moved in autopilot and had not realized that his eyes did not leave her body even when the officiant began their modern yet simple ceremony .
"Groom, please repeat after me," The officiant said .
"I, Zhao Yang take thee, Xue Mei Lin, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold; from this day forward; for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do we part . This is my solemn vow . "
"Bride, please repeat after me," The officiant said .
"I, Xue Mei Lin, take thee, Zhao Yang to be my lawfully wedded Husband, to have and to hold; for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do we part . This is my solemn vow . "
"Groom, place your ring on the Bride's finger and repeat after me," the officiant commanded, and Chang walked to them while opening the box in his hands . Yang and Mei Lin took the rings and waited for the right signal .
"With this ring, I thee wed . Wear it as a symbol of our love and commitment . I marry you with this ring, with all that I have, and all that I am . " Yang repeated the words as he placed the ring on her hand . Mei Lin also reiterated what he did and repeated the officiant's words as she gave him a ring that symbolized their wedding ceremony .
Yang did not listen to the officiant words because his eyes could only focus on Mei Lin, and his ears could only hear her voice . He marveled at his luck; not everyone would meet the person that would complete him . Not all people could gain this much happiness and win a woman as amazing as Mei Lin .
"Yang and Mei Lin, today as you exchanged vows with each other; you trusted the miracle of faith . And as you seal this commitment with your kiss, you will feel the miracle of love . It gives me great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife . "
Yang and Mei Li turned to each other as everyone in the audience waited with bated breath . "Groom, you may kiss the Bride!" Hearing the officiant shout these words, Yang shamelessly unveiled Mei Li before pressed his lips into her like a hungry hyena . Applause and cheer filled the large banquet hall of the Xue Manor .
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present Mr . and Mrs . Zhao Yang!"
The applause loudened, and Yang's heart leaped into his throat . Wu Mei Li had become Xue Mei Li for less than a week, and now she has become Zhao Mei Lin . Yang pulled away, but their noses still touched, "You grew taller . "
Mei Lin snorted as she jokingly replied, "I stand before you as your wife and in an amazing dress, and that is how you are going to greet me?"
Yang pecked her lips then her cheeks and took her hands to plant a kiss on her palms before replying with a seductive grin, "You are always beautiful . Today, you are more stunning than the sun . "
Mei Li's hands slid into the crook of his neck and said the words that he had been waiting, "I have to be stunning for my husband . "
Yang grinned, "I love you, wife . "
Mei Li nodded and agreed, "I love you too, husband . "
"Forever?" Yang jokingly asked .
Mei Li was the one to lean into his lips for a kiss before replying, "Forever . . . and a day . "